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November 21, 2011

Should I Send Save the Date Wedding Cards?

khass @ 9:16 am

What is the point of sending Save the Date cards?

If you have a wedding planned it is a great idea to send personalized save the date cards.

What are Save the Date Cards?

These are smaller wedding stationery that you mail to your guests a few months before you mail your wedding invitations. The save the date cards are great to put on their refrigerator and will let your guests know you have a wedding coming up and they need to keep that date open.

Typically your save the dates just have your basic wedding information. Who is getting married, when you are getting married and what day it will fall on? You do not need to have all the details yet; this can be saved for your wedding invitations.

It’s a great idea to send save the date cards to ensure everyone can join you to celebrate in your wedding day.

If any friends or family were planning on a vacation or had another upcoming wedding they should still have time to reschedule.

Your Save the date cards can be personalized to match your wedding invitations or they can look completely different. It is ok if they are less traditional than your wedding stationery. You can have fun with these wedding cards; feel free to use a fun design or your favorite color. has a large selection of custom printed and embossed save the date cards.

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September 19, 2011

Looking for foods that will help you feel good and fit into your wedding dress ?

khass @ 9:06 am

What we eat is important, it can affect how we feel and how we look. Certain food will actually keep us fuller longer, while other foods can actually make you more hungry. Today I am going to give you a few tips on the best foods to eat to stay full longer and to try and keep off those pounds. Whether you are getting married and trying to fit into a wedding dress it is good to have smart eating habits that will last you a lifetime. I will also list a few of those foods that actually make you more hungry after eating them.

First you want to look for fresh foods with low salt and high protein. These foods will make you feel good and keep you full longer and keep the weight off if you eat them in moderation.

Here is a list of foods that will make you feel more full:

1. Fruits and veggies, try an avocado. Avocados are a healthy fat that is actually good for you

2. Eggs, high in protein and will keep you full

3. Lean white meats, like chicken and fish

4. Nuts, try a handful of almonds or walnuts for a snack. be careful though, eating to many of these will add weight

5. Whole grains. Look for whole grain breads and pastas. these are not only better for you but will keep you full

Here are a few foods that will actually make you more hungry, try and stay away or limit your intake of these foods:

1. Candy bars

2. Pastries, pies

3. Anything high in sugar, including sugary drinks and sodas

4. Breakfast cereals

Now that you know some of the foods that are going to keep you full longer, try them out. You will start shedding extra weight and feel great. Dieting is not only for getting married its a lifestyle. You’re on your way to looking your best, it’s time to start ordering your wedding stationery.

Order your Personalized Wedding Invitations today. Choose from a large variety of monogrammed, embossed and printed wedding invitations, save the date cards, menu cards and thank you notes. Design your own custom wedding stationery or mix and match some of our greatest wedding stationery collections.

Choose from classic stationery designs, traditional, contemporary or modern wedding stationery. Have fun and personalize your wedding invites for your special day!

September 16, 2011

Why do Engaged Couples send Save the Date Cards ?

khass @ 8:50 am

So you are engaged and you are wondering why you have always received save the date cards in the mail prior to the wedding invitations. You may be asking yourself, do i need to send personalized save the date cards

Well, the answer is it is entirely up you and your fiancé. In my opinion save the date stationery is a must. First off A Save the Date Card is sent a month or two prior to the custom wedding invitation. The nice thing about these stationery cards is that, they give all your guests a heads up about your wedding. It allows and ensures that all of your friends and family can save your wedding date, so they don’t plan a last minute vacation or attend another wedding on that day. This is why it is important to send save the date cards.

Are you having a hard time finding the perfect save the date cards? Look no further. has the largest selection of printed and embossed save the date cards and custom wedding stationery. You will have no problem matching colors, monograms or stationery designs when you order all your personalized wedding stationery at one time in one place. You will also save money with our low stationery prices. Have fun creating the perfect wedding stationery for your big day.

Choose to Order all your personalized Wedding Stationery. If you have any questions about our high quality wedding invitations or stationery note cards feel free to chat with us online or call us directly and talk with a helpful live representative. If you are looking for answers to specific stationery questions try our stationery help link by clicking here. Enjoy beautiful Wedding Stationery at everyday low prices.

