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December 28, 2011

Wedding Invitations and Stationery for Every Type of Wedding !

khass @ 8:38 am

A Wedding is a very personal and Special Occasion. Every Wedding should be custom tailored to you and your Fiance. No to couples are the same and no two wedding are the same. So, why would your wedding invitations and stationery be the same?

By the time you settle down to get married you have found that perfect person you want to spend the rest of your life with. A person that you love, honor and respect. Someone that makes you a better version of yourself and you also make them a better person.

By the time you meet that person you have probably spend some time figuring out who you are first and the things that are important to you. Such as Family, morals, interests, hobbies, and general life goals. You know who you are and how you see the world. You have future plans and interests you want to share. You know your style and have accepted things for how they are.

Your wedding Invitations, save the date cards, menu cards, beverage napkins and thank you stationery should be no different. It is important like the rest of your wedding that your invitations and stationery are personalized for you. Your Wedding invitations should be customized and as beautiful as anything else in your wedding.

Your Wedding Invitations are the first thing your family, friends and guests will see. Make your stationery personal and fit who you are as a couple.

Choose from Monogrammed, Embossed or Printed Invitations. Find the perfect colors and invitation designs. has everything from modern, traditional and classic looks. Create the perfect personalized wedding invitations on a budget.

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December 19, 2011

Great HoneyMoon Ideas !

khass @ 8:39 am

Now that your Wedding is planned, your wedding save the date cards, wedding invitations have been sent and your wedding is planned it is time to start thinking about your honeymoon!

The great thing about your honeymoon is that it is a great way to wind down from your wedding.

After your wedding is over your going to be happy to have a few days with your new bride or groom.

To have a relaxing honeymoon you don’t need to spend a lot of money.

Here are a few Ideas of ways you can spend your honeymoon:

1. Take a traditional trip. Fly somewhere; go somewhere warm with a beach

2. Turn your honeymoon into a road trip. Drive somewhere new, play it by ear

3. If you are trying to save money, just take a few days off work and spend the time with your new spouse.

Just remember to order your wedding thank you note cards before you go! That way by the time you get back you can start writing them out.

Choose from our large selection of personalized thank you cards. Create monogrammed, embossed or printed thank you stationery. Go with a playful or elegant design. Either way you cannot go wrong with custom stationery. Customize your own designer wedding thank you note cards. Select your favorite motif design or monogram and have them printed or embossed on your custom stationery.

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November 29, 2011

Cheap Wedding Invitations and Wedding Reception Napkins

khass @ 8:40 am

If you are shopping for Wedding Invitations you are looking for the cheapest prices and best deals. You also want great quality Wedding Invitations, so, where do you start to shop?

Over the years I have found that stores and malls really mark up their prices. These stores have lots of expenses in owning and operating a specific location.

With your Custom Created Stationery will come straight from us. No middle man, no additional fees to pay.

You simply go online to choose your favorite Personalized Wedding Invitations. Add your wedding information and submit. You Stationery will be custom created just for you. Your stationery will ship quickly directly to your home or office.

Choose from a large selection of wedding Invitations. Everything from Traditional to Modern Invitation designs. Decide if you would like your personalized printed or embossed and you’re done.

You can also match your other paper Stationery Items to match. Add your Wedding save the date cards, your menu cards, thank you cards and wedding reception napkins all at once. Take advantage of great low shipping offers.

You will be very happy with the quality and craftsmanship of our stationery and gifts.

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November 17, 2011

How Do I Find the Perfect Wedding Dress?

khass @ 9:11 am

Are you planning a wedding? Is there a Wedding in your Future?

It is time to start looking for that perfect wedding Dress. With so many dress options it may be a little overwhelming. The earlier you start the less pressure you will feel and you will be able to make the right decision for your wedding.

Here are a Few Tips to start looking for that perfect Wedding Dress:

1. Look at magazines. See a few styles that are out there, find ones that appeal to you to narrow down your search

2. Search Online for wedding dresses, you will probably find a lot, but, don’t worry, you are just getting ideas

3. Decide on a price range, this will really narrow down your search, and remember that you don’t need to spend a lot to look beautiful on your wedding day

4. Get out there! Take a friend or go by yourself, start trying some dresses on. You will want to get a taste of the fabrics and different shades of white and Ivory that are offered.

