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Embossed Strasbourg Guest Towels

Embossed Strasbourg Guest Towels
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Embossed Strasbourg Guest Towels

Your guests will be wondering where you found such an interesting accessory to your next dinner or luncheon. Available in 27 paper colors. Acrylic holder is extra.

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Personalized Guest Towel Information:
Guest Towel Colors: Black, Gray, White, Mocha, Gold, Ivory, Sage, Burgundy, Red, Pumpkin, Orange, Yellow, Mimosa, Citrus, Pistachio, Emerald, Hunter, Teal, Navy, True Blue, Bermuda Blue, Pastel Blue, Purple, Lavender, Magenta, Candy Pink, Classic Pink
Size: 4.5" by 8.5"

100 personalized Embossed Strasbourg Guest Towels   
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