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March 8, 2010

Ideas for Wedding Stationery

Taylor Field @ 4:35 pm

Do you know that you’re going to need some wedding stationery because you are getting married, but aren’t sure what type of style will suit your needs? If so, you shouldn’t fret about the fact that you’re confused about this subject. There are a ton of resources available to you that will help you pick out the perfect wedding stationery for this very important occasion. You’ll feel confident about your decision in regards to stationery once you do some reading on the subject.

To start, you might want to ask your friends for advice who have gotten married and sent out beautiful stationery. They might be able to provide you with some great ideas. Or, they might be able to recommend their favorite stationery to you so that you can go check out some stationery in person if you happen to live within the same vicinity as them and will be able to get to the store with ease.

Next, you might to think about getting some ideas by looking online. This is a great idea because it is quite convenient to do your shopping on the Internet. You won’t have to deal with large crowds of people doing their shopping over the weekend, and you also won’t have to spend any money on gas if you have to drive a great distance just to find a good stationery store.

You should keep in mind as you are looking at stationery that it is in honor of a very festive event; the process of picking it out, therefore, should not feel like a chore. Rather, have some fun with your partner as you look at different stationery designs. You should spend some time together discussing stationery in a relaxed setting, such as over a nice dinner while you both are having an enjoyable time.

It’s a good idea to pick out some stationery that reflects your personality. If you both happen to like classic and traditional things, for instance, you might want to get some stationery in a standard white or off-white shade. Or, if you both are more creative and artistic, let this side of you shine through. You could get some stationery that has some very bright and interesting designs to remind everyone of your passion for the arts.

March 7, 2010

Personalized Wedding Stationery

Taylor Field @ 4:35 pm

If you know that you need to pick up some wedding stationery sometime soon so that you can give your guests ample notice about your wedding, then you should start doing some research on the topic right now. Don’t put off buying proper wedding stationery; that way, you won’t feel pressured to make a snap decision on some stationery that you do not like, and you might even enjoy the process of picking it out with your partner because it will be in a more relaxed manner.

There are many different kinds of stationery available that are appropriate for the event. You should discuss all the various options with your partner before you make a choice so that you can be sure that you both are happy with whatever you pick out. Make sure that they spend an equal amount of time looking at stationery options so that you can be sure that it is truly a joint decision.

If you want to have some fun with your stationery, there are some excellent ways in which to do so. You might want to pick out some colors that you both like quite well, and integrate them into both the cards and the envelopes. Or, you could pick out a font for all the lettering that looks quite modern and interesting as opposed to a font that is cursive and more traditional.

You also might want to think about getting some personalized stationery so that whenever your guests look at the invitation, they will immediately think of you both. If you’re both sports enthusiasts, you could include some graphics that represent your favorite sports teams. If you both like outside activities, you could add something that reflects this fact such as a nature scene.

Additionally, a great way to make the stationery look more personal is to put some pictures on it of you and your significant other. Maybe you have a favorite photograph of you both from when you took a trip together, or that are from the time you first met. If you put a photograph on your invitation, you’ll realize that this decision actually makes your invite look rather romantic and appealing.

March 6, 2010

Traditional Wedding Stationery

Taylor Field @ 4:35 pm

Are you planning a wedding in the upcoming months and are worried about getting everything together in time for the big day? If so, you should think about type of wedding stationery you are going to use for the event. When you have the right wedding stationery, everyone will appreciate the fact that you bought some excellent stationery in honor of the occasion. It’s also much more personal if you send out some hand written letters as opposed to e-mails to show your appreciation for gifts or inform people of the ceremony.

When you send out e-mails in this instance, you run the risk of seeming flippant about the affair. Your friends might think poorly about the fact that you didn’t put any time or effort into getting stationery, and they might also just not remember the date or time or your ceremony if you send e-mail; it might get lost among lots of other e-mails that they most likely receive.

If you know what type of ceremony that you’re going ot have, this can help you figure out what sort of invitation will be the most appropriate. If you know, for example, that you are going to have a very formal ceremony, you should think about getting invitations that are equally proper. This will set the tone for the entire affair, and your guests will know that they should probably wear formal wear when they come to the event.

