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October 30, 2009

Personalize Your Party; Your Guests Will Notice!

Taylor Field @ 2:23 pm

There are many options to consider when you are looking for beautiful and luxurious personalized paper for your wedding. It is always best to see in person the personalized papers before making an order. Different papers have different feels and weight to them and, likewise, different colors will look different in person, rather than on the Internet.

Napkins are an accessory that you should consider for personalization. You can match the color of your napkins to the color scheme of your wedding. Then you can have them personalized with the initials of the bride and groom, or a picture of a classic rose or the date and names of the bride and groom.

There are endless options to choose from when it comes to personalizing your wedding accessories. A great company that sells assortments of personalized invitations will also carry a vast assortment of personalized napkin options. Unique and creative designs work well with napkin personalization, so anything you can think of, goes! Guest towels are also a great option to consider.

In both cases, you can choose from embossed or foil-stamped designs and writing. An embossed design will be slightly raised in an elegant manner from the napkin material. Foil-stamped design will sparkle and glisten in a wide variety of colors to choose from. Both options are great, subtle ways to personalize your special event. Your guests will notice the small details throughout the evening and then they will know how much planning and preparation you went through to make this day memorable.

If you are lucky, you can order your personalized papers from a company that has a professional wedding or event consult on staff for you to talk to and consort with.  Few companies offer this, because it costs them money. But if you’re lucky enough to see a company that does offer a wedding consult, take full advantage of the help. The more ideas, creativity and designs that you can gather, the better your party will be.

Every detail that goes into the wedding is important and needs to coordinate with the theme of the party. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from whoever will offer it. Look into all of your options and possibly ask your invitation company for ideas as far as designs. And don’t forget to have fun!

October 28, 2009

Save the Date Invitations Can be Fun or Elegant

Taylor Field @ 2:20 pm

When the time comes to notify your friends and family of an upcoming special event, like your wedding, it is important to give your guests as much advance time as possible. This is especially important for your out-of-town guests who need to book airplane tickets and reserve hotel rooms.
If you are planning a wedding, it is customary to send out your save the date invitations six months to a year ahead of time. So, once a date, time and location has been set, start looking at different kinds of save the date invitations to send out.

You can match your save the date card design to the theme of your invitations and wedding decorations. Custom designs can be designed for you and it is a great idea to ask if the company offers free digital proofs, because there is no reason why you should have to pay extra for that. Envelopes can be personalized with a return address to give your invitations an extra sophisticated appeal.

Anything you can think of will go, so don’t be afraid to be creative when it comes to save the date invites. A cute idea is to print a small calendar on the inside of the card with your wedding date circled in red. This may help your guests to remember the date as well as offer a cute and creative flare to your invites. You can accomplish this in a fun way with colorful background or in an elegant way with simple accents or a ‘calendar picture’ of you and your husband-to-be.

Different and fun kinds of images can also be set as the background. A scene from your honey moon destination can offer your recipients warm and relaxing feelings. Or a drawing can be done of palm trees or roses with the colors that you have chosen for your wedding theme. Or your save the date invitation can be as simple as a few lines of nice words on one side and the time, date and location on the other side. Borders are also fun and elegant to consider.

Ask your chosen invitation company for more ideas and samples of what they have done in the past. If you need save the date invites for other kind of events besides weddings, your hired invitation company can suggest the customary amount of time to send out your information before the event.

October 26, 2009

Birthday, wedding, anniversary invitations and even end-of-the-summer party invitations are special.

Taylor Field @ 2:18 pm

They all speak something to the recipient upon the opening of the envelope. And they speak whatever it is that the party’s host is trying to say.

At least that is true if you find a wedding, anniversary invitations Web site that has enough options for each unique person to convey his or her unique, personal message. Since every person and every part is unique and different in many ways, it is important to find an invitation carrier that offers an large selection of paper colors, ink colors, designs, border, paper quality and weight, envelope options, sizes, add-ons and more.

Some people want to speak of romance, dreams and warmth as they send out their wedding invitations. They may choose options like an off white paper shade with exquisite cursive calligraphy and a lace bow at the top. They may even choose to match the inside color of the envelope with the ink color.
Others who are celebrating 40 years of a fabulous marriage might want to convey hope, nostalgic memories and overall happy feelings. They might choose a serif font with big letters and bright colors and a beautiful picture of the still happy couple.

