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Bordered Cards

Bordered Cards
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Bordered Cards

Borders are everywhere, they define the geographic boundaries of land, of political entities, states, international land, paper, and even the beginning and end of property. One thing is certain and that is with the Bordered Cards, you have clearly defined yourself as an organized and professional individual. Never has sloppy been an adjective used to describe you, only the words orderly, clean, neat and tidy. Create a border around your personalization to state exactly who you are and write any message you wish to present within the 4.5" x 6.2" space. There are 8 wonderful impressionable border colors to choose from along with 10 ink colors for your personalization. Whether you wish to have the impact of the Great Wall of China or the simple divide of a state sign, the Border Card will place your status exactly where you want it to be.

Paper colors: White, Ivory
Border colors: Black, Navy, Dark Chocolate, Fuchsia, Slate and Orange
Ink Colors: Navy, Black, Red, Emerald, Slate, Fuchsia, Purple, Mocha, Ocean, Sage
Optional Envelope Lining Patterns: French Lattice, Line Verticale, Horizon, Devere, Serrano
Envelope Lining Colors: Mocha, Fuchsia, Black, Navy
Size: 4.5" x 6.2"

50 personalized cards with matching envelopes   $47.95
Each additional unit   $29.95
Return Address on Envelopes   $29.95
Lining for Envelopes   $27.95
Gift Ribbon   $1.45
Gift Note on Packing Slip   FREE

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