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May 15, 2012

Reception Satisfaction

Henry Springs @ 4:57 pm

Margaritas, Cosmos, Cherry Rum Recipe, Manhattans and Washington Apple Shots are a few refreshing cocktails you’ll have on tap at your reception. Most guests will expect mixed drinks, wine, beer and non alcoholic beverages. But a champagne and cocktail section won’t satisfy everyone. Weddings, small and large alike, are a big production and the reception usually is a production within itself. I recently caught wind of a wedding reception, 225 guests with an open bar that requires three bartenders. Of course your wedding reception may not be as big but you’ll want the same amount of options whether your reception consists of a party of five or 500. You’ll want the perfect combination of personalization, every detail to be in perfect order, creating the perfect harmony. You’ll want to serve a Signature Cocktail that matches the color scheme, energy, theme and design of your Personalized Wedding Beverage Napkins and Guest Towels, a style that looks and sounds delicious that goes along with everything else.

Choose your color and style. We offer an impressive array of Personalized Wedding Napkins that will surely add an signature to your wedding reception cocktails and open bar offerings in the most unique and indulgent way. Our 5”x5” Napkins in 27 or more different colors will certainly light up the day or night. We have an array of colors; from burgundy, orange, purple, lavender and candy or classic. Colors can be set off in fourteen colored foil stamps for a package of 100 Personalized Napkins or 50 Guest Towel Napkins. Colors, monograms, and embossing can create warm and wonderful impressions for you to laugh, drink and be merry. They’re the one small detail that captures so many stolen moments after the reception is gone. Logo