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June 30, 2010

Advice on Personalized Napkins

Barret @ 3:37 pm had received this comment from Suzanne Connover last week and would like to feature her advice on personalized napkins:

I love to choose personalized napkins for an event. My job as an event planner enables me to make this choice for many of my clients and I’m more than happy to do this for them. I like the two-line napkins that are available at Invitepapers (and at their other site, Giftsin24) that allow me to put the name of the event on the top line and place the date of the event on the second line. I prefer this style to the monogrammed napkins which I think are most appropriate for rehearsal dinners and wedding receptions. Please remember to order enough personalized napkins. For the events I plan, I order 5 napkins for each guest. Although this might seem like a high number, let me tell you something — I always keep a reserve of blank napkins because even with the 5-napkins-per-guest ratio, I have run out of personalized napkins and had to rely on this spare case of blank napkins.  Sometimes the catering service will bring plain napkins with them, so you might want to inquire about this as part of a “backup” plan.

June 29, 2010

Birth OR Baby Shower Announcements

Barret @ 9:32 am

You only give birth to a child once in a life time.  You may have more children but each child that you give birth to, each bundle of joy, each roar of laughter, each new pair of eyes and matching smile will have its own identity. That child will be given a name christened by you for the world to behold. If you haven’t chosen your personalized birth announcements yet there is still time. Are you planning the baby shower in three or more weeks, have you made a guest list, have you decided what venue you’ll use? offers many options to make your birth announcement and baby shower just as memorable and unique as the child’s moment of birth.

When reviewing birth or baby shower announcements online you’ll encounter some typical types of cards but as always it will be up to you to decide what style suits your message best. Contemporary, classic, vintage and portrait are major styles of birth announcement cards you’ll see on most stationery sites including Contemporary cards for birth or baby shower announcements usually utilize tiny prints and simple designs. Classic style cards also utilize photographs in “traditional water color prints,” photo frames and background illustrations. Vintage cards are often nostalgic, quaint, and often depict photos in old world settings. Photographs take center stage on the photo cards. They feature the largest pictures. You’ll find a mixture of these styles on the site. Of course you may fall in love with a personalized birth announcement or shower announcement at first sight but it always makes sense to view of your available options. birth announcement cards are made up of a combination of styles. Card backgrounds are a combination of bright primary colors. Pretty in pink is more popular for the girls and pastel blue is a popular background for Boy birth announcements. Some use photographs and other do not. If a baby’s picture can tell a thousand words you are in luck because there are plenty of personalized birth announcements that feature photographs. Birth announcements operate under the idea that there is nothing better than sharing the good news and offers a number of ways for you to personalize your birth announcements to make the first presentation of the baby to family and friends the most memorable. Whether you make use of the “personalized text announcement cards” or personalized birth announcements with photos the most important thing you’ll be looking to impart is the baby’s name, when it was born, what it weighed, its length, and how it has captured an undeniable place in your heart and in your life. You’ll want family and friends to receive those major points and let them know about the baby shower if it is forth coming.‘s assortment of options for personalized birth announcement cards will surprise you. There are warm light notes in bright, bold colors that make just as affirmative statements about the child’s name age, and heritage. They send a message in cute little patterned or plain, cards with and without photos that make the much heralded announcement short and sweet. Many of the announcement cards include the exact time of the birth, the day, weight, length, and of course “the proud parents’ names.” offers very similar signature brands for girl and boy newborns that have just burst onto the scene and are primed to be introduced to family and friends. offers 27 personalized birth announcement cards for girls. Seven use the child’s photograph. Pink Tower of Cards, Sugar Blossom Photograph, Pink Happy Horse, Pink Bubbles and Little Princess Photo Cards are a few. You customize the photo with the brand, details, and packaging to connect those loved ones and relatives most important in the child’s life in beginning the process of remaining connected.  Baby Deer, Cherry Blossom, Forrest Friends, Hello Bunny and Pink Happy House are a few of the personalized text birth announcement for girls. presents 24 birth announcement cards for boys, eight of them are personalized with photographs and the remainders are personalized text birth announcements. Alphabet Numbers, Blue Bubbles, Blue Red State Tiny Tag, and Polka Dot Birth Announcements are announcements without photographs for boys. Red Tower, Choo Choo Photograph, Blue Happy Horsie and Blue Pram Photo Birth Announcement Cards are popular choices with photographs. Whether you are using a photo inspired card or not the focal point of introducing the newborn remains the same. You’ll have to decide which card option is best for you.