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September 30, 2010

Wedding Stationery – Getting This Important Part of your Wedding Right

Barret @ 2:00 pm

Wedding Stationery – Getting This Important Part of your Wedding Right

Author: Robert Paulson

Planning a wedding is not easy and aside from the location, that stunning dress you need to track down and your guest list, perhaps the biggest challenge is your wedding stationery. Your wedding stationery is not only your chance to make a first impression on your guests, it is also the item that is most often saved by guests to remember your special occasion. Below are some tips to help you when creating your wedding stationery set.

Wedding Stationery Must Have’s

Wedding Announcements/Save the Date Cards – Sending out a wedding announcement letting your guests know of your wedding date and location is the first step in getting an idea of how many guests will be attending (Be sure to include an RSVP card with return envelope and postage). Though you want your wedding stationery to be consistent, it is sometimes a good idea to avoid excessive decoration on these initial mailings. Things like envelope liners and seals can usually be reserved for your wedding invitations. This is a good way to save a bit on your wedding stationery overall.

Your Wedding Invitations – Being the centerpiece of your wedding stationery, your invitations is where you will likely want to spend the bulk of your wedding stationery budget and pay close attention to detail. Wedding invitations are your chance to let your guests know how formal (or informal) your event will be and are an important element in setting the overall tone for your entire wedding. As mentioned above this is also the item of wedding stationery most guests will save in order to remember your big event so take time to make sure you’re making the impression that you want. Envelope liners, envelope seals, ribbon, floral accents and multi-layered designs are a few things to consider.

Reception Cards/Directions – These wedding stationery items should be included with your wedding invitations and though you want them to be consistent with the style of your wedding stationery, single sheet cards with little to no adornments. It is important that your directions to the wedding/reception are printed clearly. Poor printing quality to lead to maps that are hard to read and you don’t want your guests getting lost.

Menus and Table Cards – These reception and dinner items should also match the overall feel of your wedding stationery. Table cards can usually be made with a single folded card and nothing too fancy in the way of design. Something to consider with menus is a two layer design that matches your invitations. This is an easy way to add consistency with your wedding stationery since most guests will not bring their invitations with them.

Wedding Stationery – Important Details

There are many details that you can include that can make sure your wedding stationery is as perfect as your event. Paying attention to the following suggestions can go a long way in adding additional quality and a lasting impression.

Return Postage – Make sure you include return envelopes and postage. Making your guests pay for a stamp is poor wedding stationery etiquette and should be avoided at all costs.

Use Calligraphy Fonts – When printing the text for your wedding stationery a calligraphy (cursive) font style is highly recommended to add elegance.

Your Requests – If you prefer to not have children at your ceremony, make sure to let your guests know. Be as clear as you can here to avoid any confusion.

Double Envelopes – When delivering your wedding invitations, place them, envelope and all, into a cheaper outer envelope to ensure that they are not smudged during postal delivery.

Envelope Seals – Adding these to the envelopes of your wedding stationery add a high degree of quality for minimal extra cost. Wax seals and paper seals work equally as well here.

These are just a few things that go into the making of a quality wedding stationery set. Like most bride’s to be, I’m sure that your wedding stationery is something that is not only important to you, but something you want to make sure you get right. Keeping in mind the things above can hopefully help you to achieve this.

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Need the perfect wedding stationery for your big day? Let us help you design the perfect unique, handmade wedding stationery. Visit us at Bumpercards Personalized Stationery

August 16, 2010

Personalized Wedding Napkins

Barret @ 12:09 pm

What do people notice at the wedding Reception first, the cake? They notice it more when the bride and groom are in front of it and surrounded by ornately decorated personalized napkins flashing the newly married couple’s initials or a line from their wedding anthem, “Let The Good Times Roll.” That small detail is attention getting enough.  A half hour later is the happy couple still stuffing  cake into each other’s mouths and quickly wiping away crumbs with their fingers and more personalized wedding napkins, foil stamped, embossed or monogrammed  what is their choice?  Plenty of them still sit, arranged around the cake and champagne glasses on both ends.

Wedding receptionist were meant to consummate the bride and grooms vows with the cutting of the cake. Personalized wedding napkins were meant to call more attention to the food, arrangement, table settings, complimentary and contrasting colors. Attention to detail is meant to provide a feast for the eye as well as the soul. Embossed, monogrammed, foil stamped and uniquely untitled napkins not only add to the scene that you created at your buffet, cocktail bar, dessert bar or formalized seating arrangement but they can become momentos, keepsakes for the wedding that was, even the anniversary that will be.

