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April 8, 2010

Personalized Napkins for Personalized Party Planning

Taylor Field @ 4:57 pm

Personal and customized touches at a party is always what makes the guests gasp in awe and remember it as an extremely well-planned out event. Personalized napkins, frosted glasses and creative seating cards are great examples of how to pleasantly surprise your guests and let them know that you went the extra mile to make the event memorable.

If you are planning a wedding and the main two colors are purple and gold, then you can incorporate sparkling gold in small details throughout the party. Try gold foil stamped personalized napkins and ask the caterer if they can incorporate gold sugar powder into the dessert. Small gold touches, like gold outlining on the seating cards or gold confetti on the tables, can really add to the theme and dazzle of an event.

If you are planning an Easter party and your main colors are pastel green, blue and pink, then you can easily incorporate a big bunny design that is embossed on the baby green personalized napkins. Carry the theme throughout with making foods that remind people of spring, birth, flowers and newborns. For the food, you can simply stick to fun finger foods that shout fresh feelings. Try baby carrots and baby vegetable. Bake small cream puffs and cookies with pink sprinkles. Finally, use decorations of the pastel family and streamers to get the full fun Easter effect.

Are you planning a Halloween party? Try black and orange napkins with the date and location embossed in the paper, or a funny party logo like, “The Witch is Back”. The cake, of course, will need to be Halloween related and you might like something of a huge black spider with two big eyes or the hat from the Wicked Witch of the West.

However you decide to plan and decorate your themed parties, remember to use your personalization and customization details as much as possible. Your invitations, napkins, food and decoration should all be carefully planned out to match and be as creative as possible because there is nothing like a truly original party that no one will ever throw again.

April 7, 2010

Personalized Napkins for All Celebrations

Taylor Field @ 4:57 pm

If you are planning a party for any occasion, don’t underestimate the power of personalized napkins. They are also unexpected, yet they always make a powerful punch into the theme of the party and reinforce any colors, designs or logos.

Birthday parties: order your personalized napkins with the colors of your birthday party, your favorite colors or your favorite designs. You can imprint a big silver birthday cake, tens small sparkly pink stars or golden shimmering stripes. Have your name and birth date embossed in the corner of the name for a treasured keepsake of this fun birthday party.

Bar Mitzvah Parties: personalized napkins are a fantastic and effective way to reinforce the theme for the bar or bat mitzvah party. You can have anything from a Jewish star (often for the Kiddish that immediately follows the service) to a hot colored napkins with the honoree’s name and date of the big day (to be used at the party following the Kiddish).

Christening and Communion: Honor that special someone on their special day with cream colored napkins with a baby blue cross gracing the top and the special person’s name delicately embossed on the napkins in gracefully cursive. These napkins always make for the perfect keepsake from this special event.

Holidays- make Christmas, Hanukah, Easter, Halloween and Fourth of July extra special with napkins that scream out the theme of the moment. Try red, white and blue stars that are foil stamped into the festive napkins. Or try black and orange napkins with the words “All Hollow’s Eve” eerily embossed into the paper. Finally, emboss the upcoming year into napkins with white or silver tones and foiled stamped sparkles to make a New Year’s Eve party extra special and memorable.

Whatever party you are planning, napkins that match the color, designs and themes are the perfect way to reinforce the theme of a party. They make perfect keepsakes for everyone to hang on to and remember the party and fun times every time they think back. Get super creative with the colors and the designs for napkins that are totally unique to the party and experience.

April 5, 2010

Personalized Napkins and More Wedding Details

Taylor Field @ 4:57 pm

If you are planning a wedding by yourself, the main thing to keep in mind is that the tiny details always seem to be the things that really pull the party together. Everything from the personalized napkins to the seating cards must be planned out properly and coordinated together.

For example, add an extra touch of specialness by ordering personalized napkins for the cocktail hour, open bar and table napkins. They can be ordered in the same colors as your wedding’s main color scheme. You can have the names of the bride and groom tastefully written in the corner of the napkins and joined together in some fancy design. You can choose to have the napkins foil stamped or gracefully embossed so that the words are slightly elevated above the paper. And of course you will want to have the date and possibly the place of your wedding stamped on your napkins for a proper keepsake.

