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June 1, 2012

Graduation Day

Henry Springs @ 1:55 pm

“I will remember you, will you remember me” soars through the air. The auditorium fills to capacity. There are no vacant seats in the bleachers. Music continues as the procession approaches their reserved seats at the front of the auditorium. ” Weep not for the memories but remember the good times,” the song continues. The procession of gowns stands in front of the podium. The music ends. You sent your graduates personalized Graduation Announcements out almost two months ago. You wanted her to have the time of her life. You chose the Galena Announcements. Shimmering pink and ruby tones of the announcement mingle so sweetly with the graceful “languid curls” of embossings. It was like the day she came home to say. “I can’t believe I’m graduating in eight weeks. I can’t believe it.” She laughed. You quickly set about making preparations to commemorate graduation day, a moment like this.

The procession of gowns is now standing as the principle calls names, one by one. Each gown moves closer to accept their diploma and seize their moment. Today is the day that your graduate along with all the others will see the fruits of the their labor, the past four years come to fruition. A graduation announcement allows all those special people in their lives to congratulate and celebrate the much deserved moment. Your graduate’s name, date, time, place and special acknowledgment went out in the announcement and the response and turn out of familiar faces was testament to its importance, a moment like this. You are smiling as the music continues to play. Gowns face the front. “Don’t let your life pass you by. Weep not for the memories.” Our graduation announcements herald in one of the most important moments in your graduate’s life. Celebrate one of life’s special moments in style.

December 19, 2011

Great HoneyMoon Ideas !

khass @ 8:39 am

Now that your Wedding is planned, your wedding save the date cards, wedding invitations have been sent and your wedding is planned it is time to start thinking about your honeymoon!

The great thing about your honeymoon is that it is a great way to wind down from your wedding.

After your wedding is over your going to be happy to have a few days with your new bride or groom.

To have a relaxing honeymoon you don’t need to spend a lot of money.

Here are a few Ideas of ways you can spend your honeymoon:

1. Take a traditional trip. Fly somewhere; go somewhere warm with a beach

2. Turn your honeymoon into a road trip. Drive somewhere new, play it by ear

3. If you are trying to save money, just take a few days off work and spend the time with your new spouse.

Just remember to order your wedding thank you note cards before you go! That way by the time you get back you can start writing them out.

Choose from our large selection of personalized thank you cards. Create monogrammed, embossed or printed thank you stationery. Go with a playful or elegant design. Either way you cannot go wrong with custom stationery. Customize your own designer wedding thank you note cards. Select your favorite motif design or monogram and have them printed or embossed on your custom stationery.

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July 5, 2011

The Party That Almost Never Was

Tara Scalzo @ 2:30 pm

The other day, my daughter comes into the kitchen while I’m cooking and drops a bomb.

“Mom, Nicole is having a birthday party on Friday and I need a gift.”

She tells me this on a Wednesday. The party is 2 days away. Really?! I quickly start the onslaught of questions: Where is the party? What time?? When does it end??? What’s the theme????? Who do I RSVP to??????….and so on and so on. My daughter just gives me this dazed look, as if I should already magically know all of this information. “I don’t know Mom, I’ll have to ask her in school tomorrow.”

Ah yes, that would be wonderful. GRRRRRRRR!

Call me old-fashioned, but I still believe that when one if having a celebration of any sort, especially a birthday party, you send out personalized invitations. I know, crazy idea, right?! This way everyone will have all the pertinent information they need right there, on a pretty little piece of paper. Not just the who, what, where, when and why, but for me, the most important piece of info is the RSVP, so I’m fully prepared for however many beloved friends and family might show up to eat my food and drink my wine. And I don’t share my wine with just anyone – kidding! I actually enjoy designing the invites I send out, it brings out my creative side. And in my chaotic life where I have little control over most things, this is something where I have total control of every little detail: the theme, the colors, the font, photos, gift ideas or any other little detail I choose to include – awesome!

So imagine my pleasant amazement when my daughter arrives home that afternoon, opens up her backpack and delicately hands me a ratted-up piece of paper that looks as if it had been through a war. Crumbled, dirty, torn and pathetic. But low and behold – it was the invite….the invite to the party that almost never was. AH HA!

My daughter hung her head low and said “Sorry. Forgot it was in there.”

