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November 30, 2010

Spring Weddings Are In The Air

Barret @ 9:59 am

The date has already been set and Save The Date Announcements have been sent. Spring flowers will undoubtedly mark the christening of many spring weddings. Before their arrival like the many fresh cut roses, wild flowers, lilies, Dahlias, carnations, and Hydrangea in subtle tones of white, yellow, peach and pink the wedding plans and budget were set in motion months ago. Major issues regarding the budget, venues, guest lists, photos and the cake. Of course you haven’t forgotten about the wedding invitations, programs, and stationery. Reviewing what InvitePapers has to offer for your final decision.
Let us take care of all of your wedding stationery needs from the invitations to your personalized monogrammed napkins. We believe in providing connections to all the most important people in your life. What a nice day for a spring wedding.

The lounge is filled with circular, triangular, and square tables of varying sizes that reflect the variety of guests and groups. The tables are all arranged in a semi-circle around the seven tiered wedding cake. Everything is artfully arranged in a brilliant pink and white. From the table cloths to tale center pieces, the Personalized Monogram Napkins and matching guest towels are also a solid pink with the couple’s initials in white monograms. A second set of White Pearl Tint Color Mist Napkins with pink monograms sits along side of them. Soft music fills the air and a bridesmaid stops at the bar to the right of the cake table. She waits a moment for a fluted glass to be filled with Krug or Domain en Chandon. She carries it away. A white monogrammed Guest Towel Napkin with the couple’s initials in pink make a clear fashion statement. More and more people arrive. The music continues. More drinks are served and more people are strolling around and being seated as the pile of Personalized Napkins and Guest Towels quickly disappear. What a wonderful spring wedding in InvitePapers.

November 26, 2010

Tis The Season To Consider Wedding Napkins And Guest Towels

Barret @ 8:57 am

Bells will be ringing spreading Christmas cheer.  Snowflake and Holiday Champagne Beverage Napkins dot the Wonderland themed buffet. Chilled Krug, Mercier, Moet et Chandon, Chateau Chaval Blanc sit among ice buckets at the wedding reception.  The cake has not been cut yet. Yes this is a wedding reception. Happy couples have been inspired to plan their holiday themed weddings based on instances like this; it conveniently takes care of two birds with one stone. The couple chose green and red Personalized Monogrammed Beverage Napkins and Guest Towels (Heritage Monogarammed Foil Stamped ). Guests arrived with ornaments to trim the tree. The couple’s monogram shimmered in gold. They plan to honeymoon in Cancun through the New Year. Invitepapers made sure the invitations, place cards, personalized napkins and guest towels, thank you notes and all the wedding stationery was in order.

Who will make wedding plans for the spring based on a wedding with sleigh bells in the snow? Quite a few prospects already have. Dream weddings aren’t so hard to come by. Christmas is the best time of year to dream. It will take a little planning and a little vision to make sure your orders from Invitepapers will work out right. We realize you’ll have an extensive list for your wedding and you’ll be checking it twice. The list can go on for what seems like forever, that’s why weddings are planned so far in advance. Richly textured napkins with bold one of a kind embossings, monograms, or foil stamps is what we promise and deliver for your one of a kind wedding. We promise Paris, Madrid, Metro, and Seville inspired designs in 30 different colors accented by 14 different colored foil stamps. Matching guest towels are available, select from 30 styles. InvitePapers promises a unique celebration of friends, family, associates and assorted guests who deserve the very best.

November 23, 2010

The Gift of Personalized Mini Pads

Barret @ 3:32 pm

Oh the temperature outside is frightful and the message you penned was so delightful. No matter where you’ll go I’ll be responding through my InvitePapers memo, “so as long as you love me so, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.” During the holiday season we try to make the most of our relationships, what have become our greatest treasures: family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances old and new. At InvitePapers we’ve always realized there is no time like the present to invest in those people and relationships that have given us so much joy, fulfillment, experience, laughter, and even frustration. There is an old adage that the philosophy behind InvitePapers has come to bolster. Invest  in the human soul it, it may become a diamond in the ruff. InvitePapers’ personalized papers like Personalized Mini Notepads as gifts this holiday season and truly live our example of how one good message deserves another.