You should think about purchasing stationery that has a very classic look if this is the case. Opt to purchase either white or off-white stationery; if you feel like you do want to incorporate an element of color, you should choose a light pastel color. This way, it won’t clash with anything else on the stationery. It will have a cohesive yet interesting pattern on both the letters and envelopes.

Even though it will be most important to send out invitations in a timely manner, you should also think about picking up some stationery to use for thank you notes after the ceremony is finished. If you get your stationery for thank you cards before you wedding even takes place, it will make it much easier for you to remember to send them out after the wedding, especially if you’re busy or out of town on your honeymoon.

March 5, 2010

Wedding Stationary with a Modern Twist

Taylor Field @ 4:34 pm

When you think about wedding stationery, what immediately comes to mind? Do you think of classic and traditional stationery that has the same fonts and colors that have been used for many years? If this doesn’t necessarily appeal to you, you should think about purchasing some wedding stationery with a modern sensibility so that your invites will stand out from any other sort of invitation your guests may have received from other friends or family members getting married.

If you want to get some inspiration for your modern invitations, you might want to spend some time getting acquainted with modern art. Spend an afternoon at a museum so that you can get an idea of what exactly modern art might be. Purchase some coffee table books that have modern art in them, and look through them with your partner when you both have time.

Sometimes, you might even get some inspiration for your invitation design by looking online. Look at the graphic design of your favorite websites. Look at some pictures that are online of some modern art, and think about how you might be able to incorporate the elements of that design into the invitations that you are going to make with your partner in honor of your special day.

You also should think about using some interesting colors if you want your invitations to be particularly unique. Not all wedding invites have to use pastels or white paper. Instead, think about adding some splashes of vibrant color. You could use red so that the invites have a romantic appeal, or you could use some blue or green as a stark contrast to some other lighter shades.

Picking out the font for all the text on your invitations is also an important task. You should stay away from using a cursive or script font if you want your invitations to look a bit more modern. Rather, use a bold font that has a very interesting visual aspect. Or, you could pick two different fonts that complement each other well so that the card has some variety and truly stands out from anything else.

March 3, 2010

Eco-Friendly Wedding Stationary

Taylor Field @ 4:34 pm

Have you been thinking about purchasing some wedding stationery so that you can send out the proper invites, announcements and thank you notes in regards to this special day? If so, you might be concerned about the environmental impact that it will have to send out wedding stationery. Therefore, it might be a good idea to look into some wedding invite alternatives that include using recycled goods for the paper so that you are not contributing to any additional waste on the planet.

When you purchase your stationery, you will feel better about your purchase if you know you aren’t inadvertently hurting the environment. You might have some sense of remorse if you buy stationery that isn’t made out of recycled goods because you will know those trees didn’t necessarily have to be cut down. Feel good about all your buying decisions by making sure you buy recycled products whenever possible.

One thing you might worry about is whether or not your stationery will be as visually appealing as stationery that is not made from a recycled product. This shouldn’t be your concern, however, because you will discover a wide variety of styles and colors available. You might even like the color and design of your recycled stationery even better than the other stationery on the market.

Using recycled stationery is also a great way to let your friends know that you care about the environment. They might start to recycle or use recycled goods more often in their own lives just because they will have been reminded by you to do so. You might even inspire them to use recycled stationery when they respond to you or send you a congratulations card for your wedding.

It’s easy to find the best eco-friendly stationery possible if you know where to look. You might be able to locate some in your local stationery store; if you don’t see any, you could ask the sales associate if they might be able to order some especially for you. Or, you could opt to buy your recycled paper goods online to make sure that they are, in fact, made from entirely recycled goods.

March 1, 2010

Wedding Stationary is Essential

Taylor Field @ 4:34 pm

If you’ve started the planning process necessary for your wedding, it’s most important that you find proper wedding stationery for the occasion. When you find the right wedding stationery, you will then be able to concentrate on other vital aspects of the ceremony. You’ll be able to turn your attention to things such as the clothes you are going to wear, and what decorations you would like to put up at the event so that it has a very festive and romantic appearance.

The reason stationery is so important is that it can be used for many different reasons. You might want some stationery, for instance, if you just got engaged. You might not have the specifics of your ceremony sorted out quite yet, but you’ll want to let people know that you’ve gotten engaged. It’s a great idea to tell your friends by sending them out some letters on beautiful stationery.

