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October 14, 2011

Baby Naming is not Easy

khass @ 3:23 pm

Exciting News! I am over 6 months pregnant now.  My husband and I are both very excited and recently found out we are having a baby girl. I always thought baby naming would be really easy and a lot of fun. To our surprise it has been a lot a work and a little bit of a challenge. We Started by looking at baby names online

You Can also visit your local library to borrow free books about baby names.

We had already decided what the baby name would have been if we were having a boy. He would have been named after his dad, Frankie, and his middle name would have been taken from my dad, Robert. 1,2,3 Easy! But since we are having a girl, we have pulled out the name books.

There is one girl name I really like, but, my husband works with someone with that name, so he just doesn’t feel comfortable using it. Surprisingly enough our taste in names is a bit different from each other, my husband likes the traditional girl names and I like names that are a little less common.

The Baby shower is coming; we have ordered our baby shower invitations, baby shower party napkins and baby thank you cards. We have all the personalized stationery we are going to need for the next couple of months. I know people will be asking what name we have chosen, we are just going to have to tell them we have not decided on a name yet, we have been planning the baby shower and ordering the custom embossed stationery.

Do you have any Ideas for girl’s names… please share. Or you can click here to start shopping for all your baby shower stationery needs

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September 23, 2011

Planning a Baby Shower ?

khass @ 9:17 am

We just got the news; my cousin and her husband are pregnant with their first baby. The family is overjoyed with excitement and we are already thinking in blues, pinks and yellows. Is it a boy, will it be a girl? Making guesses at her due date, and the weight. Plus, thinking about all the fun the new baby will bring to our family holidays, birthday parties and of course planning a baby shower!

This is an exciting event, the first baby in the family in Over thirty some years. This Baby Shower is going to be a Party a big celebration. Being her closest cousin and honestly the only other girl cousin. I am the party planner! This is good for me since I enjoy this kind of thing. Choosing a theme, finding a banquet hall, planning the menu and choosing the cake. Everyone knows I have quite the sweet tooth when it comes to fancy designer cakes! The shower cake is a must!

I know I have a few months before I start planning. It’s still early, but I will be looking online to get some Ideas for games and favors. Luckily my favorite Personalized Stationery Site, has a great selection of affordable Baby Shower Invitations; All of the Baby Stationery has matching party napkins which will come in handy when serving cake and punch. I love all the alphabet and cute animal baby napkin designs, I already know I will go with a foil stamp napkin, I love the way they shine!

Here are a few things to think about when planning a baby shower:

1. Decide where you are going to have it, you may need some time to reserve a room somewhere
2. Choose your baby theme
3. Start looking at Baby Shower Invitations and make sure to send them six weeks before the baby shower
4. Get Ideas on Party decorations, balloons, party napkins and favors
5. Decide if you want to have games at the baby shower

Have fun Planning Your Friends or relatives shower, they only have one, so make sure to make it a big celebration they will never forget!

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September 12, 2011

Having a Baby ? Shopping for Personalized Baby Stationery ?

khass @ 9:44 am

Are you having a baby? This is probably no surprise, but, there are a lot of things you are going to need. I am sure you have heard that, but, it’s true. You will need everything from a crib, car seats and diapers to clothes, toys and more. It really doesn’t seem like a lot of stuff until you actually start buying, then it begins to add up quickly.

If you are having a baby shower, be sure to register. You can register for baby in store or even online. Make sure to read consumer reviews on baby products and know what you are registering for. Hopefully you get a few of the things you are going to need. This will be a big help when you are paying for food, diapers and childcare.

If a family member is throwing your shower they are probably shopping for baby shower invitations. There are such a cute and large selection of shower invitations now. You can also get custom printed or embossed baby shower napkins and baby thank you note cards that match your invites. Be sure to keep this in mind. This will tie your entire shower together and a great touch.

One last thing. After your new baby arrives you will probably want to send baby announcement cards. has baby arrival cards to match. I suggest ordering everything at once and getting it out of the way. Either way good luck and congrats on your new baby!

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