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July 5, 2011

The Party That Almost Never Was

Tara Scalzo @ 2:30 pm

The other day, my daughter comes into the kitchen while I’m cooking and drops a bomb.

“Mom, Nicole is having a birthday party on Friday and I need a gift.”

She tells me this on a Wednesday. The party is 2 days away. Really?! I quickly start the onslaught of questions: Where is the party? What time?? When does it end??? What’s the theme????? Who do I RSVP to??????….and so on and so on. My daughter just gives me this dazed look, as if I should already magically know all of this information. “I don’t know Mom, I’ll have to ask her in school tomorrow.”

Ah yes, that would be wonderful. GRRRRRRRR!

Call me old-fashioned, but I still believe that when one if having a celebration of any sort, especially a birthday party, you send out personalized invitations. I know, crazy idea, right?! This way everyone will have all the pertinent information they need right there, on a pretty little piece of paper. Not just the who, what, where, when and why, but for me, the most important piece of info is the RSVP, so I’m fully prepared for however many beloved friends and family might show up to eat my food and drink my wine. And I don’t share my wine with just anyone – kidding! I actually enjoy designing the invites I send out, it brings out my creative side. And in my chaotic life where I have little control over most things, this is something where I have total control of every little detail: the theme, the colors, the font, photos, gift ideas or any other little detail I choose to include – awesome!

So imagine my pleasant amazement when my daughter arrives home that afternoon, opens up her backpack and delicately hands me a ratted-up piece of paper that looks as if it had been through a war. Crumbled, dirty, torn and pathetic. But low and behold – it was the invite….the invite to the party that almost never was. AH HA!

My daughter hung her head low and said “Sorry. Forgot it was in there.”

So little Nicole’s mom actually did take the time to create a beautiful invitation, there was just a slight hiccup in the delivery. Oh well, to be expected when dealing with pre-teen kids. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a (last minute) gift to buy for an awesome party on Friday!

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January 20, 2011

Barret @ 9:50 am

Celebrate the Graduate: Graduation Party Planning 101

Author: Susan Hawkins

As a parent, you’re bursting with pride, and rightly so. Whether it’s high school or college, graduating is a noteworthy accomplishment that deserves a celebration, and there are so many ways for you to accomplish that! But first, you have to ask yourself a couple of questions: Do you want to focus on your graduate only, or do you want to celebrate all the diploma winners in your graduate’s circle of friends? Also, would you prefer a party with definite time parameters or simply an “open house,” when people drop in and out over a period of several hours? Once you’ve determined these parameters, it’s time to plan!

Pick a date. Give yourself plenty of time to plan. If the graduation is in late May or early June, start planning in January or February if you’re planning an elaborate event. A Friday evening or weekend day or evening would probably be best. With proms, finals and other activities keeping kids busy just before graduation day, you might consider having the party soon after the graduation ceremony. If the ceremony is during the day, you can have it that evening, or the next day. If it’s an out-of-town graduation, you’ll certainly want to wait until you get home and have time to get everything together.

Set a budget. Your budget will help you determine the scope of your party. Once you’ve set your budget, divide the money between food and decorations. Depending on how elaborate your plans are, you might have to include fees for your venue or facility or the cost of a band.

Choose a venue. You’ve got lots of possibilities here-your home, a restaurant, a park, a swimming pool, beach or lake, an amusement park or a special place you have in mind! Sometimes the venue drives the menu! If you head for a beach, a yummy clambake might be in order. If you have it at home in your backyard, how about a luscious barbecue with all the trimmings? For a party at a restaurant, your guests can either order whatever they’d like from the menu, or you can pre-select hors d’oeurves and platters when you make your reservation. Keep in mind that parties at beaches and parks often need permits and reservations, too, so be sure to check ahead of time.

Select a theme. A theme can be optional, especially if you’re having that clambake on the beach or a day at an amusement park. The great thing about themes is that they give you a way to tie all the elements (invitations, decorations, etc.) together in a meaningful way. The theme can be as simple as a farewell to their high school, using the school colors, pennants and other memorabilia in your planning. The same goes for college-honoring your child’s alma mater. Other themes for high school are “Off to College,” where you can decorate with the school colors, banners, mascot, etc. of the college or university your child will attend, or how about a “Last Dance” Party? Other college-graduation themes include the career-focused “Get Ready, World! Here I Come!” or a nostalgia theme with photos and memorabilia from your child’s school days, or a retro toga party.

