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March 3, 2011

Graduation 2011

Barret @ 8:48 am

“All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray. I went for a walk on a winter’s day,” much like today.  These are lyrics to California Dreamin by the Momma’s and the Papas that peaked at number #4 way back in 1966. It is probably a present thought reverberating in heads of high school and college seniors alike.  Perhaps even an ode to those who are contemplating their itinerary for the next three months when they’ll don their graduation caps and gowns after four years of hard work and sacrifice. They’ll be set free to continue with their education or to have their first real close, stark clashes with the real world. Wherever they go, wherever they’ll be as a friend, parent, family member, pale or fellow employee you want to commend them for a job well done. That’s why you’ll send our graduation announcement cards and save the date on your calendar clear of encumbrances.

Graduation should be a time for your graduate to stop and reflect for a moment, on the last four years of announcement cardshis or her learning experience that has figuratively been the world to them. With the ceremony so close at hand it’s not uncommon to gather together to plan something special. Decide on the time, day and theme of the ceremony. Review InvitePapers ornately embossed, fancifully hued designed announcements and make a selection: Monterey, Galena and Knights bridge Graduation Announcements. They are presented in raised ink script and soft, beguiling colors, offering a place to be seated and an opportunity to share in acknowledgment and admiration. Provide a great venue with comfortable seating and guests will follow. We celebrate the best in people’s lives with the best. Your guests will surely tell others. Check out our Graduation Foil Stamped Napkins after planning your menu.

January 11, 2011

Just Desserts For Valentines

Barret @ 4:12 pm

They’ve ordered assorted Godiva chocolates and truffles, double chocolate cupcakes from Dainties, eclairs filled with Ganache, chocolate flavored cocktails and that’s just the beginning.  We’ve assembled the coup de grace of perfect desserts to cap off the perfect Valentine’s Day. There’s a set of red napkins with bright pink monograms set on a slightly darker red velvet table. Strawberry and raspberry tarts  are just a shade lighter. Whipped cream sits on the side. Hot coffee percolates from one of the tall silver coffee pots in the center of the table.  At one end there are fluted glasses arranged around an ice bucket with Perrier and Domaine Chandon. There is hot coffee, hot coffee drinks:   Espresso, Cappuccino, Cafe Au Lait, Latte and more. All with more monogrammed napkins and guest towels standing  at both ends of the table. The scene is perfectly imprinted with the host’s initials.

Another good idea is to order extra Monogrammed napkins in inspiring Valentine Day colors, stamped with guests’ initials so they have a momento of your one of a kind cocktail or dessert party. You can pass them out as they leave while they’re gathering samples of things they haven’t tried to take with them. There are plenty more desserts: meringue hearts,a raspberry trufle tart, chocolate fondue, Chocolate dipped strawberries, Tiramiso, a pear and walnut tart, raspberry white chocolate cheesecake, Valentine pie, brownies along side of  Starbucks French Roast, Yukon, Cafe Verona, Sumatra and dessert Champagnes: Moet Chandon, Champagne Brut Imperial and Moet Champagne Imperial, mostly chilled. Beverage and guest towel napkins are arranged around the fluted glasses and coffee cups with the realization that guests will soon be there. When we decided to have sweets for the sweetest day we did it all the way. Someone else has just sat down. They have a meringue on one side of the napkin and an empty glass waiting to be served on the other. Our Personalized Party Napkins  are the definitive answer to that old adage “ain’t life grand in Giftsin24?”

December 9, 2010

Trimming Your Tree With InvitePapers

Barret @ 1:20 pm

Silver or gold sparkles, molded figurines, fancy ribbons and glass ornaments, these are just a few of  our favorite things to adorn Christmas trees for the holiday season. Glass beads, frosted glass baubles, Santa Claus figurines, candy canes, angels, stars, and snowflakes are more surreal images we’ve come to associate with decorating Christmas and the tree. Constructed ornaments and keepsakes came into fashion in the early 1800s. Before then Christmas trees were adorned with edible decorations: peppermint sticks, candy canes, gumdrop candies, and sugar coated nuts made trimming your tree or family focused InvitePapers Christmas Eve worth remembering.