Consider using several types of personalized napkins that will signaturize your special day and thank those who participated. Most people choose from cocktail or beverage napkins, luncheon, dinner napkins and guest towels. Cocktail napkins are used for drink and you should a lot two to three per guest. Luncheon napkins are generally arranged on the buffet table and you should a lot one to two per guest. Dinner napkins are arranged at formal seating and guest tables and you should order one per guest. Guest towels are ordered for bathrooms and wash areas and you should order one to two per guest. You may not need to use all of them. They are great for small and large weddings alike. Weddings are meant to celebrate love, life, and the beginning of a small promise between the two most important guests. You are constantly reminded by the arrangement of the personalized napkins of the point and purpose of the reception. You should be reminded that it was something special. You don’t want to be reminded you ran out of napkins because of an oversight on your part.

Personalized wedding napkins are available in 18 different selections on They include embossed napkins; foil stamped napkins, monogrammed napkins and variations between the three.  Cherry Blossom Embossed and Elise Foil Stamped napkins are a variety of personalized napkins out of 18 distinct styles that include a guest towel. gives you hands on tools to create unique hands on tools to create a unique set of personalized napkins that can take your standard wedding reception to the next level.

When the wedding reception and events are over the personalized napkins will remain along with all the other memories, photographs, laughter, and bloopers. They are the key ingredient that went into creating “a touch of elegance” or a unique brand image that many of your family and friends will remember for a long, long time to come. Here at we specialize in personalized napkins, invitations, stationery and paper that create a fond or unique representation of the client or occasion. We like to think our products are instrumental in creating memories for professionals and their clients as well as customers, large or small weddings, one personal napkin at a time.

July 12, 2010

Personalized Wedding Napkins

Barret @ 8:45 am

You find the one you want to spend your life with! You’re in love! You’re getting married! Now comes the planning: the wedding site, the reception.  It’s all exciting and new! You want to make each part of the wedding special: the cake topper, the reception hall, and every little detail, even down to the personalized napkins.

You have everything tailored to your tastes for your wedding. Will there be hors d’oeuvres served?  Is there going to be an open bar?  What kind of cake you would like?  What decoration on the cake will you have?  Will it match the theme of the wedding?  What food would you like? All these decisions that you have to make say something about the joy you have as a couple.  Imagine everyone sitting down to your meal, with just plain white napkins.  Wouldn’t you want to have embossed napkins that said something about your wedding as well?  Believe it or not personalized napkins can be invaluable in setting the theme and tone of the celebration.

Your wedding celebration can be embellished by this simple yet elegant addition.  There is a multitude of styles and designs of embossed and personalized napkins from which to choose.  Think about the type of ceremony you’re going to have.  Is it going to be formal wedding?  You might want to go with a personalized napkin that’s simple and graceful, such as a customized napkin embossed with your monogram. You can further customize the napkin with the shape of a bride or a groom. You can even have personalized napkins served with the cake, and they can be shaped like it as well.

The level of personalization is up to you. You can be as simple or creative as you like. You are never at a lost for color either: you will be sure to find the perfect color to complement the theme of your ceremony.  The choices of monograms are truly staggering.  Nor do you have to rely on the standard monogram either. You can have a personalized napkin with a little known fact about you as a couple. You can have “Groomsmen” napkins set out just for the groomsmen and “Bridesmaids” napkins set out for the bridesmaids.  If you have arranged seating, you can have napkins with guests’ initials waiting for them at their seats.

Personalized napkins are the perfect accent.  They enhance, define and act to pull together the theme of your wedding reception. offers a wide variety of foiled stamped and embossed personalized napkins.  With 30 napkin colors and 15 foil colors, you are never without options.  You can make your personalized napkins a perfect one of a kind highlight and keepsake for your wedding.

One day you will be looking through your wedding book, seeing all the pictures of your ceremony and reception.  You will come across a personalized napkin you had made.  You will think back to all the compliments you received and surprisingly realize that many were about the napkins.  You will remember the look on your guests’ faces as they recognized how the napkins tied the theme of your wedding together.  You will be glad that you took the time to tailor every aspect of your wedding to your tastes.

June 17, 2010

Personalize Your Wedding Reception

Barret @ 4:52 pm

Wedding receptions are occasions when you can create a unique place and time for all your guests to come and enjoy the best wedding that your time, effort, energy, and perfect sense of detail can create. Take one last look over the reception arrangement before your guests arrive. Everything you’ve arranged should be a small ornament that make up a display that leads guests to celebrate the couple, the day, and warm memories that will linger long after the photos are gone. Flowers and personalized napkins are just a few unique details that will make your wedding reception one of a kind. supplies personalized napkins, personalized stationery, wedding invitations and much more.