June 28, 2010

Thank You Notes For All The Right Reasons

Barret @ 9:51 am

Believe it or not in this day and age thank you is still a two letter word that is not used often enough. After attending the most inspiring graduation celebrations I’ve witnessed in a long, long time I thought it would only be appropriate if I sent my host a personalized thank you note. A deluge of spring weddings this year even made it possible for my coworker to attend one. He thought about getting back to the hosts and some other people he met. A personalized thank you note would be the perfect gesture of appreciation and to follow up with the host to let them know how much of a good time he had and perhaps ask any related questions regarding anyone of the other guests who attended. If you were uncertain about taking the time to send a personalized thank you note or thank you  card before is rest assured that appropriately expressing your gratitude is never a waste of time?

If everything you do comes back to you, you as well as anyone else would benefit from a small amount of gratitude in the same manner that brought about your invitation to become part of an event or celebration. It’s not an obligation that you return the favor but if you truly feel a sense of gratitude for the experience it would be far from a waste of time to write a thank you note. Nowadays many people keep a set of personalized thank you notes on hand for all of those times, large and small, when they want to send someone a sign of gratitude. It’s so easy when presents a unique assortment before you to do just that. You just have to decide whether or not you’re going to send personalized thank you notes for the baby shower, wedding, barbecue, or the box of donuts your partner left for you.

What do I send personalized thank you notes for and where can I find them? That’s not an unusual question. Most people don’t want to rely on formally written personalized thank you notes but new protocol has designated otherwise. For some utilizing pen, paper, and proper stationery has become a high priority once again. If you were invited to the baby shower, birthday, anniversary, roast, wedding, barbecue, graduation, retirement, or moving announcement  and you had a great or  decent time it would be perfectly fine to send a personalized thank you note to return the positive feeling you received by  just being a part of the event. has nearly 80 styles of personalized thank you notes you can review to find the perfect brand identity to suit a variety of sentiments. Saying thank you is a little thing that symbolizes our greater connection to each other. A good deed leads to a thank you and a thank you can lead to another good deed. presents a wide variety of personalized thank you notes that allow you to send the message of thank you in so many ways that only fine quality paper, personalized thank you notes could credibly convey. Review the limitless variety of cards that has in store and choose brand image or images that best convey your appreciation. Bright colorful cards like Alphabet Numbers Thank You and Tiny Tag Notes begin an almost limitless list. Whether you’re sending personalized thank you notes for invitations or gifts you’ve received you’ve designated as the right purveyor for your personalized thank you notes. There are high quality monogrammed and embossed personalized thank you notes that are a feast for the eye as well as adversity in expression. Blue Flowers, Blue Bubbles, Anthony, California Classic Frame, Napoli, Brittany, Carlson, Damask Fashion, Duet Monogram, London Monogram, Orange Daisy and a progressive line of eco friendly thank you cards are only a small part of the complete collection. A small gesture like thank you often goes a long way. Check out all of the personalized stationery available at See how the small gesture of thank you notes can enrich others lives as well as your own.