Plan the menu. Whether it’s a clambake or a barbecue, professionally catered or self-catered, you still need to develop your menu. What kind of appetizers, salad, entrée, drinks and dessert will you serve? If your guest list is mostly kids, gear your menu toward them. Dessert may be a graduation cake or an ice cream sundae bar. Let your theme guide you.

Create the guest list. The party can be as intimate or as full of guests as you’d like. You can invite family, your friends, your child’s friends, and don’t forget about teachers, professors, coaches and others who helped your child reach this moment.

Send Save-the-Date Cards and Invitations. Since most graduations occur in late spring or early summer, when people leave for vacations or plan graduation parties of their own, you should consider mailing Save-the-Date cards three or four months in advance. Coordinate the Save-the-Date cards and the invitations with the theme somehow, so guests can get excited about what they’ll find when they arrive. Mail your invitations at least one month before and ask guests to R.S.V.P. via phone or email. About a week before the event, call those people who haven’t responded to find out if they’re planning to attend, so you can have an accurate head count.

Decorations and Favors. Always the most fun of party planning, decorations and favors carry your theme! Set out a 16″ x 20″ or larger, foam core-backed, matte-finished photo of the graduate on an easel with some colorful markers, so guests can write their best wishes in the background. Your main-table centerpiece can be a spray of flowers in school colors with “diplomas” (rolled-up white paper tied with ribbons in the school colors!) among the flowers. You can make smaller versions of the same thing for the individual tables. Again, it all depends on your theme. Let your creative juices flow! Favors for guests might include “The Next Chapter” Graduation Bookmark-a silver-finish, openwork mortarboard with a black tassel, or personalized “Congratulations, Graduate!” Chocolate Candy Bars.

Activities. Dancing. Swimming. Beach volleyball. A humorous “roast” of the graduate by family and friends. Whatever your guests might enjoy. And, of course, a “Keep in Touch” activity. After high school and college, friends scatter across the country and beyond. To help them maintain the bonds they’ve forged over the years, fix a large U.S. map to a cork bulletin board. Have pieces of paper, writing utensils and push pins close by so all the friends can write their names, new addresses and contact information on a piece of paper and pin it to the nearest city or town on the map. It’s a great way to keep treasured friends connected.

Music. Ask your graduate to help you by providing you with favorite CDs. If it’s a retro party, you’ll probably want to raid your own music collection.

Just follow these suggestions, and you’ll surely be recognized for your graduation-party planning-with highest honors!

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About the Author
Susan Hawkins is a writer for Favor Affair, an online store selling favors for a graduation party and other party favors for all of life’s events.

July 8, 2010

Personalized Napkins For Special Occasions

Barret @ 3:16 pm

It’s midsummer and there are still events left on your calendar to make the most of. Hopefully you don’t have a wedding to plan before summer is over but if you did could assist with every aspect of your personal stationery preparation. Regardless of the event large or small you still have time to consider personalized or “special occasion” napkins. You can “personalize” them along with guest towels, coasters, and other favors that will give your celebration an air of distinction, a touch of class.  Whether you’re looking to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, christening, first communion, Bar or Bat Mitzvah has a complete selection of “special occasion” napkins that will surely help you bring out the best in everyone for all your events, feasts, and parties. invites you to take little ideas that work to make a profound difference in every aspect of the way you celebrate. offers classic custom cocktail napkins for a wide variety of events and celebrations. Say “Happy Birthday” in style with custom foil stamped napkins in a variety of styles and colors. Find the perfect design and color for the “theme” of your birthday with matching guest towel. Personalized party napkins for communions and christenings can be “adorned” with “foil stampings” too.  Why not order personalized napkins and guest towels? You’re event can be as creative as you make it. Don’t limit your possibilities with styles or color combinations. gives you the tools to turn an ordinary event into something unimaginable. Use them to create elegant, one of kind napkins that celebrate the Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah.  Review “foil stamped’ selections on the site. Anniversary napkins can be monogrammed or embossed. Matching guest towels can be ordered in a variety of styles, with foil stamping and without.  Personalized anniversary napkins are the largest selection by far. Celebrate your anniversary with a unique sense of style or give the gift of anniversary napkins for all those near and far who still believe in love.