Holiday Personalized Napkins with Holly and Berries on Gingerbread Men Napkins with matching Guest Towels are perfect for lining your refreshment table for a Christmas Eve celebration or adding more decorations to the tree. Arrange napkins or guest towels around your bowl of Christmas punch or Oberweis Egg nog.  Have guests reminisce of shimmering family filled Christmases of long, long ago. If your table isn’t aptly set with holiday shortbread, snickerdoodles, gingersnaps, fudge brownies, Bourbon balls, Mexican wedding cakes, pin wheels or Pepperidge Farm or Keebler alternatives for those who just don’t have time to bake we are still intent on making it a holiday to remember regardless. Raise your glass in one hand; hold your custom printed napkin in the other.  Time will go by quickly but it’s all in fun as more gifts are wrapped and placed under the tree while the InvitePapers napkins and guest towels can serve as coasters and quick relief for spills.

December 7, 2010

Things To Do For Spring Weddings

Barret @ 10:34 am

With the tumultuous announcement of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s spring wedding the rest of the world is anxiously waiting what may be touted as the wedding of this century, the millennium? Many couples who feel hopelessly devoted to each other have no doubt been inspired and are currently considering their own merry old spring wedding. What will be best colors to use, flowers, or will your buffet include a candy bar? Will you follow the trend of monogrammed napkins and guest towels for the big day? The event will be greatly influenced by the abundance of flora and fauna that can be used to high light a very unique spring wedding. What types flowers will you wear, throw away, have softly scenting the air?

Wedding plans bring to mind 1001 things to do before the big day arrives. How do you select a theme?  What are the most important things you need to include on the list? Do you send out Save The Date Cards and invitations? Should they be color coordinated? Is there one place I can go to take care all of my wedding’s stationery needs? Yes, between Invitepapers and Giftsin24 we’ve got just about everything covered: invitations, programs, menus, accommodation cards, menus, programs, seating cards and thank you notes. Some lists are longer others and don’t require as many notes. At Invitepapers we have an extensive list of traditional, modern, and romantic  quality wedding invitations with embossing, artwork, and unique fonts that will convey a unique professional sentiment that valued guests will swarm to. We graciously invite you to review the site and customize your wedding stationery’s wardrobe that will be comprised of pieces that meet your weddings needs as well as your budget.

December 6, 2010

Have A Party With InvitePapers

Barret @ 3:13 pm

Let me tell you about a place where InvitePapers always has a space. Our annual Christmas party is always well attended. It’s always considered in good taste. We ordered plenty of custom printed Napkins and Guest Towels a head of time. We tried the Color Mist Napkins at our Labor Day Barbecue and tried Flag Foil Stamped Napkins during the fourth of July. We thought we’d try to surprise everyone again this year. We’re doing the Gold Flourish Ensemble for all of our holiday events: white beverage napkins, guest towels and coasters with a gold foil stamped AM monogram complete with crystal holders. We ordered lots of extra napkins to place in a variety of places.

Let me tell you about a place whereInvitePapers napkins always has a space. “The cokes” are on the counter. “Pop corns on the table.” “We’re having a party. “Dancin to the music.” The music escalates as more guests arrive. Our annual Christmas Party is always well attended. We’ve got the Coke and Pepsi next to the ice buckets.  This year we’ve got Starbucks coffee and  a bartender can handle the flavored drinks. Got plenty of Budweiser, Krug, Mercier, Perrier, Absolut, Bacardi and Seagram’s Gin. etc. for  every kind of holiday cocktail  you can imagine. Eggnog and Christmas punch. The Gold Flourish beverage napkins add just a little bit of style to the whole event as people walk around carrying the cold and hot beverages with the foil stamped AM in the center. The A and M stands for Alan and Michelle Brooks. We’ve been hosting our annual Christmas party for employees, friends, relatives and associates for 37 years. InvitePapers believes in the tradition of celebrating the most important people in our lives and most people who have attended have come to realize just how special the rewarding relationships you make throughout life really are. They always remember the napkins and the good time they had while they attended.  We know how to throw a party and InvitePapers’ Personalized Guest Towels And Napkins are always included.

November 4, 2010

Thinking of The Holidays, Turn to InvitePapers

Barret @ 3:19 pm

“We wish you a Merry Christmas, dashing through the snow, and bells on bobtail ring making spirits bright,” are a few lyrics that warm our hearts and rekindle magic moments of Christmases of long ago, last year, and the present while directing our attention to the events we’ll plan for this holiday season. Are you organizing your annual Christmas party your first or the first for the kids? Will you be one of the folks assisting with the office party? InvitePapers is the best place to order your personalized holiday napkins and gifts of personalized stationery. The holidays are the time to enjoy family, friends, and most worthwhile relationships. InvitePapers promises to take all of the worry away in satisfying your stationery needs so you don’t have to.