So little Nicole’s mom actually did take the time to create a beautiful invitation, there was just a slight hiccup in the delivery. Oh well, to be expected when dealing with pre-teen kids. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a (last minute) gift to buy for an awesome party on Friday!

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December 16, 2010

InvitePapers’ Options For Personalized Family Stationery

Barret @ 10:07 am

A family that works and plays together remains together. This is the perfect unified front that Personalized Family Stationery can help you or someone else’s bunch of hooligans achieve. InvitePapers offers several unique ways for you to communicate more effectively, frequently, and freely with family members. Note cards, paper lists, custom note and memo pads are just a few ways InvitePapers Personalized Family Stationery brings family members closer together. Our boxed “triple thick card stock and premier paper” becomes a joy to write on and is ready to ship in two business days.

Buy them for your family or give them as gifts to help everyone keep up with appointments, things to do, groceries, and important dates. Family Pride Stationery can list all the family members’ names, the family name in bold print and more unique ways to customize your family’s messages in grand InvitePapers tradition. Have you reviewed our ever increasing selection lately, check it out?

Are you expecting memos regarding the big dilemmas, favors, grocery lists, the teacher’s meeting, the appointment with the orthodontist and more?  Your kids will think of new and creative ways to let you in on the weather, their friends and the latest in hot topics with Personalized Family Stationery: memos, tablets, Magnet Mates, Arch Lists and other unique family memos and notes. Surprise yourself and family members with  Anthony 7 Tablets,  Family Circle Squares, Family Loop Notes and carnival Family lists just to mention a few. Foster a whole new way of fun filled communication. Create fun filled engaging correspondence between family members and connect the family with the outside world in the InvitePapers Personalized Family Stationery tradition: teachers, coaches, doctors, family friends and more.

August 20, 2010

Business Relations

Barret @ 10:30 am

Businesses today are looking for ways to improve or solidly establish relationships with their clients. Personalized cards can be an effective way to strengthen those business relationships. Companies tend to rush greeting cards out to their customers, without taking the time to personalize their message or make an impact. Here are some ways that real handwriting on personalized business cards can make the impact that businesses are looking for.

First, handwrite the address. Writing out the address on a personalized envelope provides a personal touch that is easily recognized.  Businesses nowadays tend to receive stack after stack of mail and advertising that never gets opened, so having a handwritten is guaranteed to catch the eye and will be opened first.

Second, use the post office. What I mean is use a stamp. A first-class stamp sends the message of that you are not just part of an advertising campaign. This along with the envelope sends the message of caring, of taking the time to single you out because you are an important client.

Third, choose a personalized card that represents you. Many businesses choose cards that are pre-made as a way to showcase their creativity. But if you choose a card that is personalized to your tastes, your style will shine through the moment it is takes out of the envelope. Personalize a card with your unique message or for an added touch use those made of interesting materials such as eco-friendly cards, made from 100 percent recycled materials.

Always, always, always compose a personal handwritten message. Most people make the mistake of when they send a card they don’t bother to write a message. They let an impersonal pre-written message do the conveying for them. This is the mistake of the lazy. This sends the exact opposite message of being personal. Include a handwritten note and your message will be well received.

Keep it personal. Your goal in sending this card is to build a stronger relationship. When company literature is sent with a thank you or keep in touch message, the message can come across as a sales pitch rather than a warm personal greeting it was meant to be. Save the marketing activities for another time, this personalized card is about trust.

Lastly, add an anecdote, be sure to add something entertaining about the last time you met. It will surely be noticed and appreciated that you took time to remember something that your client said.

These are a few easy ways to ensure that your thank you cards and personalized messages are opened and memorable. Often it’s the small, intimate touches like these that help to build long lasting and loyal customer relationships.

August 15, 2010

Eco Friendly Thank You Notes

Barret @ 11:59 am

Why would you send a thank you note? Why would you worry about whether it is environmentally friendly or not? Obviously you want to be good to those who are good to you. You want to express gratitude to those who have extended an open door, a hand, assistance and friendship while at the same time you want to let them know about your own personal conviction to see that our environment lives on. The easiest way for you to do that is to choose eco friendly stationery.