Anniversaries come around once a year. It’s a special time to rekindle your vows, re-embrace your significant other, solve problems that have held you back and move forward. offers nearly 57 kinds of personalized “special occasion,” anniversary napkins, and guest towels. Anniversary Foil, Brittany Guest Towels, Napkins, and Personalized Napkins, Classic Monogrammed, Cupid Foil Stamped, Elise Personalized Monogrammed are a sample of the personalized  anniversary cards you’ll have  to review to appreciate. Anniversary napkins run the range of limitless styles of monograms, foil stamped, initialed, embossed in a complete spectrum of colors: Navy, Pastel Blue, Mocha, Apple Red, True Blue, Mimosa, Cranberry and Gold. puts all of the tools at your disposal to stamp your event with your own signature style. Beach Chair, Circle Foil Stamped, Executive Single Letter, and Our Special Day Guest Towels are great examples of guest towels you might try. The more you know about online inventory the more options you’re likely to create.

Personalized napkins on birthdays can create a unique atmosphere and message to celebrate birthdays in the style and meaning as weddings, barbecues, and anniversaries. Make a birthday party worth remembering. Balloons, favors, personalized invitations, coasters, bright, bold, beautiful colors are a few ingredients you can use to make a birthday a one of kind occasion.” The people, events, and memories that you’d create would reflect on all the materials you’ve assembled around it. believes in making moments come alive, more memorable than imagined. offers 33 Birthday napkins so you can have your cake and eat it too. King and Queen Crown Foil Stamped, Racecar, Birthday Cake Foil Stamped, Lollipop Foil Stamped, Happie Horsie Embossed, Hello Bunny, and Hello Bear are just a few personalized napkin options. believes in the small idea having a big effect in how personalized stationery is utilized. Catch the reaction to your personalized napkins.

Christenings and first communions are all together different types of ceremonies, meaning they have different agendas and protocol. would like to bring a sense of understated style to both with the addition of personalized “special occasion napkins.”  Four unique foil stamped napkins characterize‘s offerings for first communion and christenings. Cards mention the honoree’s name for first communions or christenings as well as the date and year. “God Bless” or “Christening” appears above the name, depending on the brand image, style you want to convey. Most “special occasion” napkins are available in one of 30 colors: Classic Red, Sage, Candy Pink, Hunter Green, and Magenta. 14 foil colors can be utilized. Bat and Bar Mitzvah are great choices to present something old with something new. Five styles feature Foil Stamps, two feature Star of David Designs, two with Girl or Boy Crown and one with Let’s Celebrate Bar or Bat Mitzvah. is for all of your large and small personalized stationery and napkins needs. You will soon believe as we do that the little things in life make an immeasurable difference.

June 30, 2010

Advice on Personalized Napkins

Barret @ 3:37 pm had received this comment from Suzanne Connover last week and would like to feature her advice on personalized napkins:

I love to choose personalized napkins for an event. My job as an event planner enables me to make this choice for many of my clients and I’m more than happy to do this for them. I like the two-line napkins that are available at Invitepapers (and at their other site, Giftsin24) that allow me to put the name of the event on the top line and place the date of the event on the second line. I prefer this style to the monogrammed napkins which I think are most appropriate for rehearsal dinners and wedding receptions. Please remember to order enough personalized napkins. For the events I plan, I order 5 napkins for each guest. Although this might seem like a high number, let me tell you something — I always keep a reserve of blank napkins because even with the 5-napkins-per-guest ratio, I have run out of personalized napkins and had to rely on this spare case of blank napkins.  Sometimes the catering service will bring plain napkins with them, so you might want to inquire about this as part of a “backup” plan.