Still, others want to convey a casual sense of humor as the warm summer nights come to an end. They might want a fun border design with block lettering, the perfect shade of sky-blue font and an r.s.v.p. card. One can even have a custom abstract design created, like long swirls of lines coming together to create a mystery shape, and have it printed at the very top of the invitation to give it a mysterious feel.
All of these events call for a different and unique mood and, therefore, each one deserves a unique invitation that is sure to speak that mood to the recipient even upon opening the engraved envelope. Start the feelings long before the party starts with a customized invitation that suits your specific needs, demands and desires.

October 24, 2009

Wedding Invitations As Unique As She Is

Taylor Field @ 2:15 pm

No matter what kind of wedding you are planning, modern invitations are a great choice. They fit every type of setting, time of day and size of party. You still get amazing, beautiful options to pick from. Whether you’re looking for a custom embossed design or a border with a crazy color, modern invitations are all available right here on this site.

Your wedding is a moment that you have been looking forward to since you were old enough to walk down the aisle of your living room. Now that the big moment is finally here, you want to make sure that everything is exceptional, perfect and top of the line. This site understands completely.

No bride should have to compromise on her wedding and this site is dedicated to seeing that she does not have to. They offer superior craftsmanship, creativity and an abundant amount of choices so that nothing that is requested will be denied.

The modern bride deserves everything she wants. She doesn’t know the meaning of the word, ‘no’. The modern bride is a unique personality and that means that her wedding and wedding invitations she be just as unique and rare as she is.

Some choices that will need to be considered is the font that the bride would prefer, the type of paper that looks best, the color of the ink and the color of the paper and possibly the color of the inside of the envelope. The invitations should be just as personalized and custom made as the groom-to-be is.

Every bride is different and, therefore, no two wedding invitations should be the same. Luckily, this site offer as many combinations of options as there are brides in the world, giving the bride the awesome opportunity to pick the perfect invitation for that no other bride would think up.

In the end, this site aims to make one person happy: the bride. It is all about her for one day in her life and this site jumps through hoops to make sure she is pleased and catered to. The wedding day will be the best day of her life, of course, but the opening of the invitation is the lead-in moment to that long-awaited day. So this site makes sure it is as perfect, personalized and as unique as the bride is.

October 22, 2009

Wedding Invitations Convey Who You Are

Taylor Field @ 2:11 pm

Your wedding will be the most important day of your life and you, rightfully so, will want everything to look and run perfectly and smoothly. Everything will be hand picked by the bride, right down to the wedding invitations/ cards, to ensure that the day is absolutely perfect in every way and exactly how she dreamed it would be since she was a little girl.

When it comes to the wedding invitations/ cards, you have a lot of options to choose from. The perfect personalized invitation needs approval for every details, from the font to the ink color to the type of paper to the envelope.

Beautiful, custom made invitation can feature 3-D elements, like a bow or a ribbon. Or you may prefer to stick with the more simple and modest look. You can choose an embossed design which will look beautiful on a heavy-weight paper.

A popular choice these days is the Double-Lined Envelope, which contains the color choice of the invitation on the inside of the envelope and it makes the invitation special upon opening.
Romantic wedding invitation of any style you can think of is available. This is your special day and you can have everything your way, even your invitation. This site is perfect for getting exactly what you want. They can do it all.

Emboss a design of heritage importance on the front of your invitation or order calligraphy in the perfect shade of lavender that matches the ordered flowers. Borders come in an array of heart warming accent colors. Bottom line, the choices are endless.

When your guests received their invitations in the mail, you want them to feel the way you felt when he proposed. When you pick out the style, colors and design of your invitation, you are picking out the feeling you are going to convey when each recipient opens the beautiful envelope marked with their names on the front. They will be experiencing the joys and warm fuzzy feelings of sharing in your special moment from the starting point of opening an envelope with your custom wedding invitation inside.

Remember to choose wisely and choose options that speak about the type of couple you are and the kind of feelings you are experiencing. If you follow this advice, your wedding will be filled with love, happiness and a beautiful ending.