You also will want to make sure that you have some excellent wedding invitations to send out to let people know about the event once you know when it is going to take place. You should send these out as soon as possible so that out of town guests and friends can rearrange their schedules and purchase airplane tickets to make it out to your location to watch you tie the knot.

You should also have some great stationery on hand so that after the ceremony takes place, it will be quite easy for you to send out thank you notes. The people who purchased you presents for the affair were very thoughtful, and may have spent lots of time and attention picking you out the best present possible. Make sure that you have the best stationery possible to send out so that you can express your appreciation.

Don’t think of buying stationery for your wedding as a chore; rather, think of it as a fun activity that you can do with your partner. Spend an afternoon or evening with them looking at some different stationery patterns so that you can be sure the both of you are happy with the final choice. You can make it a fun event by celebrating the decision on stationery by going out to have a nice dinner together once it is made.

January 6, 2010

Post-Wedding: Thank You Cards

Taylor Field @ 2:06 pm

Wondering how to tackle those wedding thank you cards? Well, there are a couple of ways to go about it, once you get down to business.

Depending upon how much time and money you can commit to the project, what your working style is, and what kind of support you have, here are a few different ways to go about it:

1. First of all, there’s the write-them-as-you-go method. This can be a little bit more time consuming, but if you tend towards Type A, a bit more meticulous, this might be right up your alley.

As you open each of your gifts, take the time to write out each of the wedding thank you cards as you go. That way, you capture your initial reaction, you skip the step of making that long list of who gave what, and you can break up your letter-writing with the best part of all—receiving gifts!

If you were the kind of kid who tore through your birthday/holiday gifts with no regard for what was in each box, this might not be the best method for you—trying to tackle each one could just end up being frustrating and you could end up confusing gift givers and their gifts… And it could be pretty embarrassing to sent Aunt Martha a thank-you note for something she didn’t actually get you…

2. The second tactic—and perhaps the more commonly adopted—is the list method. As you go through the gifts, enlist a friend/spouse (or do it yourself!) to keep a detailed list of who each gift is from, the specifics of the gift, and any other pertinent details you want to remember to include in the note.

Including the details about each gift is a very important step—as you’re going through, you might get three more items that meet the same description, and you’ll be left in the dark when you tackle those thank-you notes next week… or in a few weeks. Once you have your detailed list, you can schedule some time for yourself (and your spouse) to write out those wedding thank you cards—hopefully not all in one big chunk of time.

No matter what solution you choose, you’ll want to find a way to go through the process efficiently, based on your personality type—but still enjoy yourself!

It shouldn’t be a dreaded chore; after all, you’re still receiving gifts that were completely free, generally pretty thoughtful, and perfect steps toward creating your new life and home together.

December 20, 2009

All-Purpose Wedding Stationery

Taylor Field @ 12:06 pm

In this day and age it is perfectly acceptable to use elegant stationery to serve as an invitation. Wedding stationery, along with wedding thank you cards, is an elegant and creative way to mail out correspondence for your big day. Some people are even foregoing traditional invitations altogether and using this stationery to double as an invite.

If you are getting married and experiencing sticker shock over every item that you purchase and service that you book, here is a small reprieve for you: you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on your invitations. In fact, you can tastefully invite gusts to your wedding for one hundred dollars or less.

Wedding stationery is the perfect way to save money on your invitations. The paper and design will be of the highest quality and will certainly impress the recipients. You can select an elegant heading for the top of the stationery and select a scripted font to add extra sophistication.

Then, you can have the wedding stationery professionally printed with all of the details of your nuptials. You can still purchase separate rely cards to send along with the stationery. Your professionally printed stationery will look just as good as an invitation and cost you a fraction of the price.

A number of new brides and grooms are deciding to cut back on invitation spending so that they can use the bulk of their budget for wedding day festivities. The wedding reception itself should be the main focus for your budget. You want your guests to enjoy themselves in celebrating your wedding day.

Allow yourself an adequate amount of money to spend on your dress, the reception, and on transportation. Anything that directly affects your actual wedding day should take precedence when it comes to budgeting. This is an important principle to adhere to.