5. Don’t settle, take your time and look around, you are bound to find the perfect wedding dress.
I found these tips to be helpful myself when looking for my wedding dress. And it’s true, you really do not need to break the bank or spend a lot to find that perfect dress.

After you find your wedding dress, may it be white or ivory, depending on what you prefer. You can start moving onto other things like your Wedding Invitations. You will want your Wedding Stationery to match the color of your dress. Before you know it you will have your color scheme!

If your dress is simple and traditional, match your wedding invitations. Get creative or stay traditional and elegant with monogrammed wedding invitations. If your dress has flowers think about printing flowers on your invites. If your dress has a color band in it make sure to introduce that color in your personalized stationery.

After you have decided on wedding invitations it’s time to create your Save the date cards and thank you cards. Customizing everything at once is much easier than placing multiple orders.

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November 15, 2011

Help, I Need a Wedding Checklist!

khass @ 8:40 am

Are you recently engaged? Ready to start your wedding planning,
but, have no idea where to start?

That is totally normal, hey; you have never planned a wedding before. You have probably have been to a wedding or stood up to one and know the wedding basics, but, now it’s time to get deep and dirty with the wedding details.

Here are some Ideas to get your wedding planning started:

1. First decide what kind of wedding you want to have. Big or Small, Indoor or Outdoor?

2. How many people are you thinking about inviting?

3. Think about a Wedding Venue…

4. Decide how much you want to spend and find out if anyone will be helping pay for your wedding

5. Decide if you want a wedding DJ, photo booth, or any other types of wedding entertainment

6. Start thinking about Wedding Flowers and Wedding decorations. Do you want to personalize Wedding Napkins?

7. Look at Wedding Invitations Online. Look at Modern and Traditional Style Invites to get a feel for you like

8. Your wedding dress.

These are some great starting points when planning your wedding. Remember you want to make it a special day for you and your fiance and a memorable day for your family and wedding guests.

A few ways to save money is to cut back on the flowers and go with more candles. Candles are beautiful and romantic and really set the mood for a wedding. Shop online for your personalized wedding reception napkins. By shopping online you will save time and money. Custom design you party napkins for your special day.

Shop online for Personalized Wedding invitations and Stationery thank you cards. You will find some amazing deals on Monogrammed and Embossed Wedding stationery and you don’t have to leave your home!

Take advantage of free shipping offers and enjoy custom crafted wedding invitations shipped right to your front door.

You are going to have a lot of expenses, Make sure to save on your wedding invitations today!

November 1, 2011

It’s never to Early to Order Your Wedding Invitations

khass @ 9:11 am

You are probably asking yourself, “When should I order my wedding Invitations?” Maybe you have already asked yourself that question. Everyone will give you a different answer. I personally live by the rule sooner than later.  I tend to like to get things done as soon as possible so I don’t have anything lingering over me.  With planning a wedding I think ordering your wedding invitations and stationery sooner is better.

As soon as you have chosen a church for your wedding, and a reception venue. and booked your dates and times you are ready. That is the only information you need for your wedding invitations. Luckily planning the church and receptions is one of the very first things you do. So this is easy.  Once your Wedding plans are booked start looking around at wedding stationery.

Decide if you want style wedding invitations you want to order. Do you like modern wedding invitations, simple, fancy, elegant, colorful?  Ask yourself these questions. If you are still not sure, Visit

You will find the largest selection of Embossed, printed and monogrammed wedding invitations, save the date cards, menu and thank you cards.

If you are into a traditional style you may want to consider the embossed and monogrammed wedding invitations. You choose your paper color and personalize your invitations with all your wedding locations and times. We make your invitations look great. You will save money by ordering your wedding stationery at and look for great Free shipping orders on personalized stationery and gifts.

Get started today and create your custom one of a kind wedding invitations and stationery.