Everyone on your Christmas list is unique and that’s why InvitePapers Personalized Mini Notepads offers a truly functional variety that will create value in everyone’s life, from your children to your neighbors children and from colleagues, relatives, teachers, customers, prospective clients and even your boss.  Apple, Memo, Executive and Apple Mini Lists are personalized memos that everyone can take with them to leave a bit of lively script at someone’s desk, door, bike rack or window shield.  The Mini Lists are personalized with your name and infused with unique logos like apples, mini memos, and garden motifs. You can find a style that will suit just about everyone on your gift list. They fit next to your I-pad briefcase, book back, back pack and anywhere they’ll serve the dual purpose of keeping you better connected. Use the bright sgnaturized sheets to make lists, capture thoughts, send warm regards, plan business meetings, make lunch dates, and leave messages with jokes while expecting others to do the same. This holiday season give the gift of Giftsin24 and watch it give back to you and other folks around you a thousand fold.

November 19, 2010

How Can I Use My Eco or Non Eco Memo Pads?

Barret @ 9:31 am

My set of Anthony Eco 7 personalized memo pads are better than the executive tablets that they replaced.  There are seven tablets with a 100 sheets of paper that are now recyclable. I used to keep all of them on the desk. Now I keep one small pad on my desk in one corner and the “To Do List” pads in the other.  The smaller personalized pads work wonders for jotting down notes, messages, important dates, numbers, and related information. Your name is printed at the top of the hand held size. Whether you’re receiving or sending messages that make stylish little reminders taped, posted, or pinned, giving or getting personalized stationery never was so simple or rewarding.  InvitePapers came along with gift sets of pads of fashionably highlighted, light paper complete with your name or monogram. You can always leave a long or short message stamped with your personal brand of approval in your choice of ink: Navy, Black, Emerald, Red, Fuchsia, Purple, Mocha, or Tropic. A small action, a small memo can ultimately mean so much more.

Besides the smaller personalized memo pad on my desk I have found some very strategic locations to place memo pads that work extremely well. If you run around a lot or even if you don’t and you want to make sure your personalized memo pads are used wisely, find the right places to put them.

If you have a moment and might need to write something down there is no place like next to the nearest phone or on top an address book. Believe it or not your car dashboard or glove compartment is a very appropriate place for a personalized memo pad. If you have messages to write or someone needs to write one for you the eco friendly memo pads are always   in the right place.  Wherever you may need to jot something down at a moment’s notice is a good place to have a memo pad handy. If you have more than one brief case or purse it makes sense to have a memo pad in each one. It makes sense to leave memo pads at strategic locations around the office: the coffee table, on  top of files, and near the sink or kitchen area because they’re great for lists and small points that need to be remembered, on eco friendly or regular paper. InvitePapers’ aim is to have personalized stationery enrich your life one message as at a time, experience the rewards yourself.

Before I started using my set of eco friendly memo pads there was a purpose they served. I was just not very aware of it because I didn’t use them. I started out with small messages, lists, and reminders. Then they became more important in making small steady strides towards richer rewarding relationships, one small eco friendly memo at a time. They don’t take a lot of time and effort. You can easily let someone know you’ve been thinking of them with a long or short personalized memo note. Leave a note pad message in the center of their desk. The very first thing they notice are your initials. You can schedule a get together time, meetings, discussions, a lunch or dinner date, drinks or whatever? You can write a short or long note, make it as meaningful or as light as you’d like. The real reward comes in positive returns and associations gained along with the rapport you build with those engaged with the personalized stationery.

Being creative with your eco friendly personalized memo pads will also make a difference in how people embrace your brand image. You’ll be surprised how easier getting positive responses from people can be. There are really no rules but a bit of foresight can help you go a long way. You can pin messages on coffee cups, calendars, or even under their wind shield wipers if you think your personalized stationery will deliver the desired effect. Meet me at the conference, have you decided about the conference, or call me back I’ve been trying to catch up with you for weeks. Personalized memo pads can be for any type of message you desire: formal, informal, light, or serious. Wherever one of the four sizes of memos fit is where you should make use of them. You could even fax the largest size, coyly notify someone who is not within arm’s length regarding your thoughts, ideas, priorities, intentions, whatever your message. InvitePapers personalized stationery sends the message of how important relationships are and gives you tools to enrich your own life. Take them up on their offer.

November 18, 2010

Well-Designed Wedding Stationery and Engagement Invitations for a Successful Wedding Party

Barret @ 2:23 pm

Author: Adrina Jones

Wedding is once in a lifetime occasion and you will want nothing but the best arrangements. Well-organized wedding includes all arrangements, guest lists, catering and above all, the wedding stationery. If you want to have an engagement party before the wedding, you may want to include engagement invitations too in the stationery.