Everyone has heard of having “gone green,” solar energy and the increasing number of companies who will produce products made of recyclable paper to ensure a cleaner, more livable long lasting environment, haven’t you? Did you ever think your thank you notes, stationery or personalized napkins could contribute to such a worthy cause? Did you ever think that someone would thank you later for choosing eco friendly thank you notes, personalized invitations, or napkins? No, of course not   but by making a choice to treat the environment well, like a good host or benefactor we are focusing on the same thing that thank you notes reinforce. Thank you notes express gratitude and appreciation for what was expressed. If more people could remember that in terms of what could be done for the ecosystem by choosing more environment friendly alternatives, maybe it would have a more profound effect.

In this day and age everyone knows what eco friendly is, right, or do we assume too much? The defining moment for eco friendly thank you notes, invitations, napkins and personal stationery means that it must be made from 50% recyclable paper but now lines of personalized stationery, napkins and thank you cards have been produced from  100% recyclable paper which means they use no new trees. It appears the recycling process has greatly improved the thank you note options, depending on the company you find yourself with. also makes a signature line of eco friendly stationery personalized napkins, and thank you notes and cards. has a dozen uniquely branded notes made of “high quality green tea paper” with matching envelopes. They are offered in names like Green Tea Notes, Eco Firenze Monogram Note, Eco Columbia Notes, Eco Monte carlo and more. The cards are a green tea color too and produced in about a dozen styles to make an impression of gratitude for everything from weddings to anniversaries and bah mitzvahs.

It is not the size of the gift that matters but the gift or the gratuity itself. If this is your purpose in sending thank you notes then you’ll be very interested in passing on the eco friendly message through the cards to your hosts family, friends, friends and those who you’ve endeavored to let in your life and those who have let you into theirs. Send thank you notes whenever you feel touched by someone’s generosity or when someone just made a difference because they stopped. Send thank you cards to customers acquaintances, email companions, business associates, and other guests but we’d hope with your choice of eco friendly stationery that the other message of “helping to save the planet” would shine through and through.

July 28, 2010

Why Eco Friendly Stationery ?

Barret @ 3:36 pm

Eco friendly stationery has become increasingly popular for people who want to make a difference in the environment but how much of a difference can they make? The world has not suddenly woke up from a dreamless sleep. They have been aware of how reckless consumption of natural resources and the consequences of pollution have contributed to global warming for some time.

It is a good thing that they have woke up and have taken action in the form of the ”green’ movement.  The situation of earth’s ecology has become worse and there is no clear, quick solution in sight. It reinforces InvitePaper‘s  philosophy as in the little ways we can nurture our relationships, the little ways of purchasing eco friendly stationery  that will contribute to the really big picture, really wide wonderful more environmentally responsible world in the end.  Eco friendly stationery is just one of the little things InvitePapers has come up with to combat pollution causing paper processing and to save what’s left of our natural forests. Check out all of InvitePapers eco friendly personal stationery options online. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how you can contribute to two worthwhile causes at the same time: your relationships and the future of the world we live in.

Our environment’s present situation is linked to the green house effect, the makeup of gasses that surround the earth and their effect on the polar cap and atmosphere below.  Carbon dioxide, methane, and ozone are major gases involved in these processes. Pollution has increased carbon dioxide levels while chlorine tainted source gases have decreased the presence of the ozone in areas of the stratosphere by more than 30 percent. There are other factors that have contributed to the deterioration of the ozone. This causes increased heat, penetration by UV rays, increased melting and harsher climate conditions. It could destroy forests and their effect on keeping our environment at equilibrium. Eco friendly stationery’s purpose is to provide a balance by consuming less wood and responsibly managing forests so those sources assist in establishing a cleaner, healthier, and healthier environment in relation to the eco system they are a part of.

InvitePapers promises a lot with its environmentally friendly stationery, no more than its competitors but does it deliver? InvitePapers recommends “earth friendly” stationery to make the biggest difference in safeguarding the environment for the future. Use a number of our eco friendly products made from 100% recyclable products produced by Neenah Papers: moonrock, sandstone, and green tea. The papers save trees, water, and energy and are manufactured with renewable energy and recyclable paper. InvitePapers presents an exclusive brand of cards, notes, memos, and lists that  will say what you need or want to say in a style that that your associates, friends, family, and acquaintances will remember you by. Your personalized eco friendly stationery will express your style and your messages in a brand image that many will see as you and your priority of putting the environment first.  You will simply reinforce the purpose for its creation by your use. Your small effort will be counted among others to make a difference in safeguarding a cleaner, greener, and healthier environment for the future.

