Franklin Note
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Franklin Note

When Franklin hits the inner ear, you might think of our 32nd president of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt. If that is what comes to mind then maybe our Franklin Note will also make you think of his famous quote The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. This is true don't you think? Too often we get scared of change and trying something new, we get tired of using the same stationery but feel a sense of fear from not knowing where to start looking. Well let us take your fear away and introduce to you the Franklin Note. These notes bring you to a new level of sincerity along with plenty of confidence. If you want to write letters with a white house authenticity, then the Franklin Note will be the perfect addition to your collection.

Papers: White and Ivory
Size: 5" x 4"

50 embossed notes with matching envelopes   $41.95
Each additional unit   $29.95
Return Address on Envelopes   $29.95
Gift Ribbon   $1.45
Gift Note on Packing Slip   FREE

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Custom stationery from InvitePapers is always in style and these Franklin Notes are presidential and grand. Embossed Stationery Logo