October 19, 2011

When should I order my Wedding thank you note cards?

khass @ 9:02 am

Wedding thank you note cards should typically be sent out within a month of your wedding day. Your family and guests will be expecting thank you cards for attending your big day and for the time they spent preparing for your wedding and will love to get a thank you note. Wedding thank you cards can match your wedding stationery or have a different or more casual feel. Your guests will love to get their thank you cards sooner than later.

Family and Friends spend a lot of time and money looking for a new outfit, a dress or suit for your wedding. They oftentimes will get a haircut or their hair done. Your wedding party will most likely get their makeup and nails done also. There are accessories being bought, including new shoes, earrings and necklaces. Of course they also spent time looking for the perfect wedding gift. This is why it is important you do your part and get your thank you stationery out immediately.

By sending your thank you note cards promptly your guests will know how much their attendance meant to you and your new husband. Make sure to thank them for celebrating your wedding day. It is also nice to write a special note about the gift they gave you and how thoughtful it was.You want to make sure to finish off your thank you note card by writing about  the next time you and your new spouce will get to see them and spend time together.

Personalized bridal thank you notes matter. I suggest ordering your thank you cards right away when you order your wedding invitations. That way you have them all together and you dont have to go back and order later. Choose a monogram thank you note, or emboss your thank you notes to match your wedding stationery.

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September 30, 2011

Shopping for Custom Wedding Invitations ?

khass @ 10:06 am

Weddings are not Seasonal or limited to spring and summer. Couples get married all year long and every day of the week, people get married on holidays, they get married in churches and halls and some engaged couples have destination weddings.

No matter where you are getting married all engaged couples have one thing in common, they need wedding stationery. Wedding Invitations for large and small weddings and Wedding announcement cards for some destination weddings.

The type of wedding you want to have is up to you and your groom. It’s a personal choice only you can make. If you choose to get married on a holiday that will make it very easy to remember your anniversary, but you will also want to make sure you send out save the date cards to make sure your friends and family save the date and attend your big wedding day.

If you are having a classy traditional wedding you may be interested in white or ivory paper embossed or monogrammed wedding invites. If you are a modern or trendy couple check out printed wedding invites. No matter what invitation stationery invite you go with you don’t have to spend a lot on your wedding stationery.

Check out all of stationery styles. Everything from embossed, printed and monogrammed wedding invites to printed and colorful floral invitations. You can custom create your invitations on any budget. Save time and money today.

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September 7, 2011

Small Moments in Time

Tara Scalzo @ 8:21 am

Growing up, my mom use to document everything I did. Every milestone, every graduation, every award, every band recital, every drama performance, even when I went on my first date. UGH! I use to think she was crazy for journaling all these silly little events in my life.  To me, they weren’t that monumental, but to my mom they were significant events she felt the need to write about every free moment she had. I would just roll my eyes and laugh. If that made my mom happy, then so be it.

Fast-forward a couple of decades. I’m now married with children of my own, and guess what? I’m finding myself writing about all the amazing things my kids do. Now, in hindsight, my mom’s silly little writing quark makes sense to me. I get it. I totally understand.

But the main reason I write everything down is because my parents live so far away, and cannot witness everything their grandchildren do in person.  They enjoy the weekly phone calls with the kids, but phone calls tend to be so fleeting and impersonal. That’s why I’ve made it a habit to sit down every Saturday morning with a hot cup of coffee, grab a piece of beautiful personalized stationery and detail every amazing moment and silly shenanigan my kids did that week.

I know it sounds silly, but I can almost hear my mom smile as she retrieves my letter from the mailbox, carefully opens the envelope and slowly reads every word I’ve written, laughing with joy. I could only imagine the pile of letters my mom has accumulated over the past 10 years, vicariously experiencing my kids *first words *first steps *discovering the world around them for the first time *potty training *entering kindergarten *epic birthday parties *family vacations…the list could go on and on.

It’s almost as if I didn’t write it down and share it with loved ones, it never really happened. The power of the written word is an amazing thing. And continues to bring my family closer throughout the years.

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