June 25, 2010

Personalized Invitations, Napkins, And Note Cards

Barret @ 11:54 am

Summer is the big outdoor event season, just ripe for family gatherings. What will you be celebrating and how? What type of impression do you want to create? Will you be planning a picnic, barbecue, afternoon in the park or an evening back yard barbecue that could take place at a moment’s notice?  Whether you’re painstakingly planning a large event or a smaller get together among family and friends personalized napkins and personalized invitations may be just the right thing to set it apart from other summer events. Check out what has to offer and prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

If you have the time and you want to start your annual back yard barbecue or beach bash off with a bang, send perfect personalized invitations or something close to perfect to get your prospects attention. Bold, bright, and innovatively personalized invitations will always create a buzz. Personalized Invitations can help you utilize a “passion for paper goods” to key in on a really unique theme for your summer party or family get together.  Personalized invitations can sometimes combine unique phrases, unique menu ideas, or unique ideas that satisfy a variety of your guest’s desires and interests. Whether you’ve planned a luau, clam bake barbecue, birthday or baby shower,  your guests quickly realize you’ve gone that extra yard with personalized invitations and personalized napkins.

Let the event choose its own invitation.  Skim through the online offerings before you say or do anything. Before you decide on your invitation, review the large selection of monogrammed, embossed, and personalized cards or personalized stationery. There are about 45 styles of monogrammed cards and notes that can be utilized for birthdays, barbecues, or theme parties throughout summer time and beyond. The California Classic Frame Note, Capital Cards and Notes, the Bordered Note, Monogrammed Bordered Note, and Eco Friendly Monogrammed Notes and Cards as well. A few are available in a variety of colors and colored foils. There are plenty of ways to create unique designs that best suit your purpose. Embossed notes and cards can also create exciting, bright, and brilliant, warm, memorable invitations for what’s ever on your summer calendar. Sante Fe, Paper Sculpture, Edwardian, Galena, Anthony Embossed Cards, Capital Cards, Domingo Notes, and Geneva Monogram  are a few of the embossed cards and notes that can add a certain degree of excitement. to any party, barbecue, or night to remember. Checkout Check out the different combinations. produces a large variety of personalized napkins that run the range from guest towels, dinner, luncheon, and beverage napkins that vary in thickness of fine quality paper, colors, and a variety of signature designs. There are two sections on you should pay special attention to when considering personalized invitations and personalized napkins for your big summer bashes: Personalized Family Napkins and Best Selling Personalized Napkins. You’ll find embossed, foil stamped monogrammed and foiled monogrammed personalized napkins, guest towel, and even guest towels with beach towels on the logo. Names like Cornucopi, Foil Stamped Napkins, Alphabet Embossed, Elephant Foil Stamped, Crown Embossed, Foil Monogrammed, Monogrammed Guest, Beach Chair Celebration,   Celebration Foil Stamped, and Thanksgiving Foil Stamped, just to name a few. napkins can be tapped for “double duty” at the table or buffet. They are fine quality personalized napkins with embossing, foil stamps, and monograms that can make all of your summer events well worth remembering.

Personalized invitations will start your party or family event off with a bang. The rest will require a little careful planning.  Find matching or appropriate personalized napkins at Buy your personalized napkins and favors in your favorite monogrammed, embossed prints, colors or color combinations. You want to keep reinforcing the theme throughout the whole event. It is the little things like the personalized guest towels, monogrammed napkins, and guest towels will be the little things that make a big difference. Your beach or back yard barbecue will last for a few hours but you can make it a high point for your family or crowd of guests this summer. Personalized invitations, personalized napkins, and favors will be just as unique as you’ve tried to make everything else. Guests will remember you on their way out and when they plan their next big event.

June 24, 2010

Planning with Personalized Announcements

Barret @ 10:08 am

It all starts with four words. “We’re having a baby!” Then there is nine months worth of activity, excitement and nervous anticipation. One part of that excitement is announcing to your family and friends that you are having a child.

My wife and I are expecting our first child soon. When we found out we were having a child, we were so excited! We couldn’t wait to tell everyone about the news. We phoned our family and blurted out the news. Soon after we announced the news, we kept getting inundated by the question, “When is the baby due?”  So, we brainstormed ideas as to how to make our child’s due date stick in people’s minds.  After looking online, we decided that a personalized announcement card would be perfect. We chose a green card that was gender-neutral.  We saved ourselves a great deal of questions after we passed those out.  Plus, we had a nice keepsake that we put into our child’s baby book.

