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December 28, 2011

Wedding Invitations and Stationery for Every Type of Wedding !

khass @ 8:38 am

A Wedding is a very personal and Special Occasion. Every Wedding should be custom tailored to you and your Fiance. No to couples are the same and no two wedding are the same. So, why would your wedding invitations and stationery be the same?

By the time you settle down to get married you have found that perfect person you want to spend the rest of your life with. A person that you love, honor and respect. Someone that makes you a better version of yourself and you also make them a better person.

By the time you meet that person you have probably spend some time figuring out who you are first and the things that are important to you. Such as Family, morals, interests, hobbies, and general life goals. You know who you are and how you see the world. You have future plans and interests you want to share. You know your style and have accepted things for how they are.

Your wedding Invitations, save the date cards, menu cards, beverage napkins and thank you stationery should be no different. It is important like the rest of your wedding that your invitations and stationery are personalized for you. Your Wedding invitations should be customized and as beautiful as anything else in your wedding.

Your Wedding Invitations are the first thing your family, friends and guests will see. Make your stationery personal and fit who you are as a couple.

Choose from Monogrammed, Embossed or Printed Invitations. Find the perfect colors and invitation designs. has everything from modern, traditional and classic looks. Create the perfect personalized wedding invitations on a budget.

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December 19, 2011

Great HoneyMoon Ideas !

khass @ 8:39 am

Now that your Wedding is planned, your wedding save the date cards, wedding invitations have been sent and your wedding is planned it is time to start thinking about your honeymoon!

The great thing about your honeymoon is that it is a great way to wind down from your wedding.

After your wedding is over your going to be happy to have a few days with your new bride or groom.

To have a relaxing honeymoon you don’t need to spend a lot of money.

Here are a few Ideas of ways you can spend your honeymoon:

1. Take a traditional trip. Fly somewhere; go somewhere warm with a beach

2. Turn your honeymoon into a road trip. Drive somewhere new, play it by ear

3. If you are trying to save money, just take a few days off work and spend the time with your new spouse.

Just remember to order your wedding thank you note cards before you go! That way by the time you get back you can start writing them out.

Choose from our large selection of personalized thank you cards. Create monogrammed, embossed or printed thank you stationery. Go with a playful or elegant design. Either way you cannot go wrong with custom stationery. Customize your own designer wedding thank you note cards. Select your favorite motif design or monogram and have them printed or embossed on your custom stationery.

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December 7, 2011

When is the Right Time to Get Married?

khass @ 9:34 am

It has almost been two years since I got married. I know time really flies by!

Now and then a friend will ask, ‘How did you know he was the right guy” and “How long did you date” all those kinds of good questions. Everyone wants to know those kinds of things, but, especially if they are also thinking about getting married.

These are totally normal questions people ask themselves. How do you know when you have met the right person and are ready to get married?

Here are a few things you may want to ask yourself before you get married:

1. Do you have similar interests?

2. Are your life long goals in tune, do you want the same things?

3. Make sure to look at their character, are they a good person, someone that you will be there for through everything and they will do the same for you?

4. Do you cherish each other’s company? Does he make you laugh?

5. Is he supportive of your goals, interests and hobbies and want the best for you?

6. Could you live without the other person?

If you said yes, to all these things he is probably the man for you. Hopefully he feels the same.

When you do get engaged there is a lot of planning to do. Make sure to give yourself at least a year before you set your wedding date. This way you won’t feel as rushed and you won’t put stress on your relationship. This is a big change and you want to take it slow.

Get his opinion on the wedding planning. When you are shopping for wedding invitations have him sit with you as you search for the perfect personalized wedding stationery. You may be surprised by the great wedding ideas he has and learn something new. Maybe he prefers a more traditional embossed or monogrammed wedding invitation.

It is important that the wedding is about both of you. It is both your days to cherish and remember for a lifetime.

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October 12, 2011

Thinking about proposing ?

khass @ 9:17 am

A wedding proposal should be fun and exciting. Your proposal should suit you and your significant other. There are so many creative ways to propose, make sure to make it special. This is a story that everyone will be asking you your entire life. Get Creative and make it good.

First, think about how you first met, where did you meet? Can you tie it into your proposal and add a twist. Is there somewhere you have always wanted to go; a restaurant, a theater, concert park or vacation? This would be a great time to go to that new place and make it an extra special occasion. Or are you more into a routine, do you have a favorite place or something you always do together, something special that makes you think of the person when you are there.

The possibilities are limitless. First get an idea of what kind of ring she would like. Buy something according to your budget. After you have the ring set the day and time you are going to propose and how you will do it. If it’s not working out that day due to busy schedules or weather that’s ok! Reschedule for the next day, week, or month. This is a special day and you want it to be perfect.