InvitePapers offers a wide variety of choices in personalized custom napkins to signaturize and celebrate the holiday season. Our nostalgic designs represent unique moments to be shared with family and friends, while inspiring visions of sugar plums and holiday moments to be realized as you plan your holiday parties and dinners. Holly and Berries Holiday Napkins and Guest Towels along with Gingerbread Man Napkins and Guest Towels are among the most traditional. They are pictured on line in green and red but are available in a number of other colors with 14 color stamps. The napkin or guest towel is foil stamped with an ornate holly branch with berries, a gingerbread man adorns its namesake and each one is either wishing your guests a Merry Christmas from you and your family or however you’d like to personalize it. InvitePapers specializes in helping you ring the holidays in with style. See how our holiday and stationery gifts extend your relationships with family and friends and invite us back each time to make your celebrations memorable, one of a kind.

October 28, 2010

How Personalized Napkins Add Style, Elegance and Refinement to an Event

Barret @ 10:05 am

How Personalized Napkins Add Style, Elegance and Refinement to an Event

Author: Muna wa Wanjiru

Many social occasions require the use of special personalized napkins as they are considered some of those details that add style, elegance and refinement to a certain event. Personalized napkins are great for wedding parties, baby showers, bridal showers, anniversaries or any form of party or celebration. They can even be used for business promotion purposes if you also invite your business partners to an official dinner. Just like wedding invitations, such personalized napkins can be ordered on the Internet and then shipped directly to your house. There are certain things the designer may ask from you: first of all, there is a minimum number of items to be ordered, and you will have to be clear about all the specification concerning design.

There is a standard length of the personalized napkins and you’ll be informed on that too: there are two types of such table items that you can order: on the one hand there are the beverage napkins and on the other the luncheon models. Sometimes, you can be saved the trouble of caring for such details yourself. If you need the personalized napkins for a wedding, then you can talk to a professional wedding planner and leave such details to them. Very often, napkin producers are the ones to supply such agencies with all the customized materials they need.

Very often, personalized napkins are associated with custom-printed ribbon. This small item works great for a variety of arrangements: from flower decorations to table setting. From the large variety of models you can choose for the special reception you are planning, sometimes it is not even necessary to select one. You are free to come up with personal suggestions and have whatever message printed on the personalized napkins: some people choose “thank you” messages, some others print their names in symbolic or thematic colors. Or the design could also reflect a certain project or business you are involved in.

Let’s say you are fund raising for a green association; it is most suitable that the personalized napkins be made of recycled paper and that they carry a logo or a motto that keeps the attention of the participants vivid on the exact intention of the campaign. Therefore, we can also say that besides the mere decoration function, small items such as personalized napkins manipulate attention and even influence decision making in certain cases. Advertising is one such situation when each item that the guests come into contact with reminds them of your business.

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About the Author

Muna wa Wanjiru Has Been Researching and Reporting on Gifts for Years. For More Information on Personalized Napkins, Visit His Site at PERSONALIZED NAPKINS

September 27, 2010

Personalized Graduation Napkin

Barret @ 4:09 pm

It may be several months, but it is coming. Your child is about to graduate from high school or college.  You naturally want to celebrate this milestone in their life.  You want to show them how proud you are of his achievement.  You want every detail to be perfect.  You want to start their next stage in life right.  You thought of the theme, the food, the announcements, the decorations and who to invite.  But did you think about the napkins?  Napkins are an integral part of the party planning.

You have to consider what type of graduation party you’re throwing to choose the right napkin.  You could go to a party store and get napkins that say “Congrats Grad!” But that doesn’t say, “I’m proud of you.”  It says, “I got these at the last minute.”  You don’t want anything to ruin the celebration.  Getting napkins that are not personalized to your graduate’s taste is something that you don’t want to do.

You can never go wrong with a cap and school napkin.  If you want it a bit more personal you can have the graduate’s school symbol printed on the napkin.  You may also have your graduate’s picture printed on a napkin.  Another choice would be to add the type of degree that your graduate received.  The napkins can also reflect the colors of the school.  For example, my alma mater school colors are blue and gold.  My parents personalized two sets of napkins with those colors with the name of my school.

With the wide variety of graduation napkins that can be personalized online, you are sure to find the perfect style to suit your graduate.  You are sure to find the style and color of napkin you are looking for at  We provide a robust three-ply napkin that feels ideal in your hands.  The multitude of designs that can be creatively used is staggering.  And your order will be shipped to you in 24 to 48 hours.

Be creative: use a catch phrase your graduate says all the time or put a little heartfelt note from you on the napkins.  Whether it is an elegant affair or a fun shindig, choose something from the heart.  This will go a long way to show how proud you are and how much you love them.  It will be a great celebration.  It will fill your child with memories she will cherish for a lifetime.  It will show your graduate that you are there to help and support him.  It will tell your child you will help him start his next stage in life as an adult.