June 25, 2010

Personalized Invitations, Napkins, And Note Cards

Barret @ 11:54 am

Summer is the big outdoor event season, just ripe for family gatherings. What will you be celebrating and how? What type of impression do you want to create? Will you be planning a picnic, barbecue, afternoon in the park or an evening back yard barbecue that could take place at a moment’s notice?  Whether you’re painstakingly planning a large event or a smaller get together among family and friends personalized napkins and personalized invitations may be just the right thing to set it apart from other summer events. Check out what has to offer and prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

If you have the time and you want to start your annual back yard barbecue or beach bash off with a bang, send perfect personalized invitations or something close to perfect to get your prospects attention. Bold, bright, and innovatively personalized invitations will always create a buzz. Personalized Invitations can help you utilize a “passion for paper goods” to key in on a really unique theme for your summer party or family get together.  Personalized invitations can sometimes combine unique phrases, unique menu ideas, or unique ideas that satisfy a variety of your guest’s desires and interests. Whether you’ve planned a luau, clam bake barbecue, birthday or baby shower,  your guests quickly realize you’ve gone that extra yard with personalized invitations and personalized napkins.

Let the event choose its own invitation.  Skim through the online offerings before you say or do anything. Before you decide on your invitation, review the large selection of monogrammed, embossed, and personalized cards or personalized stationery. There are about 45 styles of monogrammed cards and notes that can be utilized for birthdays, barbecues, or theme parties throughout summer time and beyond. The California Classic Frame Note, Capital Cards and Notes, the Bordered Note, Monogrammed Bordered Note, and Eco Friendly Monogrammed Notes and Cards as well. A few are available in a variety of colors and colored foils. There are plenty of ways to create unique designs that best suit your purpose. Embossed notes and cards can also create exciting, bright, and brilliant, warm, memorable invitations for what’s ever on your summer calendar. Sante Fe, Paper Sculpture, Edwardian, Galena, Anthony Embossed Cards, Capital Cards, Domingo Notes, and Geneva Monogram  are a few of the embossed cards and notes that can add a certain degree of excitement. to any party, barbecue, or night to remember. Checkout Check out the different combinations. produces a large variety of personalized napkins that run the range from guest towels, dinner, luncheon, and beverage napkins that vary in thickness of fine quality paper, colors, and a variety of signature designs. There are two sections on you should pay special attention to when considering personalized invitations and personalized napkins for your big summer bashes: Personalized Family Napkins and Best Selling Personalized Napkins. You’ll find embossed, foil stamped monogrammed and foiled monogrammed personalized napkins, guest towel, and even guest towels with beach towels on the logo. Names like Cornucopi, Foil Stamped Napkins, Alphabet Embossed, Elephant Foil Stamped, Crown Embossed, Foil Monogrammed, Monogrammed Guest, Beach Chair Celebration,   Celebration Foil Stamped, and Thanksgiving Foil Stamped, just to name a few. napkins can be tapped for “double duty” at the table or buffet. They are fine quality personalized napkins with embossing, foil stamps, and monograms that can make all of your summer events well worth remembering.

Personalized invitations will start your party or family event off with a bang. The rest will require a little careful planning.  Find matching or appropriate personalized napkins at Buy your personalized napkins and favors in your favorite monogrammed, embossed prints, colors or color combinations. You want to keep reinforcing the theme throughout the whole event. It is the little things like the personalized guest towels, monogrammed napkins, and guest towels will be the little things that make a big difference. Your beach or back yard barbecue will last for a few hours but you can make it a high point for your family or crowd of guests this summer. Personalized invitations, personalized napkins, and favors will be just as unique as you’ve tried to make everything else. Guests will remember you on their way out and when they plan their next big event.

June 21, 2010

Personalized Napkins For Summer Celebrations

Barret @ 9:57 am

The summer holiday season is here. Memorial Day has begun the summer barbecue season; why not start yours out with a bang? Throw the perfect barbecue, luau, or party? Send out personalized invitations and make sure your personalized napkins express the same sentiment. The first summer barbecue can lead to a string of celebrations worth talking about remembering, and repeating. The right personalized napkins and accessories can make a world of difference. Summer celebrations are the perfect time to reconnect with family and friends and cultivate new relationships, mix old friends with new. That’s the focus of most celebrations and good enough reason for making a celebration unique and memorable. Nothing says it better than personalized invitations and personalized napkins, nothing, see for yourself.