You also want to make sure that you preserve all of the memories from that special day so you will want to splurge on photography and videography. The day will fly by so fast that you want to have videos and photos to look through to relive the special magic of your wedding day.

If you are looking for ways to cut corners off your wedding budget invitations are a great area to work with. You will want your special day to turn out wonderful. Don’t cut back on things that you really want, cut back on areas that won’t affect your wedding day.

December 7, 2009

Save the Date? Invitations? What do I need?!

Taylor Field @ 1:43 pm

Wondering what the difference really is between “Save the Date” invitations and the formal invitations that come later on? Wondering if you should have ordered Save the Dates, or perhaps you still have some time but you’re low on funds?

Well, it depends on a few different things. Typically, Save the Date invitations are sent out long before the actual invitations.

It’s kind of like a preliminary warning, your first official press release about the date so that when the invite rolls around, you’ve given them plenty of notice.

Why would your guests need all that notice? After all, some Save the Date invitations are sent out as many as eight to ten months before the wedding. You’ll want to give your guests that extra heads-up in a few situations.

If you’re planning your wedding around a particular holiday or a busy traveling season, your guests might also be making their plans this far in advance.

It might just work out better for you (with your work schedule, venue availability, etc.) to have your wedding right around Spring Break time, for example.

This will probably have little effect on many of your friends, but for any guests with children, this is one of their few times to get away before the summer. It also typically falls right around a few major holidays, which are important to keep in mind.

A second reason to send out those Save the Date invitations? Your guests are going to have to travel a little bit to get to your big day (and you’re 100% worth the trip).

Whether you’re planning a destination wedding on an exotic island or you’ve simply got a lot of family and friends on the opposite coast, giving them fair warning to book their tickets and hotel rooms might be a good idea.

This will also give you time to help find special discounts for larger groups, if you’re willing to be so helpful, or give them time to find similar bargains.

Whether you’re planning a wedding that’s a bit of trip or at a riskier time of the year, your guests will be grateful for the chance to get to your wedding in a convenient, affordable way.

Once you’ve got all of that out of the way, you can focus on a more lavish, formal wedding invitation—something with a little flair perhaps?

Something with a story to it? Many of your guests will already have the when and where emblazoned in their minds, thanks to the Save the Dates—so have some fun with your formal invite!

December 5, 2009

Preparing for Your Wedding: Stationary

Taylor Field @ 1:41 pm

Is there really a difference between “wedding stationary” and “wedding invitations”? You tell me:

As you go through the process of planning your wedding, you might be making a list of things to check off as the weeks go by. Flowers—check. Dress—check. Invitations—check. But when you say “invitations,” what does that really entail?

The correspondence surrounding your wedding goes much further than just letting people know when and where to show up for your wedding .

Stationary could include (depending upon the details of your wedding) a Save the Date card, an invitation to the ceremony, a separate invitation to the reception, an RSVP card, place cards, a program for the ceremony, menus, and, the pièce de résistance, the thank you notes.

You can see how quickly “invitations” becomes a full regimen of papers filing through your desk, complete with hundreds of stamps and a few possible mishaps and a lot of hours.

How can you make this process just a little bit smoother and produce a better looking product? By selecting wedding stationary that goes with each step of the process and creates a cohesive look for each stage of your wedding, from the Save the Date cards eight months out to the thank you notes a few weeks later.

By selecting a common theme and look for all of your wedding stationary, you can order it all ahead of time and have one less item on your growing list of things to do.

Even better (and this is for all you procrastinators), it will also require you to make certain decisions a little earlier than you probably planned on – from seating charts to menu items and everything in between… But this, my friends, is a good thing.

This gives you time and energy to tackle the spontaneous and unexpected in the few short weeks before the main event, or, in an ideal world, to relax a little!

On top of all that, having some simple stationary that also goes along with this same theme could be a great piece to have on hand throughout the process.

By having simple, blank stationary, you can shoot out a quick thank-you note to your friend for throwing that lovely shower, or perhaps write a personal note to your fiancé to include with a special gift.

No matter how you use your wedding paper products, they’re sure to go to good use in time, and it will be well worth selecting the set ahead of time.

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