July 20, 2010

Birth Announcements and Baby Showers

Barret @ 11:09 am

The birth of a baby, a bundle of joy should be just as unique as each baby’s smile. You could write your own unique birth announcement but that’ usually takes time a lot of people don’t have. has already done most of the work for you. When sending personalized birth or shower announcements for your special new arrival or someone else’s it’s very important to browse through the online inventory, We offer a large variety of personalized birth announcements and the more you review the greater chance of finding that special personalized announcement you have in mind for your special bundle of joy.

No matter the time of year the birth of a new baby boy or girl is welcome news. We often struggle with words or phrases to get the sentiment right, the right message or invoke the right emotion. That is why the right brand of personalized stationery to make the announcement can make all the difference. personalized announcements range from a “classic custom” card or a card you complete with a photograph. The photo provides the guest with an up close personal introduction to the baby. It lets them know what the baby looks like. There may not be as great an anticipation to see what the baby looks like if you choose a card with a photograph on the cover?  That will be just one of the questions you contemplate as you review‘s inventory of personalized announcements and make your decision.

Invite has the cards separated into cards for boys and girls. They’re called personalized text announcements or photo announcements. Cards for boys are set in blue and cards for girls are in pink with a combination of ”primary colors” and “stylized layouts” that compliment the basic background. Boys photo cards showcase a 4×6 photo placed in the center of the card display surrounded by panels that provide a nice neat personalized card with a picture that demands your attention and an appropriate response. Cards for girls are very much the same. When considering cards for birth announcements or baby showers it will always be helpful to choose something that creates a signature, your stamp of approval.  A classic custom birth announcement where you can signaturize a message or employ a photo with the right card reinforces the special message behind the identity and brand. It is why you’re taking the time to select the personalized announcement in the first place.

Baby Deer, Cherry Blossom, Fancy Flourish, Forest  Friend, Forest Friend Tiny Tag, Hello Bunny, Little Lollipop and Pink Bubbles cards are a few of the personalized text announcements that mention the weight, time, birth, and proud parents of the usually  behind  a bright, cheery pink hued background. Forest Friend Photo, Little Princess Baby, Pink Fifth Ave Pram Photo, Pink Happy Horsie Photo Frame, and Sugar Blossom Photograph are a selection of the announcement cards for girls that feature photos.

Alphabet Number Announcements, Blue Bubbles, Blue Happy Horsie, Blue Red State Tiny Tag, Hello Club, and Choo Choo Announcement Cards are   personalized text announcements available for new born boys. They also mention the date, time of birth, their weight, and of course the proud parents. Little Prince Baby Boy Announcement, Red Tower, Modern Line Tiny Tag, Blue Bubbles Photo, Blue Happy Horsie Photo, Fun Stripe Tags, and Blue Fifth Ave Pram Photos all feature photos that can say more than a thousand words but the real purpose is to create a message of the child’s birth. Invite creates a style and an image behind the brand. You attach a photo or a few meaningful phrases that ultimately brings people closer together. Connecting, sending the right message to family and friends through personalized birth announcements or other personalized stationery is what is all about.

July 16, 2010

Children’s Personalized Stationary: Napkins, Notes, And Invitations

Barret @ 10:59 am

Surprise, surprise, surprise, the party hasn’t started yet but it soon will. There are quite a few children who haven’t arrived. Balloons, party favors, punch, cake, a buffet are all spread out with a touch of personal style: personalized napkins, hats, horns, and the makings for a very memorable event.  A couple of different kinds of personal napkins dot the party arrangement. The air is alive with the sound of music. Conversations are buzzing back and forth and more than a few kids are reading what’s on their napkins.

Do kids really notice little things like personalized napkins? Kids notice everything. They are often stimulated by what they see, hear, touch and smell. Situations that stimulate their senses on various levels and expand their horizons make it easier for them to express themselves and think creatively. The more enticing, comfortable, and inviting you can make an activity the more the children will put into it and the more they will get out of it. wants you to be able to stimulate your child’s social skills, interests, and ability to communicate early. offers personalized stationery, napkins, and notes to help make those first important steps that much easier. has committed itself to increasing awareness of children and helping to increase their options for self expression and their ability to respond to others self expression. There are 45 kinds of personalized napkins in the children’s section. offers unique brand images for kids: charming bunnies, baby animals, choo choo trains, circus peanuts and alphabet related styles not only to   celebrate but stimulate your child’s interest in events happening around them. They associate the good experience they have with the logo or brand with the friend who sent them, the parent who bought them, or the events themselves. Alphabet Embossed, Alphabet Foil, Balloons Foil Stamped, Cherry Blossom Embossed, Circus Peanut Foil, Dancing Frog Foil, Lollipop Foil, Lollipop Embossed, Sugar Blossom Foil and Embossed are a sample assortment to be used for birthdays, baby showers, or typically kids event. View what’s available on line. reinforces the idea that you and your children will never be limited by lack of opportunity to express yourselves because the stationery, napkins, and memos will allow you to enrich and expand your child’s horizons as they use them.