Choosing the Wedding Stationery

Since engagement invitations mark the announcement of a formal wedding, the invites need not match the theme of your wedding invitations. You can plan a different theme, color and choose handmade or readily available wedding stationery for sending the engagement invitations to the guests.

Choosing the  wedding stationery can be confusing. You can opt for one’s that match the theme- contemporary, traditional, floral, beachside or religious styled invitations. Again, these can be handmade or created online, using graphic designing software and applications.

Invitations and Stationery Essentials

The stationery for your wedding can include several essential items. For instance, engagement invitations to announce the wedding date. You can also send out the bridal shower details, wedding rehearsal invitations, menu list, save the date cards and other details. Hence, estimate the size and shape of the wedding invitation stationery to list out all these details.

Organizing the Stationery and Invitations

Always plan ahead to send the engagement and wedding invitation cards to guests well in advance. It helps the guests to make their travel arrangements to attend your function. If you hire professional planners, you may have to order the wedding stationery at least 4 to 6 months ahead. Carefully check the addresses and guest names to avoid any mistakes.
Always keep additional envelopes and wedding stationery for emergency. While sending wedding and engagement invitations, verify the correct post stamps and details to avoid any hassles. Wedding stationery is a key aspect of your wedding event planning. It gives your guests an idea of your wedding theme and creates an interest ensuring that they attend to make it a grand success.

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November 17, 2010

Using Holiday Stationery & Other Festive Papers Personally and Professionally

Barret @ 9:30 am

Author: John Oberhauser

Small businesses need many marketing materials including the often overlooked stationery, and just as important, Christmas stationery. Having fun, decorative, holiday-themed stationery is just as important for your business as having an appropriate letterhead. Businesses can use Christmas border paper and other festive papers to send out holiday invitations and announcements. It does not matter what size your company is, fun decorative holiday paper is a necessity for any business, along with suitable company letterhead and business cards. Usually the company letterhead is pretty standard, but Christmas allows a company to use its imagination. Try printing promotional materials or invitations for your holiday event on Christmas border paper and see how good it looks. Emailed notices are easily deleted, but sending announcements on festive paper is an ideal way to showcase your company to customers and employees, and these announcements are less likely to wind up in the trash. Christmas border paper can also be used personally. One of your children’s poems surrounded by a beautiful Christmas border makes the perfect holiday greeting to send to your friends and family. Any member of the family will cherish this special treasure for years to come. The use of border paper is wonderful for arts and crafts as well as artwork. It may not be easy to choose the perfect Christmas border paper to meet your needs, because there are so many styles to choose from. You and your family will have a good time and really enjoy choosing special border paper. Before the craziness of the holiday season overwhelms you, be sure to make the time to choose the holiday border paper to use for your family’s greeting to friends and family. A more unique way to send your message is to mix and match a few different border papers. Enjoy the time it takes to select the best border paper that will surely put a smile on your loved ones faces.

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November 4, 2010

Thinking of The Holidays, Turn to InvitePapers

Barret @ 3:19 pm

“We wish you a Merry Christmas, dashing through the snow, and bells on bobtail ring making spirits bright,” are a few lyrics that warm our hearts and rekindle magic moments of Christmases of long ago, last year, and the present while directing our attention to the events we’ll plan for this holiday season. Are you organizing your annual Christmas party your first or the first for the kids? Will you be one of the folks assisting with the office party? InvitePapers is the best place to order your personalized holiday napkins and gifts of personalized stationery. The holidays are the time to enjoy family, friends, and most worthwhile relationships. InvitePapers promises to take all of the worry away in satisfying your stationery needs so you don’t have to.

InvitePapers offers a wide variety of choices in personalized custom napkins to signaturize and celebrate the holiday season. Our nostalgic designs represent unique moments to be shared with family and friends, while inspiring visions of sugar plums and holiday moments to be realized as you plan your holiday parties and dinners. Holly and Berries Holiday Napkins and Guest Towels along with Gingerbread Man Napkins and Guest Towels are among the most traditional. They are pictured on line in green and red but are available in a number of other colors with 14 color stamps. The napkin or guest towel is foil stamped with an ornate holly branch with berries, a gingerbread man adorns its namesake and each one is either wishing your guests a Merry Christmas from you and your family or however you’d like to personalize it. InvitePapers specializes in helping you ring the holidays in with style. See how our holiday and stationery gifts extend your relationships with family and friends and invite us back each time to make your celebrations memorable, one of a kind. Logo