October 20, 2009

Personalized Cards Add a Customized Touch

Taylor Field @ 2:10 pm

There are millions of occasions to commemorate with cards. A special thank-you for a neighbor babysitting in the nick of time, a welcoming note to someone moving into the neighborhood, a personalized note to a friend to show some appreciation. When you have something special to say, make it unique with your own personalized cards. They add fun and personality to correspondence, a perfect way to add a little dazzle into the every day.

Why use greeting cards so someone else can tell you what you want to say? With personalized cards, you can send someone a quick note on stationary that’s unique to you, that reflects your personality, grace and style. They’ll know it’s from you, and they’ll cherish it for years.

Perhaps you’ve saved the correspondence of a long lost grandmother, cherishing her words and memories as if the ink was still wet. The beauty of notes is they can be saved, like moments bottled up for future generations to cherish. A note to your child’s favorite teacher to show your appreciation can inspire that teacher for generations to come. When you customize the stationary the note is on, it makes it more special, something to save for years down the road.

Don’t just save the customized cards for big events. Use it for any occasion you want to be special, any note or correspondence that could use a special touch. It adds fun and beauty to the everyday. It’s the simple approaches we take that make life worth living. Special bookmarks, customized picture frames, commemorative key chains can bring a special joy into the corner of your life, something to save for a lifetime.

Correspondence is a dying art form. With personalized cards, you can bring the specialness back, make communication through the written word fun. It’s the perfect way to let someone know your appreciation, maybe even share a funny joke that will light up their day. You can get them to reflect your personality, maybe include  an inspiring quote, maybe feature an adorable animal that will just make someone’s day. Make your stationary you. Make your cards your own. Say it in your words, with your personality. Say it loud for the world to hear.

October 18, 2009

Wedding Stationary is An Affordable Way to Share the Special Event

Taylor Field @ 2:04 pm

Weddings are full of important details that have to be remembered. Everyone, whether you’re the bride or the bride’s distant cousin, has something to remember to do before the big event. You might need to make sure someone gets the flowers. Your best man may need to remember to pick up a tux. If anything is forgotten, a lot can come crashing down. People often take notes to remember to meet their dates and commitments. Why not give your wedding party and guests special wedding stationery to help them remember their appointments?

It’s the details that make each wedding special. A design of icing on the cake, commemorative napkins, flowers or origami birds on each table, these kinds of special additions add character and personality to each wedding. They make the wedding your own. Wedding stationary is a fairly inexpensive way to have something special you can share with all your guests. They can keep it for the memories. Each person gets something to take home, yet it doesn’t break your wedding budget.

After all, everyone has something they need to write down, something monumental they need to remember. Sometimes, it can even be a funny joke or anecdote they want to remember. Perhaps it’s a special thing you did at your wedding they might want to include in their own. It may even be the phone number of an interesting someone they happened to meet. Indeed, weddings often tend to start romances of their own.

Weddings can be contagious. When you have a magical night that’s so special nobody will ever forget, couples often get the spark. Friends who never considered marriage before, who have been riding the dating fence for years, may decide to tie the knot when they see how special it can be. That magic lies in the details and special touches you give your wedding. Whether it be special napkins, flower arrangements planted in hollowed out pumpkins that guests can later plant in their own yards as tokens of love, or even a special bottle of champaign to make romance reign, it’s the little details that make each wedding special.

Wedding stationary is an inexpensive way to share the joy. Put some dazzle in the moment with special paper everyone can enjoy.

October 16, 2009

Invitations for Wedding Become Special Memories to Cherish for Generations

Taylor Field @ 1:59 pm

The wedding is over. After a whirlwind of planning dates, arranging flowers, consulting with the photographer, your wedding flies by like a dream. In the end, it was beautiful, but somehow you feel exhausted and drained, as if your entire life passed by in the blink of an eye. The experience of a wedding can take time to sink in. Often, you can’t even comprehend all that’s happened until weeks later. Luckily, you have plenty of memories to last a lifetime.

One of the most lasting memories all your guests will have is your invitations for wedding. People often save invitations for generations. Your great great grandchildren may someday look at these invitations with wonder, imagining the special party that led to their existence generations later. They’ll imagine the music, your beautiful dress, his dapper tuxedo. These are the details that shine throughout history, living in photographs and stories that are passed down through generations. Invitations open the door for the party, and they also serve as a gateway to those memories years down the road. Handy and savable, invitations are meant to stand the test of time.