While guests sit, stand, or lounge around the buffet table, grill, or table settings nothing could be finer than the scene enhanced with personalized napkins. Red, white and blue are part of the traditional color scheme.  Can you picture checkered or square table cloth patterns? Why not be bolder this season and try something less conventional, complementary shades of the same color or something bright, brilliant, and unexpected that will further set your event apart. Embossed Personalized Napkins are recommended for Memorial Day and other national celebrations. Check out for what will come in handy for the summer holiday barbecue season. Monogrammed personalized napkins are widely used and display hosts initials, name, the holiday, the year and even the theme. Invitations, personalized napkins, guest towels and place cards work well if they are coordinated but there are no rules in the game of personalized stationery and personalized napkins. The more unique presentation the better.

A buffet filled with barbecued spare ribs, burgers, chicken, hot dogs, clams, a variety of side dishes, casseroles, desserts, and a separate table or bar for beverages, both alcoholic and non alcoholic can be assembled.  Personalized napkins strategically placed in these areas will not only set the event apart from dozens of others but will be fully exploited as guests walk to and fro serving themselves or as they are directed from one phase of the meal to the next. Combine graduations, weddings, baby showers and birthdays with other summer holidays. Setting your event apart will ultimately depend on how important you make it to the guests you invite. Personalized invitations and personalized napkins will have a profound effect depending upon how you tie them in with the lives of the guests. Personalized napkins, coasters, and guest towels can go hand in hand to custom dress a celebration that will be remembered long, long after the guests are gone and the fireworks have faded.

Personalized beverage napkins are perfect for all kinds of drinks; will you be serving cocktails before you eat as the guests arrive? You could have a bar that serves everything from soft drinks and juices to lemonade and ginger ale. Your personalized napkins may be just as creative as your offerings. Whether you’re offering a full choice of cocktails, wine coolers,  spritzers, rum and Coke,  champagne, non alcoholic options or other mixed drinks your brand of personalized napkins will set your event apart. A unique idea for personalized beverage napkins I recently came across uses a simple logo like a rose, a butterfly, or   American Flag. The host’s initials are dotted underneath it along with July 4, 2010 or whatever date you’re going to use. Preparing well in advance for the season with personalized napkins will be significant reminders of how the event ran its course.

Make your summer celebration memorable.  A little planning can go a long way. Any type or combination of personalized napkins will turn your celebration into an unforgettable event. Luncheon and dinner napkins are larger and thicker than beverage, specially ordered and embossed with initials, dates, and memorable phrases, logo, or images to create a uniquely individual statement for your barbecue or celebration. Four lines of custom print can provide a uniquely personal touch. As with most personalized napkins they can become unique keepsakes that can be added to scrap books or memory albums providing links to the summer that was and summers that will be. If you plan ahead and pay attention to details you’ll create an event with little things people find worth remembering. has 48 items listed under personalized napkins in unique colors like Lavender, Apple Red, Sage, Candy Pink, Magenta Purple, French Lilac and many more.  If you are going to take the time to invite guests it makes sense to make the time to prepare to meet their expectations and allow time to make changes if needed.

June 14, 2010

Personalized Napkins for Summer Events

Barret @ 11:24 am

Ok, summer is here!  Fourth of July, picnics, cookouts, and other such fun events fill the summer days with laughter and enjoyment.  Planning for these parties and events can be a bit daunting, but it also can be fun!  Among all the parties that your guests may attend over the summer, you will want to set your party or event apart from the other festivities.   One easy way of making your party special is with personalized napkins.

Now is a good time to think about the theme of your upcoming event.  Personalized napkins can bring out the extra touches of that theme.  Some people are not aware of the options that are available to them, and so they go with the standard monogram or name of the event.  However, with a little insight you can put forth an idea or concept that will be appreciated by all and forgotten by few.

Picking out the napkins can be fun and are very easy to design. You can have personalized napkins with an elegant monogram, a funny phrase, or a family crest that your guests will certainly remember. For instance you might consider a picture of fireworks blasting in the air, the American Flag, or the Statue of Liberty for an upcoming Fourth of July party. You might have a deck of cards or a pair of Ace’s showing for a poker party.  You might even consider using your company logo for your company picnic. Whatever the occasion, personalized napkins are just perfect for such an event.