The bar is dotted with personalized cocktail napkins, coasters and a few luncheon napkins. The line of people waiting to be served is getting longer. They walk away with glasses of mixed cocktails, wine, champagne and tumblers filled with juices and soft drinks snugly wrapped in personalized wedding napkins ordered especially for the affair: embossed, monogrammed, eco friendly, or foil stamped. A limitless variety of unique personalized napkins can be created depending on your choice of design. The buffet table is dotted with more strategically placed personalized luncheon napkins. They create even more of a unique vision or map to lead you around the reception: the buffet, food islands, dessert  or  salad bar and table settings.

You’re probably considering what personalized wedding napkins to choose?  Explore the possibilities at  They add a splash of color and style to any table, any presentation and could become a signature for how people identify with your planning  and executing and unforgettable wedding. Personalized wedding napkins carry your signature design and logo. The couples names and dates can be printed alongside a personal message, a quote, or warm words commemorating   the occasion. Create a unique napkin for your wedding party with a Fancy Foil Tool Design found on‘s site. Come up with a couple of original lines to match the design and your napkins will signaturize any event you’ve planned. offers embossed, monogrammed, and foil stamped beverage napkins and guest towels for wedding shower receptions and after parties. Napkins are three ply and the choice of design will ultimately rest on you or your wedding planner’s shoulders. At we pride ourselves on coordinating truly unique events with complete wedding or event stationery: personalized invitations, cocktail napkins, after party invitations, accessories, favors and more. There are about 44 types of monogrammed wedding napkins: Foil Stamped Napkins, Granada Monogrammed, Metro Foil Stamped Napkins and Guests Towels are a few. There about 42 types of beverage napkins: monogrammed, foil stamped, embossed, and combinations of those in a multitude of shapes, sizes and colors: Ivory, Burgandy, Green, Pastel, Pink, Mocha, Teal and more. Check out foil colors for yourself and review the thirty types of guest towels. We’d like to make sure all of your wedding and event needs are coordinated to the best of our ability. We’d like to see you put your best foot forward towards making a most memorable event.

You have a wedding to plan. You’d like to make it an event that lives on in the memories of your guests, something to talk about. You want each guest to feel special from the time they receive and respond to their personalized wedding invitation. Experience the ceremony firsthand, and then move on to the reception. Personalized invitations and reception cards were ordered from as well as the reply cards. They all are very elegant and unique. You made a wise choice of using the same monograms in different color combinations for a very unique effect throughout the whole day. Memories of your wedding day will live a long, long time after the day is gone.

June 4, 2010

The Best Weddings Receptions Have Personalized Napkins

Barret @ 10:34 am

Make your wedding reception a celebration to remember. Your wedding night will undoubtedly eclipse all of your other preparations but the reception, the reception after the big moment will definitely stand out. Personalized napkins will surely make a difference in how the wedding reception is celebrated. Magic moments like this don’t come along every day and with a little extra effort of personalized wedding napkins you can inexpensively enhance your wedding arrangements, color scheme, and quietly watch as something unexpected becomes unexpectedly extraordinary.

Picture your buffet, wedding cake table or bar at your reception. Are you serving cocktails, have you bothered to plan out the color scheme? Believe it or not these are considerations you will take into account before you consider and decide on the smaller things, as in how the personalized napkins for the wedding cake will be arranged, whether or not you’ll order matching cocktail or beverage napkins, coasters, toasting glasses or luncheon napkins? Believe it or not but truly,   truly “remarkable” events are achieved in finer details and the right personalized wedding napkins will help your celebration make a statement better than anything else can. They can be placed near the cake, arranged around it or the buffet, in seats, table settings, just about anywhere.

There are a variety of styles and brands of personalized napkins that you can order to further enhance, uniquely celebrate your wedding reception and day filled with events. They are available in limitless sizes, shades, prints, patterns and letterings. The more unique the color or combinations, the brighter, bolder, or starker the statement of custom printed initials, messages, lines from marriage vows, and nicknames can become.
offers a unique selection of foil stamped personalized napkins and appropriate logos for weddings, anniversaries, or bridal showers. Colors stream in 15 selections: ivory, burgundy, green, lavender, pastel, pink, mocha, red, teal, sage, and more. Traditionally personalized wedding napkins are offered with bold monogram, metallic foil, gold leaf, silver bordered, foil stamped and other variations. Keep an eye out on for new product lines.