When you are selecting invitations for wedding, remember this  is your special occasion. While it’s always kind to honor the wishes of a favorite aunt, a grandparent, or even your own mother, this is your wedding. The invitation needs to be special to you, no matter the opinions of family and friends. It’s nice to be able to please, but you need to first please yourself. You are the one getting married. You are the royalty. The words of the bride always have the final say. If you can’t please the world, start by pleasing yourself on your very special day.

Customize your big day with special invitations for wedding that dazzle your dreams. This is the day you’ve dreamed about since you were a little girl. Let it be as big as your wildest expectations, beginning with the invitation. Traditionally, the invitation is your first big public announcement of your special decision. It should be made with class, style and a specialness you’ll hold close to your heart for a lifetime.

October 14, 2009

Invitation Cards Add a Special Dazzle to the Party

Taylor Field @ 1:51 pm

There are parties that involve corn chips and beer, a passing football game or maybe a night of charades. And then there are the parties that commemorate monumental events- a retirement, a Bar Mitzvah, maybe even a congratulations on a special job well done. These are the events we dress up for, the events we prize as memories to remind us of the special moments. Celebrations of this scale deserve an extra touch of class that adds fun and helps commemorate the occasion. Invitation cards are the perfect way to add a special dazzle to the party, set it apart from your typical everyday get together.

Invitation cards are not just for weddings. They can be used for any classy event, even a special dinner party where the wine glasses can clink away as you discuss politics, art, books of poetry. They can also be great for occasions you never want to forget- special retirement parties, commemorations, 50th anniversaries. When you send out invitations, you bring a special dazzle to the party, something people will remember fondly when they reminisce.

There are a variety of styles of invitations you can choose from, depending on the style and mood of the party. Whether you want traditional or a modern approach, classical or more artsy, choose an invitation that has the flare you’re looking for. It adds to the fun when you personalize it yourself, perhaps include an inspiring quote, a special photograph, a funny anecdote the party is sure to remember. This is your party. Make it the night of a lifetime.

Let your imagination run free. When you create invitations for a party, it makes the night special. The more fun and creative you can be, the more you can open up the party to adventure and intrigue. Invitations make a party truly special. They make it a night to remember.

People often save invitation cards, especially if they are creative and special. They are great ways to commemorate special events. Other ways to provide mementos and memorabilia can be to have special customized napkins, hotel towels, customized stationary. You want your special night to be remembered through the years, perhaps even shared down generations of family, some whom might not even be born yet. Make your special occasion the commemoration of a lifetime with customized personal touches that people will never forget.

October 12, 2009

Personalized Napkins Put the Beauty in the Details

Taylor Field @ 1:49 pm

Your big day is almost here. Your wedding should be everything you fantasized about as a child. It’s your special moment, so every part of it should be special and personal. It’s the details that count. Since your wedding should reflect your personality, every part of it should be made personal, from the cake to the napkins. In fact, you can add the specialized touch of personalized napkins, adding the perfect detail to every table to make the wedding your own.

People get excited about weddings, and naturally so. Weddings are a beautiful beginning to  a prosperous future of romance and love. They are the public ceremonies of the most beautiful part of our lives. It’s the little touches that make each wedding its own special event. Everyone has their own way of making their wedding special. Some couples have even made table decorations out of flowers planted in pumpkins that can later be planted as a symbol of the married couples love. Other couples might make origami birds or have special monogrammed table napkins.

It’s these kinds of details that get people talking. Weddings are for mixing, talking with friends and family of the bride and the groom in a social exchange of sharing. Personalized napkins are great conversation starters. They get people talking about all the beautiful details of the wedding. It’s the little details that your friends and family will get excited. It’s the finishing touches that people will remember.

People often save simple memorabilia when it comes to weddings. Personalized napkins are great because they are inexpensive, yet unique tokens of a wedding. On the big day they are just a napkin. By the couple’s 50th wedding anniversary, that customized napkin will be a token of history, something to be cherished for time to come.

You can get anything you want on the napkins- names, initials, a romantic quote or a even a line of poetry. Customized napkins make the wedding your own. They are a personal touch that can be cherished for years to come. It’s the little details that make the memories, the finishing touches that people remember and talk about for time to come.

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