Once you have proposed and she has said “yes”. You can start to think about wedding save the date cards and invitations. Choose from Monogrammed and Embossed Wedding Invitations. Printed or embossed Personalized Save the date cards and beautiful, traditional and modern Wedding thank you note cards. the You are probably hoping she will take care of most of that anyway. But this is your time to shine. Think of a great way to propose.

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September 21, 2011

Celebrating a Fall or Winter Wedding ?

khass @ 9:11 am

If you are having a fall or winter wedding you have probably begun the countdown already. You are probably pretty well organized at the time and have everything you need book. That is such a great feeling. Now you are just waiting and taking care of the small odds and ends. Things like dress fittings, maybe getting a new outfit for your honeymoon, looking at wedding favors, stuff like that.

Have you ordered your wedding thank you note cards? If you haven’t I would suggest you take care of that now as well. This way you will have your stationery notes before you even get married, which means if you plan on going on a honeymoon, they will be all set for you when you get back. You want to try and send you wedding stationery thank you cards within a month of the wedding. Ordering your stationery now will just give you one less thing to worry about after the wedding is over, because you are going to be exhausted. has a large selection of thank you notes to match any wedding style. You can match your thank you note cards to your wedding invitations or pick a totally different style. The thank you cards can be a little less traditional if you like. I really like the monogrammed or embossed thank you cards. You can choose printed wedding thank you notes as well. offers a great selection of ink colors you will be sure to love. You can even have your address custom printed on your envelopes this will also save you time.

Be sure to thank guests for attending and for the gift they give you.

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Have a wonderful wedding!

September 19, 2011

Looking for foods that will help you feel good and fit into your wedding dress ?

khass @ 9:06 am

What we eat is important, it can affect how we feel and how we look. Certain food will actually keep us fuller longer, while other foods can actually make you more hungry. Today I am going to give you a few tips on the best foods to eat to stay full longer and to try and keep off those pounds. Whether you are getting married and trying to fit into a wedding dress it is good to have smart eating habits that will last you a lifetime. I will also list a few of those foods that actually make you more hungry after eating them.

First you want to look for fresh foods with low salt and high protein. These foods will make you feel good and keep you full longer and keep the weight off if you eat them in moderation.

Here is a list of foods that will make you feel more full:

1. Fruits and veggies, try an avocado. Avocados are a healthy fat that is actually good for you

2. Eggs, high in protein and will keep you full

3. Lean white meats, like chicken and fish

4. Nuts, try a handful of almonds or walnuts for a snack. be careful though, eating to many of these will add weight

5. Whole grains. Look for whole grain breads and pastas. these are not only better for you but will keep you full

Here are a few foods that will actually make you more hungry, try and stay away or limit your intake of these foods:

1. Candy bars

2. Pastries, pies

3. Anything high in sugar, including sugary drinks and sodas

4. Breakfast cereals

Now that you know some of the foods that are going to keep you full longer, try them out. You will start shedding extra weight and feel great. Dieting is not only for getting married its a lifestyle. You’re on your way to looking your best, it’s time to start ordering your wedding stationery.

Order your Personalized Wedding Invitations today. Choose from a large variety of monogrammed, embossed and printed wedding invitations, save the date cards, menu cards and thank you notes. Design your own custom wedding stationery or mix and match some of our greatest wedding stationery collections.

Choose from classic stationery designs, traditional, contemporary or modern wedding stationery. Have fun and personalize your wedding invites for your special day!

June 6, 2011

The Secrets of Success

Barret @ 11:42 am

The key to a successful summer party is proper planning. Once all the elements are in place, everything else seems to take care of itself. So as an avid list maker, I always pull out a pad of paper from my personalized stationery set and write out details for the perfect get-together.

Yes, I actually have multiple pads of paper spread all over the house. I’m one of those people that has to write everything down or else I’ll forget it. My brain is filled with way too many details and I’m always multi-tasking. I find making lists of the important things saves my sanity. My friends and family make fun of me, but hey, it works for me!

Anyway, back to the party plans. Once I get the details all worked out and written on paper, everything else is a cakewalk.

1.      Pick a theme – Depending on what you’re celebrating, the décor and accessories will be determined by the event. Christmas, Easter and 4th of July are simple and obvious. But others take a bit more creativity. And of course, your desired theme will dictate what your personalized invites will look like. Colorful and flashy, or elegant and classy, these invites are sure to get attention. And don’t forget the festive customized napkins, which will give added flair to your table, guaranteed!

2.      Pick a location – Is the party going to be in your dining room? In the media room, complete with HDTV and surround sound? Or on your deck in the back yard? The beauty of a perfect presentation is going to be determined by where it’s going to take place. When you’re indoors, you can get a bit more extravagant with the balloons and streamers. But outdoors, you have to plan for whatever Mother Nature is going to throw at you.

