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November 29, 2011

Cheap Wedding Invitations and Wedding Reception Napkins

khass @ 8:40 am

If you are shopping for Wedding Invitations you are looking for the cheapest prices and best deals. You also want great quality Wedding Invitations, so, where do you start to shop?

Over the years I have found that stores and malls really mark up their prices. These stores have lots of expenses in owning and operating a specific location.

With your Custom Created Stationery will come straight from us. No middle man, no additional fees to pay.

You simply go online to choose your favorite Personalized Wedding Invitations. Add your wedding information and submit. You Stationery will be custom created just for you. Your stationery will ship quickly directly to your home or office.

Choose from a large selection of wedding Invitations. Everything from Traditional to Modern Invitation designs. Decide if you would like your personalized printed or embossed and you’re done.

You can also match your other paper Stationery Items to match. Add your Wedding save the date cards, your menu cards, thank you cards and wedding reception napkins all at once. Take advantage of great low shipping offers.

You will be very happy with the quality and craftsmanship of our stationery and gifts.

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November 21, 2011

Should I Send Save the Date Wedding Cards?

khass @ 9:16 am

What is the point of sending Save the Date cards?

If you have a wedding planned it is a great idea to send personalized save the date cards.

What are Save the Date Cards?

These are smaller wedding stationery that you mail to your guests a few months before you mail your wedding invitations. The save the date cards are great to put on their refrigerator and will let your guests know you have a wedding coming up and they need to keep that date open.

Typically your save the dates just have your basic wedding information. Who is getting married, when you are getting married and what day it will fall on? You do not need to have all the details yet; this can be saved for your wedding invitations.

It’s a great idea to send save the date cards to ensure everyone can join you to celebrate in your wedding day.

If any friends or family were planning on a vacation or had another upcoming wedding they should still have time to reschedule.

Your Save the date cards can be personalized to match your wedding invitations or they can look completely different. It is ok if they are less traditional than your wedding stationery. You can have fun with these wedding cards; feel free to use a fun design or your favorite color. has a large selection of custom printed and embossed save the date cards.

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November 17, 2011

How Do I Find the Perfect Wedding Dress?

khass @ 9:11 am

Are you planning a wedding? Is there a Wedding in your Future?

It is time to start looking for that perfect wedding Dress. With so many dress options it may be a little overwhelming. The earlier you start the less pressure you will feel and you will be able to make the right decision for your wedding.

Here are a Few Tips to start looking for that perfect Wedding Dress:

1. Look at magazines. See a few styles that are out there, find ones that appeal to you to narrow down your search

2. Search Online for wedding dresses, you will probably find a lot, but, don’t worry, you are just getting ideas

3. Decide on a price range, this will really narrow down your search, and remember that you don’t need to spend a lot to look beautiful on your wedding day

4. Get out there! Take a friend or go by yourself, start trying some dresses on. You will want to get a taste of the fabrics and different shades of white and Ivory that are offered.

5. Don’t settle, take your time and look around, you are bound to find the perfect wedding dress.
I found these tips to be helpful myself when looking for my wedding dress. And it’s true, you really do not need to break the bank or spend a lot to find that perfect dress.

After you find your wedding dress, may it be white or ivory, depending on what you prefer. You can start moving onto other things like your Wedding Invitations. You will want your Wedding Stationery to match the color of your dress. Before you know it you will have your color scheme!

If your dress is simple and traditional, match your wedding invitations. Get creative or stay traditional and elegant with monogrammed wedding invitations. If your dress has flowers think about printing flowers on your invites. If your dress has a color band in it make sure to introduce that color in your personalized stationery.

After you have decided on wedding invitations it’s time to create your Save the date cards and thank you cards. Customizing everything at once is much easier than placing multiple orders.

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November 10, 2011

How Do I Select the Perfect Wedding Invitations ?

khass @ 9:14 am

With all of the stores and websites selling their own wedding invitations, how do i know which invitations and wedding stationery are right for my wedding?

I have been looking online for the perfect wedding invitations. I don’t know exactly what I am looking for, but, I do know I am looking for affordable wedding invitations and stationery. Price is important because I am also ordering save the date cards, menu cards and personalized thank you cards.

During my wedding invitations search I found I really love the selection of wedding stationery. I do like the traditional stationery invitations with thick card stock. Probably a white or ivory wedding invitation. The classic wedding invitation style appeals to me, but not outdated. I have seen  personalized monogrammed wedding invitations. The monogrammed invitations are very classy and timeless. I was thinking about printing them in black ink or embossing them.

Either way I am very impressed with the monogram choices and the way the embossing looks online. The product reviews are very good and that is comforting.

Take a look yourself, check out all our personalized wedding Invitations and Personalized Stationery at

October 24, 2011

Did You Remember to order Your Wedding Reception Drink Napkins ?

khass @ 9:52 am

Wedding Planning is a lot of work and there are a lot of things to plan and do for your wedding day. Make sure you are organized and remember all the small details to make your wedding day the best and most remembered day of your life.

You only get married once. Have fun with your wedding. Be creative add small touches that people will remember for years to come.

There is no wrong and right when planning a wedding. Think about the wedding decor you like and don’t like when you go to other peoples weddings. Take the best parts of those wedding to create your fabulous day.

I have been to a few weddings and there are a few things that stand out in my mind when i think of an amazing wedding.

I have created a short list of my favorite wedding musts:

-  Great Music, choose music for every generation that will get people dancing

- Great Food, you don’t need to have a lot of food, but make sure to taste test and order something you love

- Good location with parking, parking is important, everyone will be dressed up and close parking is a must

-  Candles, candles are an inexpensive way to dress up your wedding reception

-  Personalized drink and appetizer napkins, custom design monogrammed beverage napkins to   be passed out during cocktails and with the desserts

These five things, if planned out, will make your day one to remember. Shop to create your Custom Drink and Reception Party napkins today. Choose your wedding napkin colors, and design. Personalize your drink napkins with a monogram, embossed or foil-stamp motif. Your Party napkins will be remembered for years to come.

Make sure to order enough, you generally want to have four napkins per guest. So make sure to have enough. InvitePapers has hte best selection of personalized wedding napkins and custom wedding stationery and invitations.

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