Then, we found out that we’re having a GIRL!!  I went crazy wanting to tell everyone. My wife wanted to make the personalized announcement in a special way because giving out the personalized baby announcement cards went so well. We searched online again and saw all the very cute, very adorable ideas and options. Since we already had picked out her name, we decided on a personalized card.  We liked the one picturing a little dear surrounded by flowers with yellow border. Under her name I put, much to my wife’s delight, “Coming soon to the Quinones Family.” We landed on another perfect little keepsake for our daughter’s baby book! Everyone to whom we gave a card was charmed, especially the grandparents. Each card we gave them is still up on their mantelpieces.

My wife loves planning parties and being the hostess.  However, she is now seven months pregnant and can’t move about all that much.  She doesn’t have much energy to go out shopping for the baby shower either, let alone getting personalized invitations. It was a lifesaver for her to go online and order the baby shower announcements, along with the personalized napkins that matched.  I suggested getting the same kind of design that we had used for the baby girl announcement.  I thought it would be simpler.  But my wife chose differently because she found a design she liked better.  It was just as easy.  She had no trouble personalizing the baby shower invitations. We chose a striped pastel pink invitation with a small pink ribbon on the card face.  My wife received a lot of phone calls saying how adorable they were.

Choosing birth announcements was simple.  It was easy, and for a few extra pennies we created a few memorable keepsakes.  We are only going to have a firstborn once. We want to make every step of the way unforgettable.  We also gave our little girl some of our memories and keepsakes to ponder for years to come. Who knows?  Maybe she’ll do the same with her child.

June 22, 2010

Personalized Thank You Cards

Barret @ 9:40 am

You had a wonderful time at the wedding. The baby shower was more than memorable and you had the time of your life at the graduation. Personalized thank you cards or notes don’t need to be incredibly long. They, just like other first rate personalized stationery; need to convey the proper message coolly and effectively. Personalized thank you notes are a polite way you express appreciation for someone’s gesture, action, or gift. A thank you note is “a gift of gratitude” that lets the other person know their actions have been appreciated. A thank you note whether purchased along with other personalized stationery or hand written will relay your heart felt response to your host or benefactor  We often go through life and don’t savor moments as well as we could. Thank you notes often remind us and everyone else of their significance.

Thank you is such a simple combination of two words, so many people forget. Some people write thank you notes all the time. For others it is not part of their personal or professional protocol. A general rule is if someone can take time to do something nice for you then you in turn can take the time to send them a thank you note. In today’s job market if you’re lucky enough to gain an interview, a thank you note or letter is a really good way of standing out among the other applicants. For business etiquette in general taking the time to send a hand written or printed thank you note says that you appreciated someone else’s time, concern and gracious action. It also gives you the opportunity to create your own “personal brand strategy” with the thank you note you send. Go to and choose from the large supply they have to offer.

Thank you notes are appropriate for any gift or occasion. They are just as varied as types of events when any personalized stationery is recommended. You can purchase personalized invitations, personalized napkins and thank you notes all at the same time. Whether you’re opting to send formal thank you notes or cards for wedding invitations or retirement announcements, has the perfect thank you note for any occasion. Appreciative souls will send thank you notes for everything from money, gifts, get well cards, dinner, donations, participation, Christmas cards, donations, hospitality and much much more. has an extensive assortment of thank you cards and notes to express sincere appreciation in many ways, tones and colors: Colored Scroll cards, classic frame, navy, red, mocha, pink and blue just to mention a few. There are signature prints, embossed, monogrammed, and specialty brand thank you notes: Tiffany Sport, Sprightly, Newcastle, and Executive cards to name a few.

