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October 27, 2011

How do I meet someone special ?

khass @ 9:40 am

Ready to settle down and find that perfect someone? Would you like to get married? It’s not easy meeting people with busy schedules. Where do you meet people? It’s not easy to meet people as you get older, especially that perfect somebody.

In the past couple years with the help of the internet is has been easier and easier to meet people. The days of having to meet people solely at the grocery store, church, gym or at bars is over. Now there are websites dedicated to help you find your perfect match.

You have probably seen the dating commercials on TV and on the internet. You can create a personalized profile all about you. Add photos; talk about yourself a little and who you are looking for. Write down the most important values that are important to you, whether it be family, life goals, morals and hobbies and interests. This is not the complete answer to finding someone special, but it cannot hurt to give online dating a try.

Go out on a few dates, meet a few people and see if you have anything in common. You just never know, you may find that perfect someone and before you know it you will be planning a wedding, ordering wedding invitations, sending out save the date cards and starting your new life.

When you are ready remember for all you wedding stationery and wedding invitations. We also have the largest selection of wedding reception dinner napkins!

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June 15, 2011

Personalized Father’s Day Stationery

Barret @ 9:47 am

Father’s Day is Sunday and of course, it’s vital we take time to remember the men who’ve played such an influential role in our lives. Fathers can take on many forms –in addition to the literal form, there’s those who can take on the “father role”, be it an uncle, old family friend, a mentor, a teacher. Basically someone’s who’s taken on that role in your life in whatever capacity. This entry hopes to honor all of them.

Personally, I’m not a father –yet- but memories of my own plus time spent with my dad-in-law have given me perspective on this unique role. It’s important to be mindful and respectful of your father as not just the authority figure in your life, or He Who Gives out the Allowance (for you younger readers), but as a person, a man who had to assume the responsibility of Dad. We tend to sometimes forget that they play other roles in life, and this year perhaps we can honor those roles.

-For the office dad- personalized stationery, perhaps, or even monogrammed stationery with notepads as well. Lend an air of distinction to his desk at work.

-Or better yet, why not celebrate the family your Dad leads? After all, it takes a family to make a Dad, as well as the other way around. Custom Printed Notepads proudly displaying your family name, to bolster that good old family pride are always a classy touch. Perhaps an entire suite of personalized family items, such as note cards, stationery, even personalized family napkins!

-Speaking of napkins, maybe your Dad enjoys cooking and entertaining. Why not a set of personalized napkins welcoming folks to “Dad’s Café” or something similar. Maybe your Dad pours out the suds from time to time, in which case some personalized bar napkins should fit the bill nicely. Celebrate this creative and fun side to your dad!

-For the environmentally conscious father, why not show him the way to go green with eco-friendly stationery? 100% recyclable, socially responsible, and fashionable as well!

And for the Dad who has everything? Maybe it’s not a material gift you get him, but rather a gift of time and thoughtfulness where you take the opportunity to express your thanks for his role in your life. Perhaps a personalized thank you card or note card with a few simple yet meaningful words for the man you call or refer to as your father.

December 22, 2010

Time For A Fresh Start

Barret @ 8:30 am

New Year’s Eve is my favorite time of the year. Sure, 4th of July and Halloween are fun, Christmas is always special and Valentine’s Day is so romantic, but there’s something truly unique about New Years. For starters, it represents the end of an unforgettable year, filled with it’s share of good and bad times. But hey, you survived. That’s a huge accomplishment in itself, right? It’s the perfect moment to look back and be proud of all that you have done, laugh about those not-so-great moments and make the proactive choice to become a better person in the upcoming year. I like to look at it as not another year older, but another year wiser.

But most of all, it’s a fresh start, a clean slate. It’s as if someone gives you a multipass to forget what has been and focus on what could be. This amazing opportunity happens only once a year, so why not celebrate!

As the premier party hostess, I take pride in hosting my annual New Year’s Eve Bash, which begins with personalized invites that I know will get attention. These beautiful invites set the tone, intrigue my guests and demand a response. Each year I design new, exciting layouts that highlight my particular theme and pick out the best font for my message. This year I’ve decided to jazz it up with foil letters, just to add the bit of spark this occasion deserves.

This year, I’ve even decided to go the extra step and have personalized napkins made as well. I saw these cute Champaign Holiday Napkins and Champaign Guest Towels and could not resist! I’m going to throw them on the dining room table, the wet bar and in the guest bathroom as well. It’s such an easy way to add that special touch that everyone will remember.

And at the end of the night, I always give each guest a party bag filled with goodies, tied with a ribbon and adorning a personalized gift tag, thanking them for attending my celebration and wishing nothing but the best in the upcoming year.

And once the celebration is over and everyone is out the door, the rest of fate is up for grabs. As the premiere party hostess, I can only hope they had an unforgettable end to the previous year, as well as an awesome start to the next.

Best wishes to you and yours. CHEERS!

December 15, 2010

Did You Say Personalized Notes For Christmas?

Barret @ 2:07 pm

InvitePapers specializes in a few of the finer things in life. We make the perfect party napkin for the finest hors’douerves. Our personalized beverage napkins snugly hold your favorite Seagram’s Martini, chilled Krug, Domain en Chandon, Perrier and other assorted holiday cocktails. InvitePapers believes in nurturing life’s golden moments and the special people who make our lives what they are and who we are. As time goes by the fundamental things about personalized hand written notes still apply. Keep in touch with friends, family, associates, clients and all those important relationships in your life. Send sophisticated, personal, modern, contemporary personalized notes and custom stationery. Take time to share and care with InvitePapers personalized regular and recycled handwritten notes. There is a whole new agenda to implement your life.