September 21, 2010

The Allure of Wedding Napkins (part 1)

Barret @ 4:26 pm

Think about it. When you walk into a reception hall, what are the first things you notice? Perhaps the size of the room. The room temperature. Exactly how many people are present. The location of the dance floor, or more importantly, the location of the bar. And of course you’ll always be painfully aware of where you’re sitting from the head table.

Sound familiar?

Or perhaps you’re the type of person that pays closer attention to the finer details, such as the lighting.  You might notice the type of music that fills the ambiance. The smell of fresh cut flowers. The subtle sounds of conversation. Once you find your table, you only then notice the bouquet of flowers that adorn each table. The proper setting of each glass and utensil. The take-home treat waiting for you on your plate. The color scheme of the tablecloths and napkins that complements each other.

And yet when you look further, you notice that every napkin at each place setting is just not an ordinary napkin. They are all embossed with the bride and grooms name and their wedding date. The fact that they themselves paid close attention to detail completely changes the experience.  It has now become personal.

When you’re planning a wedding, there are so many details to think of.  Between picking the venue, bride’s dress, color scheme, reception location and wedding party, the details are enough to drive anyone crazy. But one thing is for sure; you want to make this an event all your own. Sometimes it’s the small details that really make a big impact.

I will continue with the next part on Thursday, Sept 23rd. Stay tuned

September 7, 2010

Personalized Napkins For Cocktail Parties

Barret @ 10:10 am

Personalized beverage napkins can really add a touch of elegance to any event: office, home, party or celebration. InvitePapers offers newly 106 types of the “best” personalized napkins you’ll see anywhere. InvitePapers has consistently remained on the cutting edge by developing unique innovative designs with “personalization” options that continue to grow. Cocktails anyone? How did the cocktail, beverage napkin begin?

Cocktails first started in the 1900s. They were out for a while and now they’re back. Cocktail parties gained fame from 1920-33 when the sale, manufacture, and transportation of alcohol was banned nationally. Somehow Americans still wanted to find time to enjoy food, mixed drinks, and a bit of leisure fun and the cocktail party was the answer. A cocktail party lasts 2 to 3 hours while guests snack and drink, chatting, mingling, and more eating or various combinations of the latter. Personalized beverage napkins make your event truly unique. You can serve mocktails without alcohol and organize a cocktail party for kids with their own set of personalized napkins.

Personalized cocktail or beverage napkins become more noticeable while eating appetizers, hor dourves, finger foods etc, while mingling in front of a bar or through a crowd. Your initials, logo, or announcement gains special significance because it will be associated with everything that happens, from the beginning to end. You may choose to order the personalized beverage and luncheon napkins. You’ll spend time wiping your hands because of grease, sauce, moisture or the fact you’ll want to and need to wipe your hands as much as possible to keep them clean. Be sure to use the host’s favorite personalized napkins complete with unique monograms, foil stamped letters, and unique embossed logo. Personalized napkins were created to make cocktails, parties, and celebrations as signaturized or as memorable as possible. It makes sense to order your personalized napkins early. Whether it’s just for a cocktail party, anniversary, wedding, baby shower, birthday, sweet sixteen party, barmitzvah, batmitzvah, whatever your pleasure. Pick up a unique design in foil stamp, embossed pattern, monogram or our new color mist design. Check out how InvitePapers‘ latest techniques for embossing with color looks and feels.

InvitePapers offers personalized beverage napkins that will make your cocktail, mocktail, or cocktail gathering for the kids, one of the most memorable events for the season. Kids and adult napkins are three ply, soft, delicate and remain sturdy despite sometimes trying circumstances. Cocktail napkins are available in a wide range of sizes and dimensions. Check out what InvitePapers has to offer. The napkins can be color coordinated to match any theme. Most napkins can be ordered in one of thirty colors: Mocha, Gold, Sage, Burgundy, Red, Orange, Yellow, Mimosa, Emerald, Teal, Copper, Royal Blue, Red, Plum Plum, and Lilac just to name a few. They can be embellished with 14 colors of foil stamps, numerous monograms, embossed designs, or even the latest selections from the color mist collection. We’d like to be he first choice for all of your personalized napkins needs: beverage, luncheon, or dinner. Consider InvitePapers for your next lunch, brunch, dinner or special event. I’m sure we’ll be able to come up with the personalized napkin that will make it a truly unforgettable event.

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