Business etiquette has engendered a whole new protocol regarding thank you notes and has met that need. There are literally hundreds of types of types of products that can express thank you or recognition for all you do. Thank you for your kindness and thinking of us. Thank you for your time, your gracious attitude and please do keep me in mind for your next function, only a few reasons for sending thank you notes. Executive Tables with holders, Monogrammed Bordered Notes, Impression Notes, Banner Notes, Name Notes, Eco Friendly Anthony Pads, Circus Notes, One line and a trio of Monogrammed Wardrobe Notes are a few options to meet your business or professional demands. You will be pleasantly surprised with all the ways you can utilize personalized notes, cards, stationery and personalized napkins.

Remember how you felt after you participated in the event, isn’t that a good enough reason to return the favor. Thank you notes were meant to let your host know you had a good time, thanks for the invitation, and to keep you in mind next time when they’re sending out invitations. Good hosts like good guests and professional people in general like to see that their hard work and efforts have not been made in vain. Thank you notes simply relay the genuine message that “I appreciate you for you appreciating me.”

June 21, 2010

Personalized Napkins For Summer Celebrations

Barret @ 9:57 am

The summer holiday season is here. Memorial Day has begun the summer barbecue season; why not start yours out with a bang? Throw the perfect barbecue, luau, or party? Send out personalized invitations and make sure your personalized napkins express the same sentiment. The first summer barbecue can lead to a string of celebrations worth talking about remembering, and repeating. The right personalized napkins and accessories can make a world of difference. Summer celebrations are the perfect time to reconnect with family and friends and cultivate new relationships, mix old friends with new. That’s the focus of most celebrations and good enough reason for making a celebration unique and memorable. Nothing says it better than personalized invitations and personalized napkins, nothing, see for yourself.

While guests sit, stand, or lounge around the buffet table, grill, or table settings nothing could be finer than the scene enhanced with personalized napkins. Red, white and blue are part of the traditional color scheme.  Can you picture checkered or square table cloth patterns? Why not be bolder this season and try something less conventional, complementary shades of the same color or something bright, brilliant, and unexpected that will further set your event apart. Embossed Personalized Napkins are recommended for Memorial Day and other national celebrations. Check out for what will come in handy for the summer holiday barbecue season. Monogrammed personalized napkins are widely used and display hosts initials, name, the holiday, the year and even the theme. Invitations, personalized napkins, guest towels and place cards work well if they are coordinated but there are no rules in the game of personalized stationery and personalized napkins. The more unique presentation the better.

A buffet filled with barbecued spare ribs, burgers, chicken, hot dogs, clams, a variety of side dishes, casseroles, desserts, and a separate table or bar for beverages, both alcoholic and non alcoholic can be assembled.  Personalized napkins strategically placed in these areas will not only set the event apart from dozens of others but will be fully exploited as guests walk to and fro serving themselves or as they are directed from one phase of the meal to the next. Combine graduations, weddings, baby showers and birthdays with other summer holidays. Setting your event apart will ultimately depend on how important you make it to the guests you invite. Personalized invitations and personalized napkins will have a profound effect depending upon how you tie them in with the lives of the guests. Personalized napkins, coasters, and guest towels can go hand in hand to custom dress a celebration that will be remembered long, long after the guests are gone and the fireworks have faded.

Personalized beverage napkins are perfect for all kinds of drinks; will you be serving cocktails before you eat as the guests arrive? You could have a bar that serves everything from soft drinks and juices to lemonade and ginger ale. Your personalized napkins may be just as creative as your offerings. Whether you’re offering a full choice of cocktails, wine coolers,  spritzers, rum and Coke,  champagne, non alcoholic options or other mixed drinks your brand of personalized napkins will set your event apart. A unique idea for personalized beverage napkins I recently came across uses a simple logo like a rose, a butterfly, or   American Flag. The host’s initials are dotted underneath it along with July 4, 2010 or whatever date you’re going to use. Preparing well in advance for the season with personalized napkins will be significant reminders of how the event ran its course.