InvitePapers has 137 styles, items listed as Personal Notes. They range from “colorful for kids,” “gifts for teachers” and ” contemporary modern  works of art that will undoubtedly keep relationships you value the most and those that value you engaged because of the beauty of the rapport. A picture can say a 1000 words but a well written note from someone who has taken the time to respond and is truly concerned says so much more in a concise well written note. Reward yourself and reward those quality relationships in your life with a simple gesture of a fine quality personalized note. Traditional, Bordered, Monogrammed, Capital Classic Frame Monogram, Classic Monogram Bordered, and eco friendly version of the notes are a few of the Best Sellers to give as gifts or to buy to use. If you take the time to send a note or gift it is a representation the relationship is worth something to you. As a sender and receiver you give a little and get a little back. Find out what doors are destined to open when giving InvitePapers Personalized Notes as gifts.

December 10, 2010

A Color Mist Christmas

Barret @ 10:01 am

Why not celebrate the holidays in color?  Color Mist Napkins from InvitePapers will bring a one of a kind shade of coloring to personalized napkins that will create a stunning ornament like element for your holiday events. InvitePapers personalized napkins will decorate your holiday dining room, buffet, Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve  celebrations become a bit more than that as your personalized napkins twinkle like little stars. Think of your traditional red, green, and gold Personalized Beverage Napkins with a unique twist. Color combinations of red, emerald, burgundy and gold would herald the holidays in with a distinct sense of style and elegance that your guests have never seen. Try them out for Thanksgiving or play around with unique color combinations until you’re sure what you have is right.

Color Mist Napkins were created with a unique event in mind. Why not deck the halls with boughs of holly, Christmas cheer and keep plenty of holiday napkins from InvitePapers near for all of the expected and unexpected holiday happenings. Try monograms in the mist. They’ll take on an elegant “raised design” with a unique way of highlighted embossing that will surprise you and your guests. Try a bold text announcement and watch it come alive, watch it come alive and create a sense of what will make the event live throughout the holiday season and for  holiday seasons to come. There are five distinct Color Mist Napkins but the trick will be using the monogram or message with the right combination that makes people stop and look. “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 2010 and to all a good night.”

December 3, 2010

Tis The Season For Personalized Gift Notepads

Barret @ 9:50 am

How many people are on your gift list, what’s the most important thing you want to say with a gift?  Gifts should say something different because each person is different. Don’t promise the world and then not deliver. InvitePapers Personalized Notepads have an interesting little way of solving that problem for you. Each person has unique, tastes, hobbies and interests. We are great at personalizing experiences: vacations, spa visits, our cars, kitchens, desks, homes and even gifts we give. InvitePapers is simply the best at personalizing stationery the whole year round. Take pride in presenting our Personalized Gift Set Notepads. They nurture ongoing relationships, connect others, and help make lists you can check twice. Personalized Note Pads make great gifts for families, friends, industry colleagues, employees and young folks on the list that’ll develop more rewarding relationships with the written and spoken word.

“Sleigh bells ring, are you listening. In the lane snow is glistening. A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight,’ writing on Custom Printed Gift Set Notepads in InvitePapers. Give a gift that will enable the recipient to say so many things in so many ways. Seven different sized pads can be placed in strategic locations like at the desk, easy chair and table.  Manage your time, brainstorm, track information, and jot down quick, easy messages to leave on lockers, wind shields, mail boxes, bulletin boards and beyond. Personalized Gift Set Notepads are available in recycled and regular paper. Signaturize them with the recipient’s name or family’s name in eight different colored inks. All of the sets come with a holder. Tablets range in size from 3.2 x 5 to 5 x 8. Executive Tablets are available with initials and personalized names. Browse the site for everyone you have in mind: the polished professional, families with multiple needs, younger people just learning to manage their lives and time with personal paper and of course anyone who’ll use them in abundance to benefit from how InvitePapers Personalized Gift Notepads actually changes lives.

November 17, 2010

Using Holiday Stationery & Other Festive Papers Personally and Professionally

Barret @ 9:30 am

Author: John Oberhauser

Small businesses need many marketing materials including the often overlooked stationery, and just as important, Christmas stationery. Having fun, decorative, holiday-themed stationery is just as important for your business as having an appropriate letterhead. Businesses can use Christmas border paper and other festive papers to send out holiday invitations and announcements. It does not matter what size your company is, fun decorative holiday paper is a necessity for any business, along with suitable company letterhead and business cards. Usually the company letterhead is pretty standard, but Christmas allows a company to use its imagination. Try printing promotional materials or invitations for your holiday event on Christmas border paper and see how good it looks. Emailed notices are easily deleted, but sending announcements on festive paper is an ideal way to showcase your company to customers and employees, and these announcements are less likely to wind up in the trash. Christmas border paper can also be used personally. One of your children’s poems surrounded by a beautiful Christmas border makes the perfect holiday greeting to send to your friends and family. Any member of the family will cherish this special treasure for years to come. The use of border paper is wonderful for arts and crafts as well as artwork. It may not be easy to choose the perfect Christmas border paper to meet your needs, because there are so many styles to choose from. You and your family will have a good time and really enjoy choosing special border paper. Before the craziness of the holiday season overwhelms you, be sure to make the time to choose the holiday border paper to use for your family’s greeting to friends and family. A more unique way to send your message is to mix and match a few different border papers. Enjoy the time it takes to select the best border paper that will surely put a smile on your loved ones faces.

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