Personalized napkins are an easy and very inexpensive way to add customization to your wedding and make an impression on your guests.

Another great way to add a small but powerful detail is to get creative with your seating cards. Instead of a bland card with a number on it, you can create different names to table that suit the theme of your wedding. If purple is everywhere in your wedding, you can name each table after a different shade of purple, like eggplant and lilac.

You can also theme your tables to different destinations that you and your sweetheart has visited together or would like to visit together. Instead of paper cards, you can order paper in the shape of hearts, stars or countries. Use glitter or ribbons to make your seating card pop and bring it to a higher level than just the seating cards.

A final way to add personalized detail to your wedding is to have food menus printed off. Although it is very common for just one or two dishes to be served at a wedding (chicken or fish), it will be a very nice touch to give your guests two to three options for a meal that is three courses. That means that your guests can choose their salads, entrees and desserts. If you have Jewish couples at your wedding, you may want to give them the opportunity to order a kosher meal.

April 4, 2010

Personalized Napkins and Hand Towels

Taylor Field @ 4:57 pm

Owning your own personalized napkins and hand towels can really complement a room and its décor. Although personalized napkins and hand towels are fairly simple and inexpensive items to have in your house, especially compared to that big-screen television, any personalization inside your home makes a powerful impression on your house guests.

My mother always kept personalized hand towels in the washroom for guests to use at their will. However, no one really ever touched the hand towels because they looked so good while they were neatly placed on the counter. It was soon understood that the hand towels were one of those things in life that are simply there to look good. And there was no doubt that they made even the washroom look good!

I leave personalized napkins on the main counter in my kitchen because they look great and it is a small way to add a personalized touch to my house décor. Everyone always comments on them and they ask me where to get a stack of their own. I always tell me girlfriends where they can find a wide variety to order, but I always remind them not to steal my design.

They kids use the napkins that I keep in the kitchen at their own will, but I never mind at all because they are so affordable. Some people shy away from using the napkins because they think they are too expensive to use every day, but little do they know what a great deal I got on it.

I also use my family’s monogrammed napkins at all the last-minute football parties and weekend parties we throw. It always makes my parties seem so much more planned out and monogrammed napkins makes everyone think that I put hours into planning out the event. I would never tell them that I actually keep different stacks of napkins on hand for different occasions – casual, fancy and every day- so that I am prepared in all last-minute circumstances!

I know that my napkins have really made an impression on my family, as well, as my husband and my kids are always giving me design ideas for my next ordered batch of napkins and hand towels.

April 3, 2010

Personalized Stationery for Every Stage of Life

Taylor Field @ 4:57 pm

A gift that my grandmother gave me when I graduated high school and was headed off to college was my very own personalized stationery. Amazingly, to this day, I still recommend this simple yet essential gift for anyone entering a new stage of life.

As we go through many tests and trials during our lifetime, you should always make sure that your personalized stationery matches every stage accordingly. In other words, you don’t want to be 25 and still using the same personalized stationery that you got for your high school graduation and features pictures of pens, pencils and gold stars.

Instead, as you are entering the professional stage of your life and venturing off in new career paths, you will want to use personalized stationery that speaks to your professionalism and possibly your creativity. Pick out the perfect font to speak to your individual style and then keep everything else pretty standard. I suggest a fair point measurement located on the top left corner with modest ink color.

Some people who are headed off for college may quickly pass off stationery as a school necessity of the past. After all, I never thought that my stationery would come in handy as much as it did. I used my stationery for writing notes to professors for various reasons. I also used my stationery when I jotted down notes for other classmates. Both professors and classmates were quietly impressed with my organization and professionalism.

After I graduated college, I used my stationery to write thank you letters to companies and employers that I had interviewed with. The personal touch definitely made an impact in many of the potential employers as I received a lot of follow up phone calls asking me to come in for a round two interview.