You might say to yourself that people won’t notice the napkins.  However, compared to regular napkins, personalized napkins are proven icebreakers. Picture the difference: Your guests sit down for the meal.  They either see just the food you have lovingly prepared, or they also notice everything tying the theme together: the food, the decorations, and especially the embossed napkins. You have carefully planned the theme ahead of time, and there is an immediate response to your specially designed napkins, an instant conversation starter.  That conversation will surely revolve around the theme of the event, thanks to the personalized napkins.

You might think that the cost for personalized napkins may be exorbitant but not so.  They are very affordable and can make an ordinary dinner into something really special.  And they are so easy to design!  Make it novel, make it special, make it funny, but most of all make it important to all the guests, including yourself.  At the end of it all, you are planning an event for your guests.  Aren’t your guests worth the simple effort of picking out something that will make them smile?

December 14, 2009

Personalized Napkins on your Holiday Table

Taylor Field @ 11:59 am

The holidays are right around the corner and I can’t imagine a better way to impress your guests than by wishing them a happy holiday with personalized napkins. You can select a design that will surely spread some holiday cheer around your table. Small personal touches such as personalized paper can be inexpensive ways to wow your guests.

If you are looking to add some special touches to your dining table this holiday season, personalized napkins that coordinate with your dinnerware set and holiday table scape will be the perfect addition. In fact, your guests may enjoy them so much that they wish to leave them unused and take them home as a keepsake of the special occasion.

This holiday season, instead of worrying about rushing out to the malls and buying and wrapping dozens of presents, take the focus off of the commercial side of the holidays and bring it back onto spending quality time with your loved ones around the dinner table.

Make your main focus sharing a wonderful meal together with your family. Think about creative dishes to share and set your holiday table with some flair. You can be as festive as you want as you select decorative pieces to place out on your dinner table.

This is the perfect occasion to bring out your best china and show your family how much you care about them through a delicious meal and engaging conversation.

By purchasing some personalized dinner napkins you select a special message to share with your family. You can wish them a happy holiday season or season’s greetings. You can name each and every member of your family and add the date of the gathering.

You can also choose the color of your napkins, whether you want to go with the traditional red or green or pick something that coordinates with your homes decor, you can customize your napkins any way that you choose.

These napkins will be a great way to share a special message with your loved ones. You can thank them for joining you and send them holiday warm wishes. No matter what message that you choose to share, it will be well received.

Your guests will enjoy the personal touches and special decorations at your dinner table. But most of all, they will appreciate your efforts of gathering the family together around the table to enjoy reach other’s company and celebrate the holidays.

December 10, 2009

Make Your Next Party Special with Personalized Napkins

Taylor Field @ 12:58 pm

Are you trying to come up with ways to take your next party up a notch from ordinary to extraordinary? Do you want the guest of honor at your party to feel extra special?

This can easily be achieved by adding some personalized elements to the décor of your party.

With a few small additions you will really impress your friends and family at your next special event. Personalized napkins and invitations are a great way to add your own personal touch to your party by drawing the guest’s attention to the reason for the get-together.

Whether you are hosting a birthday party, anniversary celebration, or holiday feast, you will want your friends and relatives to remember the special event and recognize all of the efforts that you put into hosting, but you also want them to recognize the celebration at hand or the guest of honor.

Planning a party takes time and creativity, depending upon the event you are celebrating you will have to come up with some original ideas to set your party apart. Your guests will fondly remember any thoughtful gestures that you incorporate into your party.

A surefire way that you can place emphasis on your event is to have some things personalized. Personalized napkins and invitations are a great way to show your guests that your event is special and unique.

By personalizing your invitations you are spreading the word out about your party and signifying its importance. When a generic invitation just won’t do, you should consider buying personalized invites.

Personalized napkins are another great way to set your party apart. You can have any special message or information that you’d like personalized onto a napkin. Your family can send your guests a special holiday message on their dinner napkins, or you can recognize the party’s guest of honor and the date of the celebration.

There are a number of different things that you can have personalized onto a napkin in order to add extra significance to your special event.

For your next party, consider adding some personalized touches. Your guests will be sure to take notice of and appreciate any additional thought and effort that you put into making your event special.

By having your invitations and napkins personalized you will draw attention to the reason for the celebration. These small additions will also serve as keepsakes to remind your guests of the wonderful time that they had at your party. Logo