3.      Prepare the menu – Between burgers, brats and beer OR filet, garlic mashed potatoes and red wine; the food you serve will set the mood. Paper plates or fine china? Plastic cups or crystal flutes? Chips and dip or caviar? S’mores or tiramisu?  Every little detail counts.

4.      Create an ambiance – The music you select will have a huge impact on everyone’s mood, so choose wisely. The Black Eyed Peas scream ‘Let’s dance!’ whereas Dean Martin softly croons ‘Let’s relax and enjoy a martini.’  So set the proper tone for a night of slow dancing with a loved one or shaking things up and rockin’ the room!

5.      Send them away happy – When all is said and done, why not send them off with delicious homemade goodies to take home? It’s so easy to take one of those cute personalized napkins and fill them with treats they can enjoy for later. Perhaps wrap it up in colorful cellophane and tie it with a bow. Easy. Simple. Perfect!

And of course, most importantly on that list, is to HAVE FUN!

May 12, 2011

Announce Graduates In Style

Barret @ 4:01 pm

Caps and gowns will soon be parading down the aisles and tassels will be turned from right to left as diplomas are bestowed to college or high school graduates. They will proceed to embark on a new journey, a new stage in their lives. Last year over 1.65 million Americans graduated from college and close to 3.1 million will graduate from high school this spring. They all mark a significant milestone in their lives, a reason for celebration and the perfect time for family and members of the community to acknowledge and announce their accomplishment, an accomplishment worth commemorating. At we specialize in celebrating special moments and special people, encompassing all of the important people in your lives. Take time to make graduation a special moment, a moment they’ll remember and can build on.

Our Graduation Announcement Cards elevate the accomplishment to a significant point in your graduate’s life for all involved. Whether in the spring or winter we’ll herald the accomplishment near and far for friends, family, colleagues and classmates to receive a truly unique announcement with the time, date and place for the event clearly displayed. We employ the finest quality paper with monogram foil stamps, signature embossings and more. Deliver a shimmering graduation for a deserving graduate. They only graduate once. A premium Graduation Announcement will mean a positive response. Of course they’ll be followed by matching personalized invitations, napkins, coasters and all of your stationery needs. Make graduation a moment they’ll remember for a long time to come.

May 3, 2011

Spring Graduation

Barret @ 10:11 am

Spring is in the air. Birds are chirping. Flowers are blooming and graduation has all to short a date. There is much to prepare Have you selected and sent your graduation announcements yet? Graduation is a ” special, emotional ” time to reflect on the accomplishment of each graduate and how each student’s experience has enriched their lives for the past four years. Some graduates will be overwhelmed on that day and is the perfect day to put your best foot forward to celebrate one of the biggest events of your graduate’s life . We offer three styles of Graduation Announcements: Galena, Knightsbridge and Monterey Announcements. Our announcements put the best foot forward to include all of the important people in the graduate’s life. It’s a little gesture that will give them wings to fly and complete what will be a very memorable day.

Premium quality paper is transformed by ornate embossing, “languid curls and graceful loops” on perfectly pink paper, the defining moment for a Galena Graduation Announcement. Our Knightsbridge Card is resplendent Ivory with “a finely raised printed border.” Our Moneterey is made up of the same subtle, warm Ivory colored card personalized with “raised-print seashells around its border.” The fonts are bold and black. The script commemorates, celebrates and congratulates in well written, rich flowing, memorable verse. Memories made on graduation day are likely to last a lifetime and we’d like to help your graduate carry the positive experience of the people, the moment and their efforts and energy to be a light to guide them when graduation is over. Let our Graduation Announcement congratulate and continue to build on positive relationships in your graduates lives.

April 26, 2011

Formally Announce Graduation

Barret @ 8:50 am

Certain events come along once in a lifetime, graduation from high school and college are certainly two of them. Whether it be one or the other the ceremonies encompass students from near and far, a variety of cultural and ethnic heritages and those who have faced a few unforeseen obstacles, challenges and adversity to realize their dream of graduation, the focal point of why so many people are gathering for commencement in late May or June. Have you ordered your Graduation Announcement yet. You have plenty of time to send your graduate off with an overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment. Give them an acknowledgment they deserve and an experience they’ll never forget. Begin with our Personalized Graduation Announcements.

Weeks later on commencement day you are amazed by the turn out and so is your graduate. There is so much anxiety and so much uncertainty in the air regarding the job market but the majority of students appear unaffected, confident that they will have better luck. You chose the Monterey Graduation Announcement reminiscent of a sea shore, a textured border appearing like sand accented with shells. It conveys the right message to all of your guests about the time, place and best wishes to graduates of both high school and college as they take their triumphant stroll, from student to professional and from high school to college. Our Graduation Announcements help celebrate another chapter in the graduate’s life. Create the same feeling of congratulations with our personalized napkins, guest towels, coasters and stationery gifts to make the day as special as you can for your graduate and the special people in their lives.

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