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July 5, 2011

The Party That Almost Never Was

Tara Scalzo @ 2:30 pm

The other day, my daughter comes into the kitchen while I’m cooking and drops a bomb.

“Mom, Nicole is having a birthday party on Friday and I need a gift.”

She tells me this on a Wednesday. The party is 2 days away. Really?! I quickly start the onslaught of questions: Where is the party? What time?? When does it end??? What’s the theme????? Who do I RSVP to??????….and so on and so on. My daughter just gives me this dazed look, as if I should already magically know all of this information. “I don’t know Mom, I’ll have to ask her in school tomorrow.”

Ah yes, that would be wonderful. GRRRRRRRR!

Call me old-fashioned, but I still believe that when one if having a celebration of any sort, especially a birthday party, you send out personalized invitations. I know, crazy idea, right?! This way everyone will have all the pertinent information they need right there, on a pretty little piece of paper. Not just the who, what, where, when and why, but for me, the most important piece of info is the RSVP, so I’m fully prepared for however many beloved friends and family might show up to eat my food and drink my wine. And I don’t share my wine with just anyone – kidding! I actually enjoy designing the invites I send out, it brings out my creative side. And in my chaotic life where I have little control over most things, this is something where I have total control of every little detail: the theme, the colors, the font, photos, gift ideas or any other little detail I choose to include – awesome!

So imagine my pleasant amazement when my daughter arrives home that afternoon, opens up her backpack and delicately hands me a ratted-up piece of paper that looks as if it had been through a war. Crumbled, dirty, torn and pathetic. But low and behold – it was the invite….the invite to the party that almost never was. AH HA!

My daughter hung her head low and said “Sorry. Forgot it was in there.”

So little Nicole’s mom actually did take the time to create a beautiful invitation, there was just a slight hiccup in the delivery. Oh well, to be expected when dealing with pre-teen kids. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a (last minute) gift to buy for an awesome party on Friday!

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