My stationery also came in handy during unexpected times of the year, like my birthday, when I received thoughtful gifts and I wanted to express my appreciation. I wrote thank you notes on my stationery and sent them out to the people who were kind enough to search for a gift and buy it on my birthday. I was so happy that I already had stationery available and ready to go with my name on it because I was not looking forward to buying generic stationery at the store or ordering for it online and waiting.

In the end, my advice is to always keep stationery handy and nearby and make sure that it is updated to complement your current place in life.

April 2, 2010

Personalized Stationery for New Born Babies

Taylor Field @ 4:57 pm

There are many options for personalized stationery when you are looking for the perfect birth announcement for your bundle of joy. When it comes time to order the personalized stationery (at least one week before the delivery date), take your time in choosing the perfect announcement for you and your new child.

Newborn baby girl – think pink, of course. But these days, mommies and daddies are giving the ‘girl’ category a few more options than the classic powders pinks. Try pastel yellow, orange and even reds or greens. After your baby is born, you can choose to have professional pictures taken to stick on the front of your birth announcement, or you can take the picture yourself. Think of some cute baby girl phrases for the top or bottom of the card, like “Our Real American Girl Doll”.

Newborn baby boy – don’t fall into the “blue only” mantra that many other parents feel they have to obey. Instead, try some other fun baby boy colors, like deep greens, red, browns and yellows and orange. At your new born baby’s first photo shoot, you can have the photographer incorporate a background of a basketball court, a baseball diamond or any other sport you might hope for your baby boy to enjoy. Bows and ribbons are also perfectly acceptable for baby boy birth announcements.

Adoption day announcement – you get to have just as much fun as all the other parents, except that you are technically more prepared because, chances are, you already have a precious photo of your precious baby. You can make potentially confusing situations fun for everyone, even if they are unaware that you have chosen to adopt. Use a computer program or hire a professional to use the photo of your baby and insert it inside of a basket being carried by a stork. Or have them stick the photo into a photo of a gift basket that is wrapped in big silk ribbons.

Whichever way you decide to go, personalized stationery for your new born baby announcements can be super creative and they don’t have to follow the traditional commands of color and tone. Try to branch out and incorporate your own ideas that speak to the kind of parents you are and the kind of family you want to raise.

April 1, 2010

Personalized Stationery for Brides and Weddings

Taylor Field @ 4:57 pm

While you are preparing for the wedding of your dreams, don’t forget about the personalized stationery of your dreams. Essential stationery items include save-the-dates, invitations and thank you cards.

Personalized Stationery:
Save the dates – these are becoming more and more creative as the wedding planning process evolves. Bottom line is that many brides are no longer accepting the fact that they pay a lot of money for cards that inevitably end up in the trash. For this reason, functional save-the-dates are becoming very popular, like bookmarks with tassels or magnets. Other great ideas include eco-friendly save-the-dates with flower seeds embedded into the makings on the card. That way, after the guests have recorded the date, they can plant the card and wait for Spring flowers to grow.

Wedding Invitations – these days, anything goes when it comes to wedding invitations. Brides are beautifying their invitations with glitter, ribbons, bows or even the classic embossed font that is slightly raised above the surface of the paper. When it comes time to decide your wedding invitation, you will need to consider the font of the script, the ink color, the paper color and the paper weight. You will also need to decide what, if any, embellishments will go on the envelope (like lined envelope interiors).

Thank you cards- usually, these don’t get as much creative play as the save-the-date cards. That is because, after the party has ended and the excitement has died down, newly wedded couples will want to end on a sincerely appreciative note. After all, many people have taken time out of their days and money out of their wallets to buy you and your sweetheart the perfect gifts for your new life together. They don’t want you to laugh off their gift with funny-looking thank you cards or jokester thank you cards.

While you are browsing your options of wedding personalized stationery, keep in mind that they should all be matching each other in some way. It is also a great idea to incorporate some themes from your stationery into the wedding itself. It is always great to carry as many themes throughout the entire process of the wedding, from the save-the-dates to the party to the thank you cards, as possible. Logo