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Welcome to InvitePapers

We are proud to introduce you to the style of personalized invitations and personalized announcements that we call The Modern Tradition. Our philosophy is based on the belief that your event is significant. It's important to you and to your guests.

By using traditional components such as thick invitation cards, thick response cards, and envelopes made from thick, smooth paper, the recipient of your personalized invitation appreciates the spirit of the occasion as soon as the invitation set arrives and the recipient touches it for the first time. The embossed and foil-stamped borders on our wedding invitations are deeply and crisply impressed for two reasons - the visual pleasure of seeing these designs and the tactile pleasure of touching our designs.

InvitePapers also features a complete line of personalized napkins, both embossed and foil-stamped. The personalized napkins are also deeply impressed with your personalized monogram or text message because the napkins are an important symbol of your occasion. You will find that we offer a selection of personalized monograms that are both traditional and contemporary. Seven of these monogram styles were designed in our studio and continue the graphic themes that are featured in the wedding invitations and announcements.

Finally, we offer personalized stationery that serves as the thank you notes for the bride. Again - the paper, cards, and envelopes are made of extra-thick custom papers that convey the message of quality and sincerity as soon as the recipient receives the message in their hand.

All of your orders are gift boxed for optimum presentation, and we are proud to offer the fastest production time in the industry. We will have your invitations and personalized stationery ready within 48 hours of final proofing.

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We had already decided what the baby name would have been if we were having a boy. He would have been named after his dad, Frankie, and his middle name would have been taken from my dad, Robert. 1,2,3 Easy! But since we are having a girl, we have pulled out the name books.

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The Baby shower is coming; we have ordered our baby shower invitations, baby shower party napkins and baby thank you cards. We have all the personalized stationery we are going to need for the next couple of months. I know people will be asking what name we have chosen, we are just going to have to tell them we have not decided on a name yet, we have been planning the baby shower and ordering the custom embossed stationery. Logo