Trends with personalized napkins are always changing and growing. Personalized wedding napkins shaped like a bride holding her bouquet or a groom in his tuxedo have become all the rave in New York this spring. If you’re not concerned enough to have a personalized napkin tailored featuring the bride and groom on a wedding cake, there are countless other ideas you can use to create a unique presentation that will be enjoyable, memorable, and create an atmosphere where your guests will feel like they are having the time of their lives, along with the bride and groom. Maybe you’ll present personalized napkins with the bride and groom’s initials, little known facts about their lives, guest’s initials or next year’s anniversary date along side of their initials or anything that will commemorate the event and create fond memories of the wedding that was for all involved.

Remember whatever size wedding or situation you find yourself in personalized napkins can add that touch of elegance that creates a fond experience and fond memories worth far more than what you paid for them. Decide if you want the complete set of personalized wedding accessories; consider the colors, styles, prints. You may decide not to buy the swizzle sticks, coasters, and bubbles but investing in a beverage or cocktail napkin and a matching dinner or luncheon napkin only makes practical sense. It also makes plenty of sense to review what’s available and order ahead of time in case the font, printing, monograms, or colors don’t look exactly as you envisioned them. More times than not, customers are pleasantly surprised by their orders. The sky is the limit, regarding your options. Call Customer Service line for questions about anything. We’d rather you have the best experience with personalized stationery as pleasant as we can make it.

March 10, 2010

Wedding Stationery as an Elegant Gift

Taylor Field @ 4:06 pm

Is there a special couple in your life that you know is going to be getting married? If this describes someone who you might know, you should think about buying some wedding stationery to use throughout the entire time they’re planning the wedding. When you buy someone wedding stationery, you should remember that this is both a very practical gift as well as something that you can have fun picking out if you happen to want to get them a very creative design.

It’s a good idea to get someone some stationery if you know that they are planning an elaborate and interesting ceremony. They’ll be too busy to really concentrate on something such as the stationery; however, they’ll also probably still realize that this is a very important consideration. You will make their lives much easier if you get stationery for them to use.

Wedding invitations call for some exquisite stationery. Additionally, thank you notes are a necessity because the couple will want to thank all the guests for attending the ceremony and bringing them some presents. So, you might want to think about purchasing them both types of stationery so that all of their needs will be covered both before and after the event.

If you have any idea what kind of wedding it is going to be, the invites should match the theme or tone of the ceremony. Don’t buy informal stationery with lots of graphics and fun fonts if you know it is going to be a very traditional affair in a church or a synagogue. Conversely, if you know the event is going to be held outdoors or have a fun theme, you could pick out some stationery that has a more upbeat aesthetic.

Finally, you should keep in mind the personality of the couple when you’re picking out some invitations to give them. If they are a fun and lively pair, then you can have more creative control over what kind of stationery you choose. If they are an older couple or simply happen to have more classic taste, you should definitely get them some stationery that reflects their own sense of style.

March 9, 2010

Buying Wedding Stationery on the Internet

Taylor Field @ 4:35 pm

Do you know that you need to purchase some wedding stationery in honor of your upcoming ceremony, but are worried about finding enough time with your partner to pick out the truly best option available? If so, you should consider buying your wedding stationery online rather than going to a physical retail establishment to pick it out. It is much more efficient to shop online, and because you’ll be saving so much time, you will have more time to concentrate on other aspects of planning.

When you do your shopping online, you will inevitably find lots of stationery from which to choose. There is no shortage of options when it comes to style or design, so don’t think you won’t find the perfect stationery for you and your partner if you end up shopping online as opposed to going to a store. You might even start to become overwhelmed by so many excellent alternatives.

Therefore, it might be a good idea for you to narrow down your options before you start an online search. Think about whether or not you want formal or casual stationery. You even might want very special stationery that is made out of recycled goods so that when your friends receive it, they will immediately know that you are doing everything in your capability to save the environment.

It’s also a good idea to look for whatever discounts or promotional offers that you can possibly find while you’re shopping online. In many cases, there are special deals available to online customers that are not available to customers who go out to shop in retail establishments. You might be able to save lots of money if you choose to do your shopping on the Internet.

Finally, you should make sure you are dealing with a reputable company when you’re buying things off of the Internet. Don’t buy anything from a company online unless you have read a few customer reviews and feel confident that they will not rip you off or do anything illegal with your personal information. If you have any second thoughts about an online company, it’s best to keep looking so that you can feel sure that your purchase is secure.

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