Children’s personalized stationery will surely benefit future events. Order them before you order your personalized napkins if you can. Personalized stationery is a great way for kids to participate in the invitation and thank you process. There are several personal notes for children that can be used for deeper forms of self expression or invitations: Sprightly Notes, New Castle Notes, Anthony Sport Notes, Tower Notes, and Spirit Notes. Thank you notes are always the first kind of personal notes kids learn to write. They are taught to realize that a lot of time and effort went into planning an event and a written thank you note in accordance to what they’ve been taught teaches them the general order of personalized stationery. wants to insure your child has positive memories to enjoy. Associating those positive memories with the style of personalized stationery in personalized invitations, notes, napkins or cards is a great way to build relationships with individuals, experiences, and most memorable personalities. invites you to continue  to explore options with all types of children’s personalized stationery: napkins, thank you notes and invitations. challenges you to expand your child’s personal style as well as your own by using one batch of personalized napkins, invitations, note cards and thank you cards at a time. The world is only as opportunity makes it. Let your child’s personal stationery continue to expand their horizons.

July 6, 2010

Go Green with Personalized Stationery

Barret @ 2:15 pm

What is eco friendly? Eco friendly means a lot of things to a lot of people but for purposes of relating it to personalized stationery it means the wedding invitations, pads and etc. are made from at least from 50% recyclable paper. There are also brands and styles that have been produced from 100% recyclable paper. The Green Tea Line of personalized notes on is a great example of what we can offer in terms eco friendly stationery for those with growing concerns for the environment to take action.

Why has going green or eco friendly become such a craze? Believe it or not we only have one planet and everything from car exhaust, destruction of rain forests, continued exploitation of natural resources like gas, oil, and wood, is causing irreparable harm as is the poisoning of the world’s oceans with chemicals and industrial wastes. People want to raise consciousness about these issues, comparing them to their relationships with their fellow man. With the simple choice of an eco friendly card, note, or pad we are not only reaching out to others but expressing our concerns about environmental issues through a simple personalized invitation, note, card or memo pad, etc. We are stamping our choice of personalized eco friendly stationery “with mother nature’s seal of approval” and asking all our close friends and  relations to do the same.

Here’s the shocker, choosing eco friendly personal stationery affects those close to you but also the rest of the world around you. Believe it; we are all connected in many ways by many things. “Save a tree” is just one slogan for the moment that says reuse of just one ton of recyclable paper can save seventeen trees. The movement just wants eco friendly consumers to be aware that their choice of eco friendly personalized stationery has an effect, no matter how large or small. By relaying the message and having those connected to your life properly prioritize it through more eco friendly stationery purchases:   thank you notes, cards, memo pads and etc. the message is clearly impactful and continues to produce change.

All of’s eco stationery is a 100% recyclable. There is Anthony Eco 7, a set of seven memo pads, cotton memo squares, Eco Arch lists with holders, an Eco Square and several types of notes and cards fashioned in sandstone and green tea color. There are about twenty different cards that run the range from Eco Capital Notes, Eco Capital Cards, Eco Classic Monogram Notes, Eco Columbia, Eco Monte Carlo Note, and an Eco Embossed One Line card just to mention a few. They are all listed in the Eco Friendly area online. Check out, call or email customer service with questions, they’ll be happy to help.’s eco friendly stationery is “sophisticated and refined.” Whether you want to make an announcement, invitation, reply or send a thank you has most choices covered.  You’ll know that your choice is making a difference and you will be challenging those who you connect with to engender the message and consciously choose to have a positive impact on the environment through the paper products they use. It will be reinforced through use and gifts of echo friendly stationery in all of the ways you try and stay connected, through memo squares, tablet sets, and lists.

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