Make your summer celebration memorable.  A little planning can go a long way. Any type or combination of personalized napkins will turn your celebration into an unforgettable event. Luncheon and dinner napkins are larger and thicker than beverage, specially ordered and embossed with initials, dates, and memorable phrases, logo, or images to create a uniquely individual statement for your barbecue or celebration. Four lines of custom print can provide a uniquely personal touch. As with most personalized napkins they can become unique keepsakes that can be added to scrap books or memory albums providing links to the summer that was and summers that will be. If you plan ahead and pay attention to details you’ll create an event with little things people find worth remembering. has 48 items listed under personalized napkins in unique colors like Lavender, Apple Red, Sage, Candy Pink, Magenta Purple, French Lilac and many more.  If you are going to take the time to invite guests it makes sense to make the time to prepare to meet their expectations and allow time to make changes if needed.

June 18, 2010

Personalized Retirement Announcements

Barret @ 2:26 pm

You probably didn’t wake up this morning and come to the startling revelation that this would be your last year, last month, or last week on the job. You thought about it and with most things regarding retirement you placed it on the back shelf somewhere thinking you’d have plenty of time to revisit it later when you were more serious. You hadn’t expected that day to come for a while. In fact you were hoping it didn’t come at all. But since you’ve logged up so many years with the company and you’re financially stable you’ve decided this is as good a time as any to announce your retirement.
Personalized retirement announcements can make you feel old but you should treat the whole thing like a reward, like you’re beginning another stage in your life. You should always keep reminding yourself that you’re not so much getting older but better. Mention it in your personalized retirement announcement card if you’d like. You want to let those who have connected with you at one point or another over your professional career know that you appreciated their contributions as they appreciated yours. Remind them they will be missed.
Retirement announcement cards can run the range from nostalgic prints of barbecue and picnic settings, club galas with cocktail hours, beach scenes, to exotic dinners or board room settings and with or without photographs. Before you select your retirement announcements its best you decide on a theme, a message that sums up your sentiments for your time, energy, efforts for everyone you met along the way. Golf themed retirement parties are gaining popularity, along with sailing boating and fishing.   Retirement announcement cards introduce you to the idea, mood, and activity. Order your personalized napkins at the same time you get your retirement announcements. They often focus on activities you may have more time for once your work life is complete.  They could also focus on what you do well, what people at the company will remember you for. A general rule for retirement announcements is to deliver the message of how you’d like to be celebrated and remembered. has a variety of personalized stationery that covers as retirement announcements.  Personalized announcement cards generally have six lines for a print message and color designed envelopes. Start the first line with a simple invitation, a joke, a wry comment about the guest of honor or however you’d like to lead the ceremony. Retirement announcements list the guest of honor, venue, date, time, the high point of the evening and theme. With the first thought, first initial contact you would have your guests recalling special moments from your career and the company’s. Guests are immediately put at ease because they know what to expect. Keep matching personalized napkins on your list. specializes in producing modern, industry specific, colorful events that make people remember. Retirement announcements are the last thing that some people hope for or expect but that doesn’t mean they are ranked anything less on agenda.

June 17, 2010

Personalize Your Wedding Reception

Barret @ 4:52 pm

Wedding receptions are occasions when you can create a unique place and time for all your guests to come and enjoy the best wedding that your time, effort, energy, and perfect sense of detail can create. Take one last look over the reception arrangement before your guests arrive. Everything you’ve arranged should be a small ornament that make up a display that leads guests to celebrate the couple, the day, and warm memories that will linger long after the photos are gone. Flowers and personalized napkins are just a few unique details that will make your wedding reception one of a kind. supplies personalized napkins, personalized stationery, wedding invitations and much more.

The bar is dotted with personalized cocktail napkins, coasters and a few luncheon napkins. The line of people waiting to be served is getting longer. They walk away with glasses of mixed cocktails, wine, champagne and tumblers filled with juices and soft drinks snugly wrapped in personalized wedding napkins ordered especially for the affair: embossed, monogrammed, eco friendly, or foil stamped. A limitless variety of unique personalized napkins can be created depending on your choice of design. The buffet table is dotted with more strategically placed personalized luncheon napkins. They create even more of a unique vision or map to lead you around the reception: the buffet, food islands, dessert  or  salad bar and table settings.

You’re probably considering what personalized wedding napkins to choose?  Explore the possibilities at  They add a splash of color and style to any table, any presentation and could become a signature for how people identify with your planning  and executing and unforgettable wedding. Personalized wedding napkins carry your signature design and logo. The couples names and dates can be printed alongside a personal message, a quote, or warm words commemorating   the occasion. Create a unique napkin for your wedding party with a Fancy Foil Tool Design found on‘s site. Come up with a couple of original lines to match the design and your napkins will signaturize any event you’ve planned. offers embossed, monogrammed, and foil stamped beverage napkins and guest towels for wedding shower receptions and after parties. Napkins are three ply and the choice of design will ultimately rest on you or your wedding planner’s shoulders. At we pride ourselves on coordinating truly unique events with complete wedding or event stationery: personalized invitations, cocktail napkins, after party invitations, accessories, favors and more. There are about 44 types of monogrammed wedding napkins: Foil Stamped Napkins, Granada Monogrammed, Metro Foil Stamped Napkins and Guests Towels are a few. There about 42 types of beverage napkins: monogrammed, foil stamped, embossed, and combinations of those in a multitude of shapes, sizes and colors: Ivory, Burgandy, Green, Pastel, Pink, Mocha, Teal and more. Check out foil colors for yourself and review the thirty types of guest towels. We’d like to make sure all of your wedding and event needs are coordinated to the best of our ability. We’d like to see you put your best foot forward towards making a most memorable event.

You have a wedding to plan. You’d like to make it an event that lives on in the memories of your guests, something to talk about. You want each guest to feel special from the time they receive and respond to their personalized wedding invitation. Experience the ceremony firsthand, and then move on to the reception. Personalized invitations and reception cards were ordered from as well as the reply cards. They all are very elegant and unique. You made a wise choice of using the same monograms in different color combinations for a very unique effect throughout the whole day. Memories of your wedding day will live a long, long time after the day is gone.

June 14, 2010

Personalized Napkins for Summer Events

Barret @ 11:24 am

Ok, summer is here!  Fourth of July, picnics, cookouts, and other such fun events fill the summer days with laughter and enjoyment.  Planning for these parties and events can be a bit daunting, but it also can be fun!  Among all the parties that your guests may attend over the summer, you will want to set your party or event apart from the other festivities.   One easy way of making your party special is with personalized napkins.

Now is a good time to think about the theme of your upcoming event.  Personalized napkins can bring out the extra touches of that theme.  Some people are not aware of the options that are available to them, and so they go with the standard monogram or name of the event.  However, with a little insight you can put forth an idea or concept that will be appreciated by all and forgotten by few.

Picking out the napkins can be fun and are very easy to design. You can have personalized napkins with an elegant monogram, a funny phrase, or a family crest that your guests will certainly remember. For instance you might consider a picture of fireworks blasting in the air, the American Flag, or the Statue of Liberty for an upcoming Fourth of July party. You might have a deck of cards or a pair of Ace’s showing for a poker party.  You might even consider using your company logo for your company picnic. Whatever the occasion, personalized napkins are just perfect for such an event.

You might say to yourself that people won’t notice the napkins.  However, compared to regular napkins, personalized napkins are proven icebreakers. Picture the difference: Your guests sit down for the meal.  They either see just the food you have lovingly prepared, or they also notice everything tying the theme together: the food, the decorations, and especially the embossed napkins. You have carefully planned the theme ahead of time, and there is an immediate response to your specially designed napkins, an instant conversation starter.  That conversation will surely revolve around the theme of the event, thanks to the personalized napkins.

You might think that the cost for personalized napkins may be exorbitant but not so.  They are very affordable and can make an ordinary dinner into something really special.  And they are so easy to design!  Make it novel, make it special, make it funny, but most of all make it important to all the guests, including yourself.  At the end of it all, you are planning an event for your guests.  Aren’t your guests worth the simple effort of picking out something that will make them smile?

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